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Terminus and awakening of the 3rd planet (AIASP)

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posted on Feb, 18 2008 @ 09:40 PM
Hundreds are picketing outside the guards gate with signs saying, "Biotech GM Labs are Playing God."It happens every year around this time. Those who try to closs the line are fined and arrested. My name is Kathyrn and I work 200 feet underground inside the gates. I was issued my Top Secret Clearance with SCI two years ago. My job has always been my top priority with no time left for anything. Most women my age are married with kids or at least have a boy friend. I've had several offers from gentlemen and was even told that I'm a natural beauty. Any hopes for me of ever having a relationship or the possibility of marriage just faded away today. The world will drastically change soon and nothing can stop it.

My job is to observe and maintain the 20 artificial womb or (AW) capsules which contain fetuses, in various stages of development. These babies are GM's or genetic modifications/ manipulations. Half are female and are not related. The babies are designed for their brilliancy, healthiness, longevity, strength and attractiveness. All will become part of the future world. I do not know who the geneticist is who created these lives. Word is... there is also some extraterrestrial links.

Our world today is in turmoil with children being dumb downed and medicated. Wars and hatred are on the rise. Young men and women are being killed, exposed to diseases and maimed. Intentional acts by higher ups maybe.... I don't know. When the alarm sounds the new world will begin. My job also involves nurturing the 20 GM's into adulthood. I have 5 robot assistants which are programed to help me care for the babies. They will also start teaching them soon after their gestate period. Goals expected for IQ's at 12 months of age 160-180.

A day later...........
The military finished stocking the underground lab with food, medical supplies and basically everything feasibly possible to remain self-contained for years to come. It must be going to happen soon. The gestate period is up for 5 of the infants and the cribs are prepared by two of the robots. The other three robots will help me release the infants, from their artificial wombs. All babies are in perfect condition, with apgars scores of 10. Special formulas are warmed up to enhance growth and intellect. They are beautiful babies and sleeping, like little angels.

Day 2..........
The alarms go off, lights start strobing and the emergency television/radio comes on. All the world leaders are at the podium and it's an unwelcome sign to say the least..........

A specially selected person will speak for all the world leaders. In a solemn voice he say's, "Today is one of the saddest days of our lifetime and we dread bringing you this news. We have no other choice. In one hour Cosmic 956 will crash on the earth somewhere. Just recently we noticed a decay in its orbit which is tumbling out of our control. The United States, China , Russia,Germany and France have sent missles to deter the satellite from crashing down. However, all our efforts have failed. Cosmic 956 is powered by a nuclear reactor. It was designed to eject its reactor core into a higher orbit in case of emergency, but this feature malfunctioned. Unlike the satellites designed in the 70's Cosmic 956 nuclear reactor is much larger and will devastate the whole earth. This was an international act, in agreement with all nations. Instead of improving the quality of our world.........We have destroyed it. The huge fireball will enter the earths atmosphere, within a few minutes. A brilliant flash will follow and all human life will cease to exist. The time is now to Pray to your Gods, if desired and Blessed be all."

Several months later in the underground lab............

All the artifical womb capsules are empty and the babies are growing like weeds. The 5 eldest are talking and having conversations with one another. The time is flying by with the constant care of the babies. I could never do it alone, if it weren't for the robots. I'm not feeling well lately been extremely tired and nauseated. My long wavey auburn hair is starting to fall out and my red blood cell count is low. I've come to the conclusion that somehow I was exposed to radiation poisoning, while all the babies appear well. I must try to continue on for the babies sake, although the robots could finish raising them. It's important for them to have a motherly human interaction, at least while they're so young.

Nearly 3 years have passed.....

The children have developed in size and intellect more than I ever hoped for. They try so hard to take care of me now. I know my time is limited and so do the children. Today I had them choose their own names. They selected star names like Sirius, Polaris, Kaitos, Deneb, Orion, Adhara and so on. I can hardly eat and when I do nothing stays down. I'm nothing but skin and bone. The children could have found a cure if only they had been older when my body was being ravished by the toxins. Too much tissue, bone and organs have been destroyed. I will spend what time I have left talking with the children. I taught them love and respect for one another.

Sirius was the first GM out of the AW and my personal favorite. His IQ is off the charts. He taught me to release the hateful feelings I once had for the world leaders. That's why I lived longer than expected. Sirius said, "Hate will eat away at you, like the toxins within." The robots taught them well and physics became second nature. The GM's know when it will be safe for them to venture out, into the new world. They know what must be done.........

posted on Feb, 19 2008 @ 12:55 PM
A very intriguing story, MountainStar.

I really like the implication at the end that it is her hate that has kept her trapped in her failing state.

Good submission.

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by Essedarius

Thanks Essedarius.

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