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Spirits and strange contacts

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posted on Feb, 16 2004 @ 06:39 AM

Im getting wrapped up in a story that has appeared on the internet where it started as a guy who was claiming to be a spirit in a very plausible way but its now taking a twist which makes me think about this subject and it s where I got the name 11th plain. I cant find any reference to 11th plain on the net but Id like to find out more.

Its about contact between other spirits or supernatural. I dont know where the story is going now but it involves the power cuts last year and some really strange happenings. Everyone is just as confused as I am. The story is being posted all around the internet and its too long to bother posting it here but it makes a good read. The original appears at but has appeared elsewhere under different names. Has anyone else come across this type of thing before?


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