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Weather Modification

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posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 07:51 AM
Weather modification is REAL and has been happening since the 60s,I have came to believe that this is what is responsible for the CHEMTRAILS that are so talked about in conspiracy forums.It just makes sense,I mean its really not being denied by our government,if it was would there be an official site?( or . org i cant remember)Now dont get me wrong I AM A FULL BELIEVER IN GOVERMENT COVER-UPS,but this I believe is NOT ONE OF THEM.Basically the main modification they use is cloud seeding and hail repression,the main chemicals used are dry ice and silver iodide(these would surely make the thick chemtrails we see)So besides de-bunking the chemtrail "conspiracy" what else does this prove,well it proves we are approaching,if not at a level one civilization(which means we have control over our planet)Anyways,I thought I would post this to see what you all think about it,thank you.

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