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Your cell phone, their informant

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posted on Feb, 15 2008 @ 03:19 PM

Your cell phone, their informant: Protect your phone from spyware.

If you own a cell phone, don't turn away. You are about to see an experiment that will reveal how your phone can help others spy on you.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Since identity theft is a major concern, I thought I should bring this to everyone's attention.

Have you ever had an ex or complete stranger know things about you that they shouldn’t? Or have you ever had your credit card info stolen even though you’re extremely careful about how you use it?

It seems that hackers have made spyware that can listen in to anything you say when you are around your cell phone. Yes, you read that right you don’t even have to be talking into your phone to be able to be spied on. It can be on the table, in your pocket or even in your purse. They can hear it all right through the microphone on your cell.

In other words if you have to give out any personal info through the phone, use a land line and remove the battery from your cell to be safe.

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