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About Ed Dames & His RV Forum

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posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 11:37 PM
I was reading an old thread entitled...Master of Doom on Coast to Coast tonight and decided to do a bit more research about controversial issues concerning his RV business.

Being an experienced person in various disciplines that generate similar results, among other things, I ordered his DVD course to add to my vast collection of material. While it was in transit to me, I decided to join his RV forum and check things out. While in the process of having dialogue with other members, presenting hard questions, and also sharing some of my own experiences, Mr. Dames often interjected displaying a rude attitude and tried to silence my right to freedom of speech and expression. I realized after several of his replies that he was not experienced in areas I was discussing with others, which no doubt made him feel somewhat inadequate, since he tends to demonstrate a "Know it all" attitude.

In one particular post in which he had no business getting involved, he not only was rude once again, but locked that thread to prevent me from responding to him. So I opened a thread and directed it to him for everyone to read and gave him a lecture on people's rights and his rudeness, which he could not contest. Within 12 hours, he quickly removed the thread.

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