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Remake of the Money

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posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 06:47 PM
1. Was/is it a must for faces of presidents only to be on U.S. money? And says who/what?

2. What did/does it take for a person to get their face on U.S. money?

3. Besides the usually used one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred dollar bills, what other dollar bills are there? Lets see, I know there is a two dollar bill, but what else?

In a money makeover there would be faces besides just usually presidents put onto money. And there would be a such thing as a three and seven dollar bill.

I want to see someones black and native on our U.S. money, too, because of the bull# these two ppl were put through to show how we came along. Like MLK and Malcom X for black appreciation. You know like when you go to a post office you may ask for whatever type of faced stamp--Well, when you go to a bank you should be able to ask for whatever type of faced money you want. Infact, we need the makeover to get culturally diverse also. Leave no race, gender, creed, etc. out of admiration or appreciation. I want it to be like they do stamps. So I want to see 2pac commemorative faced bills like they make Alvis commemorative faced stamps. Anybody get me? This should be the future of money. M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches). Anyway, I say let ppl # with the big faced bills they want to # with like they do with stamps. This way ppl can get their hands on faced bills they like from banks or from trading. If you like, say, Mickey Mouse, then there should be bills with the image on it for you as well. They have Walt Disney stamps, dont they? Well you get the drift here where this can go now because this idea would be history in the making which we should make happen.

Also in a money makeover pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and half a dollars should go into paperish bill stye. Everybody knows damn well they dont wanna carry around all that heavy, loose, and noisy change.

You know what? To combat theft/robbery of cash money from persons just maybe the banks should be set up so you can arrange to receive money with your own face on it to match your face. Once this designer money (yeah, like vanity plates) is used in a trade for something it would then get traded for any of the then deverse non-peronal designed money I'm talking about and burned like with what they do with worn down money taken out of curculation so that the the department over printing money can produce more money catering to the banks and personal designer images as demanded.

^^In such a process bills you get in circulation would be crisp and clean and ready for a face trade at any time you'd want that. Yep, you should be able to take the particular faced U.S. money you received and exchange it for another faced money of whatever kind they have in circulation.

To add: Come to think of it... Companies and business should be able to have their logo on designer money, too, if they so want. This would mean when you receive change back from a store you get legal tender money with that store's designer logo on the face. This would put tainted money that no telling who touched and put their germs or drug residue on ready to go straight out of circulation. This would particularly act to take out of circulation the money your face may be on.

The designer faced legal tender money most demanded to be printed would tell where ppl are not spending exact change at the most (this would then tell what other valued bills should be made so that ppl can more than likely pay with exact change moreso). In this here money you get wouldnt be so dirty. This should creat more jobs when you truely think about it. More ppl would be needed to work at money designing/printing buildings. There would be collectors also that would maybe want designer bills each with a friend's face on them or their favorit star's face on them. They could then auction them off for more money then the value of the particular bill all because of just who's face they have on em. Money generating money would then be the new American dream.

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 09:38 PM
Explain this further...

The personal faced designer money of individuals would get taken out of circulation once it's used to buy something from a company/business. It could only be used to buy something from a company/business unlike the new deverse money. But it could still be traded in a personal trade for other deverse or designer money or given to anyone that's acting as a collector. That collector could auction off the designer money of someone that's put out of circulation since another person cant use some other person's designer faced money to buy anything with from a company/business.

^^This is the future in the making. Money that could generate more money than its set value would be the new American dream. Famous ppl could give out their personal designer money instead of autographs which would help to make someone not wealthy gain some wealth from it. So in this this could help the poor. It would surely help the economy stabilize an economic boost I think.

On the personal designer money, if you wanted it, would be your face and your signature on the face of the particular bills. So if you're famous you would add value to set value which is something I would think ppl would want. Just think... if your personal designer money gets taken illegally by someone it would be nothing they could do with it. Isnt that something you'd want?

Who would qualify for designer money would be any adult. Should they pay a charge to initiate the designing/printing of their person designer money? I'd bet they'd have to, but it wouldnt be much and it shouldnt be much to you if you want to prevent some thief from using your money.

And that's right...any valued bill (one, two, five, etc. dollar bill) could have your face and sig put onto it. And all valued bills could have whoever/whatever from the then new deverse seletion. So if you want, say, Mickey Mouse on the one and/or the five dollar bill, which may lead to a certain amount from your account, you should be able to demand it like that from your bank, and they should give it you like that. If you want the faces mixed you should be able to get it like that too.

[edit on 14-2-2008 by Mabus]

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