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A Dream I Had Last Night...Well This Morning

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posted on Feb, 17 2004 @ 08:32 AM
Ok now this is weird in two ways.

1) This is the first dream I have remembered in over a year

2) The actual dream

Now the dream. Right it started when I was in Greggs (A Bakery Shop) and I bought a cheese pasty then walked home but the thing is I went to my parents house not my own flat anyway I walked in and my mother was standing in the kitchen. Then a comet came speeding down in the distance and hit the ground with a force this is hard to explain but when you see a nuke explode you see this like circle expanding well one of them came and it was a few feet off the ground and nothing happened. Them my mother said "here it comes" and I looked out the window and there was this massive tidal wave. The tidal wave hit the house and I done what probably everybody would do try and swim to the top I did in a matter of seconds which was weird then the water took me into this building. Now there were loads of people in this building (I didn't recongise anyone) and the water was going round anti-clockwise and I grabbed onto this peice of wood and people were drowning and grabbing onto my foot as it was spinning around then I noticed music and the song playing was "boom boom shake shake the room" then the water was going down it went then I walked outside with four-five people I had never seen in my life the water was gone buildings were on fire and there was bodies everywhere. Then I walk up I was freaked but also laughing from the music I just couldn't understand it at all so posted here see if someone did.

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