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We need to toss out our old theories about Gravity...start from scratch.

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posted on Dec, 17 2002 @ 06:15 PM
I was intruiged one day, to learn that there are scientists who disagree with the theory that Gravity is a pulling force, and they believe it is a Pushing force!

I thought to myself, well how can that be?

Well displacement seems to be the most logical answer, gravity is not the pulling of mater on other mater, but the pushing of "space" against the displacement of mater? This is very reasonable, it is displacement that makes ships float, the resistance of the water being displaced, pushing against the hull, called boyancy no?

Well in either case...I was looking at the Speed of light broken with a basic lab kit thread, and the discussion came up that gravity is an instant acting force, and as far as we know this is true.

However there are a few irregularities that perplex me still.

First....Gravity is reputed by Einstien to be a "dimple" in the fabric of space, if this were the case then the universe is a flat table with some pock marks. This just doesn't seem reasonable, I do not see how the highest of physicists still cling to this idea. This would mean that gravity is not the dimple in space, but the force pulling matter towards space, causing the dimple. It still doesn't fully explain gravity.

Another perplexing point, is the fact that Gravity exhibits quantum properties. Like anything, quantum properties only effects NATURALLY small sub-atomic or atomic particles.

This is shown through the test of raising a sub-atomic particle with a magnet, then letting it fall by gravity. When the position of the particle is recorded, it is shown to exist only at certain "quantums" of height, that is whole numbers, or even divisions of the total height. This is a revelation, because like all quantum properties, our current goals are to apply them to macro objects. This could explain why (if there are aliens) supposed alien ufo's would be at one altitude, and then in a blink of an eye, disappear. In effect they can be changing their quantum state in Gravity.

So then, if gravity is a pulling force then why is the whole universe flat? Dark matter we say!

But in science, this is like saying fire is hot because wood burns. We have no clue what the hell dark matter is, for all we know it is just black tennis shoes. We know that most of the universe (some 60%) of it is dark energy, and I think a near 30% is dark matter, leaving some near 10% of the universe being energy, and the rest being matter.

So if the properties of dark matter is not repulsive, than we should be a bowl and hurtling towards the center.

But if it is repulsive, than what is its effect? Why is it there is such a balance of it, that it does not in effect bend the universe completely on its back?

My brain suddenly burned out because of all these things, and I can no longer believe Gravity is a pulling force, it HAS to be a pushing force.

Gravity, must be the force pushed against matter displacing space, which is why if you were to go between a galaxy, you'd not fly a part, because gravity is the same regaurdless of weight, therefore it has nothing to do with how much mass you have, rather it has an equal force against all mass. The more mass, the more that force is multiplied as a weight.

For instance, two units of mass, I will not use atoms or molecules because these things bond, and gravities effects get lost in those bonds, but two units of mass, one unit is 5 times less than the other. They are both held to gether as equally due to gravity as if they were 20 times different, or 10000, the earth is equally held together as is jupiter or mars. Their different masses change their weights relatively.

We must revise our views of Gravity, if we are to expand our science, we are held back by Gravity's pull, while we push against it with our ignorance

What do you think? Any research anyone has heard of?

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posted on Dec, 17 2002 @ 08:50 PM
So you're basically saying the Universe doesn't suck?


Here's a very clear explaination of why it ain't so.

And I thought a followup to that message added a particularly enlightening point:

The gravity particles have to interact with matter if they are blocked by
matter. Now if they are perfectly absorbed by matter then in parts of the
universe where there is lots of matter one would measure a reduction in gravity
and an increase of mass coming from the absorbed particles. If the particles
are reflected by matter then there would be eddies and whirlpools of gravity
where gravity would push away from matter

And I'll leave you to the rest of the articles. Quite interesting.

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