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Daytona 500 2008

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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

15 minutes - can seem forever... bobbin' around like a big orange ice-cube in the rain, worst part is the eyes... we're still shivering. Which can actually be kinda fun... wink, depending on what one "isn't" wearing as something more comfortable to be "slipped" into while one warms up with another in a shower. Goose bumps and blue lips... got the shakes.

Got the BBQ goin' (damn cat already swiped two pork chops)... turned her nose up at chicken breast again, fine, I like chicken, got the booze, umbrella over the Gas-A-Q, got the cheering section for the driver who must not be mentioned... oh, and French fries from the bowling alley... not bad with mozzarella and beef gravy.

Remember Mark Martin in his rookie year? The Stroh's T-Bird... by gum by Jack. ASA guys... times change. Geez, I hope one day he gets a win in the "big race", maybe in the 8...

Good luck and safety to all the racers and their families... Go June Bug!!! Do the Dew!!! Don't know about that green on the car.... not the same as the Bud Shootout had to revise my lucky socks strategy... Juney!!! Save a downcard for the Lowe man on the totem and the 4 wheel voodoo squad.

Hot rum and lemon... as Nicholson once emoted, "Neek, neek, neek!, ahhh! First of the Day!!!" and "Truth? You can't handle the truth!"... better the Devil one knows... BP and the "Big E" are up there a watchin' in HD and the definition is heavenly.

Bizzare! Junior Johnson had Herb Fischel sleaze him for the the Kenny Sperling "swirl" heads when he switched to Ford... blames Hendrick cuz that where the heads were returned from... not Chevy. Wink. Never screw with Junior Johnson. Bugger waited twenty years to embarass Chevy with this... 20 years later. I like him - "The Last American Hero". Great flick, Junior's belly is smaller than DW's now.


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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 01:49 PM
Cale Yarborough is wearing a Honda hat... if Honda comes to NASCAR... yeah, Honda, not Acura ... hmmm, let's just say there might be one less GM, Ford, or Chevy... maybe no Dodge. Hmmm, Hendrick Honda? He has many dealerships... Cale knows everything, ask him, he'll tell you. LOL.

Notice almost no Grand National, 'er, Busch... 'er, Nationwise coverage. Their cars are faster. Shhh. Go ARCA!!! Anything but the NASCAR monopoly.

Hardee's T-Bird 28 two years straight... Waddell Wilson doin' the motors... I hope the "seniors" league racing takes off. Childress is a great driver, very "slide it Earl!"... if he can fit behind the wheel. Put a phone book on the seat for Mario and tape some wood blocks to the pedals.

Oh... back in CART days JV and John Andretti had a couple of "dust ups"... payback is a... lack of sponsorship! LOL.

Switching to Lem Motlow stealth mode on my mark... Mark!

No ice thanx,


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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 02:36 PM
This is a "Giggity-googity-boogity" alert-a-bump of the commencing of the framin' and bamin'. :bash: Who let the Dawgs out!! Who!? Who? Who!!! Gopher cam!

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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 06:04 PM
LOL. First Penske restrictor plate win other than a non-points Bud Shootout withy Rusty. Ryan Newman. Cool. Awesome. That there Montoya fella'... not likin' him. California ought to be good. Jeff Gordon's suspension failure... Sorenson drives well. Mark Martin...



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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 08:28 PM
Dale Jr. gonna win it on the last legs of that car lol with no stops lol

but i mean think about it, that's the way you dream of winning daytona, driving the hell outta the car like a good old boy lol

i felt very wrong not drinking a beer while watching it, very very wrong

posted on Feb, 18 2008 @ 05:59 AM
I must say..not really as exciting as I was hyped up to be yesterday.The opening ceremonies with the exception of Trisha Yearwood singing the National Anthem ( which I stood to, with hand on heart*) were a tad cheesey like a Superbowl half-time show.
I was really impressed with Kyle Busch in the #18 M&M car. He had a great run yesterday and in the words of DW himself he was out for " CHECKERS OR WRECKERS .
Them new Toyota's are FAST baby!
* Jeff Gordon out- suspension failure.( Coincidently right after I was cursing him..hehehe)
*JJ goes from 26 position to 12!!!!
*The #6 David Ragan hitting the wall real hard and taking out Matt Kenseth.
(All it takes is a little bump at 180 and off she wrote!)
*The rookie Sam Hornish took out my Jimmie... CAN YOU SAY TICKED OFF!
*Poor Clint Bowyer...sorry buddy..Rubbin is Racin' !
*#12 Ryan Newman, from 4th to a win with a little Bumpdraft!
Well I did predict an underdog.
Love the FIREBIRD trophy.

My Fav things about yesterdays race.
CRANK IT UP! ( Which of course I do...)
Nothin Better than this in sound surround...


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posted on Feb, 18 2008 @ 06:28 AM
Yes, be careful whom you curse... I have it on good authority. Wink. Trisha Yearwood was the only part of the broadcast other than the race that I really think was "not sold."

Yeah... my guy got wiped by that there Columbian kid. Payback's a... Hornish did great. OMG. The wrestling ad.
DW isn't a very good actor like his Presidential golf buddy.

I'm really starting to like Shrub. The Gopher cam was neat. Daytona needs to be resurfaced over the tunnel. Almost every accident happened from there on downtrack to the end of the following straight.

Apparently in the driver's meeting all the competitors were cautioned by Goodyear and this may have lead to calmer heads. The 20 was "classic"... he looks happy.
Hope he's OK. The Toyota's are having gearbox selector fork and gear dog undercut difficulties that will maybe be fixed by Fontana.

I expected more engine failures... there weren't any out of the ordinary... yeah, a bit boring. The Bud Shootout format is great. I like sprint racing lots of short-ish heats. I really like WoO racing.

Watch for the 07 in '08 and the 88 in '09.

The big story? For me? Cale and Junior Johnson metaphorically giving GM and Hendricks the finger on national TV... I'm surprised he didn't mention the racketeering conviction and Clinton pardon. Junior and his son "could" just hitch-up with Honda and kick the hornet's nest... real hard.


The 18 or the 2 in Fontana. Look for the 27 to have sponsorship. LOL. I caught the Nationwise race... way better racing in the old fast cars.

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