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Man Altered Weather Patterns

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posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 08:22 AM
I am curious about other peoples observations. I am actually hoping to hear from people who have been living in the same area for at least 25-30 years old.

Let me start with, I live in Northern Ohio. I used to live in the Ohio Snow Belt. I have not moved, but the snow belt has. Here on the lake, the ice would get so thick we would park pickup trucks on the lake as a parking lot. The shore would be littered with ice fisherman's huts. Late January, roads would always close due to the ice pileup (two roads I remember being as high as the telephone poles). Every February, we would get a huge flood because of the snow and ice melting from the other Great Lakes. We would not have to wonder if we would get a white Christmas, we always had it.

That has changed. The lake freezing over? Nope, now you can't go ice skating because the ice is not thick enough. Snow? I have shoveled once this year, once last year (mixed emotions about that, but my back is happy).

My question is, has anyone else noticed a change in weather patterns where you live?

My next question is weekly weather patterns. When we get storm warnings (winter or spring) we usually get hit Monday night / Tuesday. It is a very interesting pattern to see here. Now I have heard, that is actually driven by man. Monday - Friday cars are on the road traveling on a set schedule for work. Weekends...not so much. The air is heated by the driving, then attempts to 'reset' itself on weekends, just to be altered again starting Monday.

Is there a set time of the week you notice storms roll in? I know you can get them any day of the week, but here in North Ohio its early part of the work week. I am curious if that is different for say the West Coast, or anyone across the Atltantic?


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