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To create the superb economy (Here's how)

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posted on Feb, 19 2008 @ 03:18 PM
For a superb economy just to come rise and then fall isnt what this is about. No. One's nation must first know how to keep it afloat for good.

Here is what must be done:

Affix an experation date some time after the year ending on a certain amount of earned and inherited money. This will get the capitalist soceity's classes to keep spending their money which will indeed fuel the economy. Both you and the government (them aswell because of the money they get from taxing you) must put that over a certain amount surely to use or else. Or else that money gets confiscated. To ensure the experation is enacted, so that one doesnt keep or spend any money that's expired, would be a new department to the IRS called "the Reapers". You get the picture (and plus, in the event the IRS goes away the Reapers, and their function, would at least have to still remain). Now if one should have a certain amount of their money confiscated know that that money would go toward other areas in society that need it that may or may not be something of your approval.

Anyhow, think of the persons who may only seem financially rich only because they wont spend the majority of the money they've been keeping in fear of because they arent earning a fixed income that would maintain their status of rich. Well if everybody is spending, then maybe they can start earning a fixed income. As to what status that would put them on then is all on them.

Think of all the growing jobs and created jobs in direct result if a certain amount of money in general to a capitalist society is to be spent before an experation date.

Money extimated to be needed in today's era for a decent living (including for a retirement) wont be touched by the affixed experation by the way.

The idea, if put into action, will make the saying that money makes the world go around true indeed.

Now under this idea think of all that access money ppl dont need to use any ol way in the here and now or even later in how it would go to the areas where money would be used or is needed for others to get their productiveness in society on. To those who blindly scorn the poor and the jobless: Just maybe if there were enough money fixed in going around under a superb economy alot more ppl could be truely productive instead of looking for money that aint there on the market to earn because the economy aint doing so well.

What do you think about this superb economic idea? Any kinks even? Should this be something pitched to Congress and the White House before it's too late?

Remember, your future is your country's future.

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posted on Feb, 19 2008 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by Mabus

Now if one should have a certain amount of their money confiscated know that that money would go toward other areas in society that need it that may or may not be something of your approval.

I think you may want to pitch this to North Korea as opposed to the United State Congress.

It has too many socialist overtones for my liking. I say restrain spending, eliminate earmarks and inact term limitations. BOOM! economy solved.


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posted on Feb, 19 2008 @ 06:44 PM
Let me say this to iron out some things...

Reguardless of if you own/run a company/business or not, the idea, if put in action, should apply to you as the company/business you are strawing as or not. Even the government likewise.

I havent specified what the marker on amount in earned or inherited money to be affected with the experation date would be either. Though, I will say it would be based on what will be considered decent living with best reguards to retirement and if any dependents also in today's era. So let the true economist and etc. figure that out for me. Surely there would still be different classes in this capitalist society under the idea enacted. And you can bet more ppl would be more productive in this nation if and when fueled by a money fueling one heck of a superb economy. A portian of money would remain juggling throughout to keep a flow going.

And in this scheme investments would be regulated concerning how much you may put into any of it. There would be, because there should be, a fixed max standard in investing to where no one could invest too much, depending on their capitalistic class if not based on one specificly set marker cap. Wouldnt want somebody saving too much just to get bit by bit interest gained over time based on a waited on weakened dollar to why it's with ease for that fool's money to be given out to you as the fool aiding in an unstablized and therefore surely failing economy. That way of trend needs to go away. You can lift the economy much more than lil bit by lil bit if enacted is my idea. Plus, wouldnt want somebody saving $ 1 billion dollars worth in money in investments/savings when an amount of that good and plenty money could go to others if spent to where it would be then surely used more better than ever before. In a comparing it's like which way would have put money to better good in the nation. You have to weigh it all out.

I say out with the old, in with the new! The old way goes up and down, but the new way would remain up. Cant any of you picture it?


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