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The Politics and Process of Distraction

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posted on Feb, 10 2008 @ 05:31 AM
Webster defines distraction as something that takes away one's attention or adds confusion,it also offers diversion,madness and amusement as synonyms.The obsession with things like UFOs,life on Mars,far distant planets, natural earth cycles otherwise know as global warming and the endless parade of essentialy useless individuals otherwise known as celebrities is certainly what the doctor ordered for those who would have us not pay attention to anything of signifigance.

The fact is aliens in flying saucers are not passing new laws everyday to further erode our freedom,if there is any life on Mars they are not doing anything to enslave us,area 51 does not matter,the area otherwise known as Washington D.C does matter,areas like China,Russia and the Middle East matter.

The NFL,NBA and NASCAR do not matter,ball handlers on steroids do not matter,HDTV does not matter,and what can one say about 99.99% of famous for being famous celebrities except that they absolutely do not matter and are for the most part useless,what matters is your family,your community and what your local government is up to,your state and federal government,who your represenatives are and what they are up to,what matters is the constitution and what it says.

This is a bitter pill to those who would rather chase aliens,ponder and pontificate about life on a planet they will never see,while ignoring what goes on on their own planet,or those pitiable individuals who would rather pay more attention to the lives of the rich and stupid than their own.The medicine is hard to swallow but the disease is spreading rapidly and it is reaching the last fatal stages and is our only hope.

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