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Civil War coming to the United States 2008.

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posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 01:55 AM
It was discussed as "one"possible future in the Titor threads however with the recent communications disruptions in the middle east, cables being cut accidently (nine times) you can be forgiven if you suspected something big was about to happen.

Here's my one possible theory stemming of these events and Titors memories of his timelines civil war.

Further communications are cut with Iran.
A large catastrophic event occurs on US soil within the next month March 2008 (by alleged terrorists)
Bush comes to the rescue with new "freedom" laws severing further the rights of the American people.
The US/Isreal attacks Iran.
The people have had enough.
Certain states recognise these overt new laws for what they are and group of American generals/ loyalists plot against the president.
The US forces are divided between NWO and libertarians.
War breaks out on US Soil.

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