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If You Were Offered Reincarnation ... Would You Grab the Opportunity ?

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:13 AM
The soul, of course, is freed from the body, and for the first time, it consciously feels the complete freedom it has previously only dreamed of! It has to shed off the etheric body that it has used for so long during the incarnation, because now there's no need for it anymore.

After that.. it depends. This is a highly unique area, that depends a lot of what kind of a soul you are.

Things like not being able to see much of anything at first, feeling a little chilly, sort of 'sensing' that there might be some people nearby, but not being able to communicate.. these are definite possibilities, and happen to some folks.

The soul might not even remember that it has "died"... or if it was one of those people who think after death, there's only "nothing", might be really confused as to what has happened. They can't figure it out.

But there's always help. And after awhile, the soul may start feeling that someone is trying to help them, and starting to see foggy shapes.

And after some 'time' passes (time is different there, but it's hard to explain), the foggy shapes will become clearer.. and the soul finds he/she can communicate with others.. at some point, they might see 'loved ones', family members that have 'passed away' some time ago, and so on.

There has been talk about a sort of 'astral shower' that you can wash your traumas and emotional wounds off with.. but I am not sure about that one.

In any case, after you have been properly reintroduced to the wonderous world of the astral plane, and you have composed yourself, it will be time to review your incarnation. Now this will be done with exactness and accuracy that you don't find on Earth. Every single second of your life - every single thought, motive, emotion, experience and action will be re-experienced and evaluated.

And although you do it with your friends and older guide/guardian-spirits, higher, wiser beings - no one is going to judge you. Everyone knows how difficult it is to incarnate and live through a whole incarnation, and they will understand that no one is perfect. No matter how well your life-plan was made before you incarnated, it's very likely that you have still made many mistakes and things that you "shouldn't have", and so on. You probably wasn't able to follow through completely - having forgotten that you even -had- a life-plan!

This phase will be like watching your life from an outsider's point of view - while simultaneously living through your life again (in a speeded-up form of course), while also seeing it from other people's point of view. For exampe, if you punched someone, you get to also now see and feel what the recipient of the punch felt like, and thought about your action. In other words - you reap what you have sown, just like we were taught by a Cosmic Messenger thousands of years ago. You will also be the judge and the jury. And no one will be more harsh a judge than you. The worst judgment you will receive will be given by you - who now feels ashamed for not doing as well as he/she had hoped.

But it's okay.. because you will have plenty of more incarnations. This was just like one level in a computer game - to complete the whole game, you need to complete many levels - and eventually, you can even change the game..

And between incarnations, you can learn from the previous incarnation, and really "dissolve" and internalize the lessons that were so hard to learn during the incarnation phase. Real lessons always happen in the physical world, but it can take time to really understand those lessons, and this "processing" of them happens in the astral plane, and can take some time to fully accomplish. But it's okay, because now there is time.

There are practically endless possibilities now - if you always wanted to be a carpenter, for example, but never had the chance on Earth - now you can practice that art as much as you want. And since you don't have to sleep, eat, drink, pay bills or 'earn' anything, you can dedicate yourself to anything you wish for as long as you wish. Except that at one point, you must incarnate again. You dread the thought.. trading all these possibilities to having to sit still in a dusty classroom again, learning lies and non-facts, and being told you have to 'earn' your 'living' .. forgetting all the freedom and fun, having to trade it for the physical toil of the physical world, where your heavy body is clumsy and gets in the way - it becomes tired when you'd rather not be, you have to keep feeding and cleaning it, it wants to become ill and forces you to try to heal yourself by just laying there, and drinking liquids.

Depending on how well the incarnation went - among other factors - you may have a really long 'vacation' first, before the incarnation.. basically you are free to do or be anything you want, study and learn anything you want, travel, create, find people just like yourself, and truly -know- spiritual facts and information about the Universe.

You are alive!

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:28 AM
So you harmonize yourself, you do everything you wish to do - you can even observe Earth from this side (but it takes some practice to learn how to 'see' through the 'veil').

You can remember all youre previous incarnations and ponder about them, process what they taught you.. you can study other planets, and travel to fascinating galaxies and solar systems, and talk to the more evolved denizens. There's nothing stopping you from learning any language - though language is not used much, because telepathy is the obvious communication method there.

Everything is beautiful, harmonious, glowing, and bright - every living thing creates it's own light .. so everyone glows, just like Jesus and the saints are depicted to glow in the old paintings. That's why Extra-Terrestrial visitors are sometimes said to glow or look very 'pale' - they are simply close to the astral level in their frequency.

The body is now light, and you only need to think a destination to immediately travel there. You don't need to walk, you don't need transports of any kind - thought is now your express train!

So you may spend even hundreds, or even thousands of years living this fun, deep life, where you truly feel alive, and can't stop being at awe in the front of the wonders and creations of the Universe. You may even encounter sceptics, who say that incarnation is impossible, and that there is no life after birth!

