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Medical research test case # 601445789056 (AIASP)

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posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 12:37 AM
Blake William Edwards
D.O.B.- 1988
S.S. # 555-555-5555
Complexion- Fair skin with one tat on (R)-upper arm- (HD motorcycle)
Hair- Brn
Physical condition- Excellent w/o medical problems
Wt- 175
Ht- 6' 4"
Fico score- 580

History: Attends UNLV. Courses- Bachelor of Science Engineering. Single person. Interests- car racing, football, rock music,
& computers.
Completed finals with a 3.75 G.P.A. & Time off until next semester. Currently working at *Joe's Greasy Spoon* in Las Vegas.
Job title- Diswasher. Wage- $6.75 w/o benefits. Income- $12,960 yr w/o taxes. Needs $15,460 to survive.

Stage- *Joe's Greasy Spoon*

"DAMMIT BLAKE.... I TOLD YOU ONCE AND I WON'T TELL YOU AGAIN. DON'T THROW THE FREAK'IN FISH HEADS IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL!" Sorry sir, I wasn't thinking replied Blake. Blakes mind wasn't on his job. He was wondering how he was going to pay all the bills. Washing huge pots in steaming hot water wasn't his cup of tea, but he didn't have a choice. The elbow length rubber gloves were torture when they filled-up with the boiling Hot water. Thoughts of after work returning to an off campus flop house were even more depressing. "BLAKE WHEN YOU GET DONE THERE WIPE THAT EYE BALL CHIT OFF THE COUNTERS!" Yes sir, no problem sir responds Blake. Blakes thinking....That crotchety old man. It's not my fault his wife ran off with a transvestite Marilyn Monroe impersonator"

Blake punches the time clock at 3:00 a.m. and heads out the door. Neon lights don't do much for this sleazy part of town. Reflections of drunks in alleyways. Blake climbs up the dilapidated two story steps to his flop house. It's a one room pad, beds pops out of the wall, small refrigerator and a two-burner plate. Shared bathroom down the hall to your right and neon lights shine through the twisted blinds.

While reading the daily newspaper Blake notices an ad. Help Wanted: Military needs civilians for Medical Research. Excellent health required. Age 20-30. Preferable no family connections. Signed release required. Length of time 2- weeks from 8:00 till 5:00 p.m. Meals included. Compensation $10,000 tax free. Must reply in person at our facilities. See address below. Blake is thinking: This is a Godsend it's the answer to all my problems. I can do that and work for Joe Blow-Hole... Whoopee!!!

Early the next morning Blake drives to the military base address listed in the newspaper. His application was accepted and military medical personnel gave him a quick physical. Blake eagerly signed all the papers, without reading the small print. He was placed on a stretcher, strapped down and taken into an OR # 9. " HEY" yelled Blake," I DIDN'T AGREE TO ANY SURGERY!" A military medic responds:" Just relax sir we're not going to perform any surgery on you. I'm just going to give you 'a little' stick and start an IV, with something that will relax you" Minutes later Blake was still awake, but feeling no pain. He was really, really happy.The medic brings out another IV bottle with thick green fluorescent glowing goo in it. Blake notices the medics employee tag and asks,"Whats that mean Biotech?" "Oh, that's just my position here sir", responds the medic. "Sounds pretty high up!" laughs Blake. The medic starts the other IV with a much larger needle, but Blake didn't even flinch. The green fluorescent glowing goo starts to flow into Blakes vein. "What's that pretty stuff?", asks Blake. The medic said, "It's bio-engineered, genetically modified ionized nanobots." Blakes responds, "Cool Man, Groovy".

Blake returned everyday for two weeks to the military facility. The same procedure was performed ie- Green goo infused in his vein. "How have you been feeling Blake?", asks the medic. "No problems sir, I do feel somewhat lighter though. I've been working at my job without any problems." replied Blake.
"Well, here's your check for $10,000 and we appreciate your participation in these medical experiments and thank-you. If you don't mind I'd really like to check up on you in a month ok? asks the medic. "Sure"says Blake, I'll stop by here in one month."

Back at the flop house.........
Blake was feeling really good he had money in the bank for his college and the bills were paid. I'm going to shave and shower and hit the town tonight. He tooks his clean clothes, towels, soap, razor and went down the hall to the bathroom. He turns the shower on and steps in. The warm water feels so good and he starts singing...........

"Green Eyed Lady, lovely lady
Strolling slowly towards the sun

Green eyed lady ocean lady
Soothing every wave that comes

Green eyed lady, passion's lady
dressed in love she lives for life to be

Green eyed lady feels like I never see
Setting suns and lonely lovers free"

Showers done and the hot water is out. Blake grabs his shaver to shave. As he looks in the mirror.. HE SEE'S NOTHING!He reaches for his left arm and feels it, BUT NOTHING IS THERE! "OMG! what's wrong with me? I CAN'T SEE MYSELF!," YELLS Blake. He picked up his things and runs to his room. His clothes, soap, shaver, and towels appear to be just floating in air. He's starting to freak-out, "OMG,,,, OMG,,, what have I done?" Blake remembers the medic giving him a phone number to call, in case any side-effects should occur. He can feel the buttons on the phone, but can't see his fingers pressing them. It rang 3 times and the medic answered. Blake yells, "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO ME? I CAN'T SEE MYSELF...... I'M INVISIBLE! The medic say's I can't explain it right now. Come by in the morning ok? Blake yells, "SURE, WHAT OTHER CHOICE DO I HAVE?" and slams down the receiver. It was a long night for Blake, with thoughts of never being the person he once was........

Military medical research facility...0800
The door crashes open and Blakes voice is heard loudly. "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO ME"? Several military personnel reach out at the space where Blake should be. They could feel him and grasped onto his arms. Blake yells, "WHAT'S GOING ON.....WHAT IN GODS NAME HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? A head military person walks into the room and say's, "The experiment has worked son. You and others, like you will be the perfect soldiers. Ones the enemy will never see.......

posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 11:33 AM
Wow I am amazed! I was not expecting it to go 'that' way. You did good girlfriend, star and flag for you.


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