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Religion is the great evil of mankind.

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posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 11:52 AM

Originally posted by audas

Originally posted by enchantress62
Wow how wrong can you be ?!

Your estimates of Bhudism and Hindhuism are a couple of thousand years off, but hey, I get your point.

Your ideas on the origins of Christianity are also waaaay of, but again, the general "vibe" is in the right direction despite the fact you don't really know what your talking about.

Judaism resulted from the tribes of Israel being united, these were tribes that had been wandering the desert, but more likely had run away (escaped) the pharos.

It was from this religion that christianity gleaned some of its roots (some), but remember both were cults and tribal.

The christain cult was oppressed and scorned for centuries until constantine made it the official religion of Rome.

It is clearly based on pagan rituals which were carried from judaism, through to christianity from the worship of the sun gods as almost every facet of the religion is based squarely on the season and astrological calendar.

There is no record of Jesus Christ ever existing, the Bible was created 300 years after his death, he did not exist ever.

Religion is a construct of man, and if man has problems then one of htese is religion.

The only place it belongs is in the museum, the sooner the better. There is nothing, not a thing, which religion does for humanity, which humanity does not do for humanity. Simple.

The Church existed and thrived based on taxes, and extracting finances for the forgivenss of sins, rememberance in the after life etc. It is a fundamentally corrupt institution which if it had any other guise would be outlawed and convicted of crimes against humanity.

There is no law against believing, it should not be outlawed, and people are fre to do as they please, and as such, religion should be looked upon with disdain, believers should see counselling for their madness, no chold should be exposed to it before 18, and those who do wish to hold the faith should be utterly ridiculed by intelligent society and held up like the ignorant trash they is my belief.

Interesting that you should say that I don't know what I'm talking about, when you so clearly don't know what you are talking about. The only thing you were somewhat correct on is the time frame I gave in relation to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. But just so the record is strait, Hinduism can be traced back to 1500 BCE, Buddhism can be traced back to the sixth century BCE (no exact date given), Christianity as we know it today started around 301 CE.

Christianity did not grow out of Judaism, it was in opposition to it. The Term "Christian" means, the belief that Christ is the Messiah (son of God) The Jews did not recognize him as such, that's why they crucified him. And if you'll look a little furthar back then Constantine I think you'll find that followers of Christianity were made up of several different races, and faiths. Remember where this all happened. The men digging this stuff up, who ever they may be, scholars, archiologists, ect... have found writings in languages other then Hebrew, such as greek.

and the Jews did not carry the Pagan rituals through to the Christians, the Christians forced the Pagans, by threat of death, into giving up their practices, all except what the church decided it wanted to use.

As far as your ideas on organized religion, well I wonder where the source of your anger towards it comes from. Look I have my issues with Christianity also, but my point was that we shouldn't judge all religions based on the actions of one. That's as ignorant as any prejudice is.

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