You will probably travel, and find euphoric wonders of many kinds in such levels that the most skilled writer on Earth could not even touch the magnificence of it all! Though most people - they don't change much between worlds. If you are an anal-retentive nitpicker here, chances are, you are an anal-retentive nitpicker there as well. The difference is, you have better chances of knowing it and realizing it. And the thing is, you won't be able to bother other people, because you will inevitably end up with people just like you ..

But after those days, years, decades, centuries or millenia have passed in your joyful, (also self-) exploring and practically euphoric life, you shiver at the thought that .. that time is close.

The time when you have to stop in your tracks and start planning the next incarnation. You still have many lessons to learn, and lots of Karma to burn.

In a way - after all this time - the thought of holding something physical in your hands and doing physical things starts to intrique you again. A psyche couldn't stand the astral world continuously - it has to have a break. It's comparable to the fact that one cannot stay awake or asleep extended amounts of time (let's forget about coma for now). It would start to feel too much of a strain.

Hence we have this wonderful system of incarnations - our soul gets to feel both sides, and taking turns makes sure it's always a fresh and new experience. Sometimes the soul is in the physical incarnation, sometimes in the astral world. Both are needed just like both sleep and awake-time are needed here.

So it starts over again, and you start considering, what kind of incarnation would best fill the needs for the life-plan.. what sort of lessons do you need and want to learn this time, and what sort of incarnations would be ideal for it all.

This is why when someone asks; "If you were offered a chance to reincarnate, would you grasp it" (I am paraphrasing), I get really puzzled. For the reality is, we are incarnating and reincarnating constantly - but there is a pleasant pause between each incarnation.. we are in an incarnation RIGHT NOW, and still you are asking such a thing?

Do you think you didn't exist 200 years ago? You most certainly did - energy is eternal, it cannot be destroyed - it only changes it's shape. This is the reason why Einstein also accepted reincarnations as the truth.

And that shows just how intelligent he was - because it -is- the truth, and reality for us all.

So rest assured, you -will- incarnate again, and your question is a bit pointless.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 02:44 PM
The belief that people die and are reborn in new bodies, sometimes again and again for millennia, is a fixture in many religions. Hindus, Buddhists, animists and many other groups accept the doctrine in one form or another, as did many of the ancients, including the Celts. There's evidence that reincarnation was an important part of Judaism at one time, and there were early Christian sects that accepted it as well.

Reincarnation is taken for granted among those involved in the occult today. And many people who belong to religious groups that actively disavow reincarnation -- like Roman Catholics and most Protestants -- believe in it privately anyway. It's very comforting to think that we don't just go "poof" when we die or don't have to face some terrible, win-or-lose judgment with no appeal.

Certainly in Nature, all things die and are reborn.

But what's the actual evidence for reincarnation? Aside from the realization that so many of our remote ancestors believed in it, a fact that deserves respect, we have unexplained memories, feelings, habits, seemingly impossible coincidences, unshakable dreams, and even bizarre historical facts that point toward "us being there."

But there were a few things that always bothered me as a paranormal investigator, mainly because one of the first lessons I learned as such was that things are almost never what they appear to be. You always have to dig deeper.

First, if reincarnation is true, why are there so many "old ghosts"? Second, what part might ancestral memory play in the reincarnation experience? And finally, what would quantum mechanics, the branch of physics on which I base my own theories and methods, have to say about reincarnation?

I think the first question can be answered by the other two. The few researchers who have sought to correlate past-life memories with genealogy have sometimes found that people share memories that probably belonged to their ancestors. This, of course, would include memories only up to the time of the birth of the child from whom the subject is in turn descended. And it wouldn't explain death memories.

It's to quantum mechanics that we can look for an explanation of reincarnation that ties up all the loose ends.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by Dock6

If You Were Offered Reincarnation ... Would You Grab the Opportunity ?,

I'm here aren't I.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 09:05 PM
When I die I wish to remain dead. The possibility of being re born is very unappealing to me. My life has been full of strife, betrayal, pain, and poverty. Even if I could choose how I could back, I wouldn't. I'll live this life to very end but beyond that, I refuse.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 09:38 PM
If an afterlife exists, I wouldn't mind taking on a new life if I had a choice of what life to go through and I would go into the life of an actual pantheistic believer assuming the NDEs is true.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 10:15 PM
I seriously wouldn't want to reincarnate on earth again. Why? Well....IT SUCKS BIG TIME! Have a look around. Sure it's a beautiful place, so many places to go and adventure and all that great stuff but it's not for me. I'd love to to reincarnate in a paradise planet where people love one another, were there is peace and only peace. Oh and a bunch of hot girls in bikinis running around while I sip on that Jack and take a toke of that Mary
Sounds heavenly

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