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The weather has gone mad.....

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posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 08:18 PM
I understand that weather in the Midwest (living in Missouri here) is normally somewhat out of wack but this year has been something else all together.

In this thread:'

I posted six days ago about how the week before we had some snow and within two days there was thunder storms with funnel clouds and tornados. The temps went from below freezing to mid 60’s and even low 70’s

The day of the post it had again snowed some the about two days prior with below freezing temps. The day of the post we were in the mid 70’s and had a tornado watch (later a warning) from 3 pm until midnight. This was the storm that leveled areas across many states killing several people. The biggest was an EF4 tornado, until 2007 there had never been one recorded.

Friday and Saturday were relatively warm. Today (Monday) it started sleeting at 10 am and continued steady all day until not long ago. It is expected to continue to do this until noon tomorrow. The amount of sleet so far in mar yard now measures 3” to 4” in depth in the amount that did not melt off initially. I have seen a lot of ice and snow before so that part is not odd. What is odd though is the amount and time. Normally it does something other than just straight ice and if it does there is not near as much. This also was accompanied with thunder and lightning (this could account for the amount and time).

I mentioned to my wife and some friends that if this is what the weather is like now this spring is really going to be harsh.

While I’m not really sure which way to lean on the global warming/cooling issues, I do believe that man has something to do with this. Maybe not purposely controlling the weather per say, but more so messing things up in continued experiments. I think that those who have the means have tried so many things to see if they could that they have thrown the weather system into some sort of freaked out frenzy.

I might be wrong and there might be some very logical explanations for this, if there are I am willing to listen.

But I wonder if any others out there are seeing some really odd weather in their area. If so what is it like and what is it normally like?

I’ll do my best to update this thread with any odd weather so that it will also keep somewhat of a tack of it.


posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 09:36 PM
I was just going to post something about this. I am in oklahoma and weird crazy weather is a part of life.
Last winter we had thundersnow which was bizarre and something I had not seen. Along with temperatures that went from 70 at 8am to below freezing with heavy snow and sleet by 3 in the afternoon...that isnt normal.

Then this last december we had the absolute worst ice storm I have ever seen,
There was thunder, lightning, over 3 inches of ice on the trees and powerlines and the sky was lit up green for 24 hours while the trees crumbled and took out the power lines. They are just now clearing the debri piles on everyones curbs. It was scary and so sad to see so many hundred year plus trees totally destroyed by this storm. It will be a different city come spring and I think the damage will become even more apparent. At our house alone we lost a huge Birch tree, a yearling redbud, a couple of crepe myrtles and have the limbs of the neighbors ginormous ancient Oak tree still all over our backyard.

We also have to replace our chain link fence due to the damage, had the phone, cable and electric lines ripped from the back of our house, and electrical damage in our wiring from the intense power surges.
It devastated the trees and infrastructure of our city and shut down basically the entire city of over half a million for several days and the midtown areas for nearly two weeks.

This morning it was icing when I took my son to school and I had to seriously think hard about taking him in the ice after the last storm.

Now we are under tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings, but it is only 34 degrees...

I dont remember tornadoes in the middle of the cold winter weather. We are also told to expect more thundersnow and thundersleet.

Who knows what it will do by morning, we could be fine or iced in or have tornadoes, that is an odd set of possible outcomes.

Then back into the 40s until the end of the week when they are forecasting another MAJOR winter storm for us.

Generally we get one big storm a year and then maybe some pretty dustings, it tends to be in the 50s most of the time in normal winters with cold snaps lasting a week or two before it goes back into the high 40s or 50s.

with all these barometric pressure changes, wild temperature swings and weird winter electrical storms its no wonder we are getting sick more.

Kids also seem to act like little barometers (dogs too) and I can tell you that he was a wreck today, and my mom said her preschool class was extra nutty.

Plus over the last few weeks its not uncommon for 10 out of 18 kids tobe home sick from my sons kindergarten with one or two more being sent home during the day.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 04:04 PM
Wow it sounds much like what we have been going through here.

As for the ice storm this morning at 5 am the electric went out across much of town due to downed lines and fires. I am sitting at the in-laws house right now in order to keep my family warm. They have gas heat and a generator so at least I can stay warm.

Luckily I work swing rotating shift so I don’t have to worry about burning tons of vacation days in order to stay off the roads. There are trees (very large trees) down all over the streets around here.


posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 01:14 PM
Well I understand it has been four years since I started this thread (it never really got any where it seems
) and as mentioned in the first post I understand that I live in Missouri and the weather is bound to be weird.

That said however, the weather is still pretty strange. Winter while cold no real snow fall was seen; only a few small snows that melted within the same day. Now as we move into spring we are seeing our first signs of bad weather in the form of tornados.

Within in the last week temps have been falling from low 70's to mid/low 30's and back again. Just moments ago a storm rolled through dropping what looked like dime or smaller sized hail with high winds and reports of possible tornados.

I am once again left wondering what the rest of the spring will bring.


posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 01:21 PM
The warmest winter on record for NC was 1931-32, and then 1950-51 after that. Odd weather is nothing new, especially in your neck of the woods.

Go back and read the accounts of Santa Anna's Mexican Army marching to the Alamo in 1836. The army was clothed in light fatigues for the time of year and a " blue norther' " struck them and many of his men suffered severe frost bite.

You are in the area where the warm, moist Gulf Breezes conflict with the cold fronts coming down from Canada, thus making for some extreme and often tragic weather events.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by AlreadyGone

I understand that, in fact I even mention weird weather is normal for Missouri. Warm winters or cool summers are nothing new. A few years back I was wearing a jacket a week before the 4th of July.

That said the sudden changes are mostly what I bring this thread up for. Weather that jumps 30+ degrees in a day is rather strange. If it were happening less than it does it would not be considered odd. It happens more often than it once did.


posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 07:48 PM
That EF-4 in southern Illinois touched down a quarter mile from one of my best friends homes. Thankfully it did not go in their direction. He said the town is destroyed. What is really scary is that his house has no basement or storm bunker. He is planning to build one with a basement as soon as he finds the right land he wants.

The sheer number of towns being wiped out this week is obvious that the end is near. There is just to many storms that are so deadly anymore coming all at the same time.

posted on Mar, 2 2012 @ 07:55 PM
The weather hasn't gone mad. It's just having a Paranormal episode. It's nothing a little Paxil or Zoloft can't cure

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