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How can people be so ignorent?

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posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 08:10 PM
I was talking to a colleague, and the conversation turned towards "money" and the "federal reserve" and "government". We were talking about the counterfeiting of money, and, from the way he was leading the conversation, I could tell that he thought that the Federal Reserve is owned by the government . And the WAY he talks about government is sickening. He puts his pull pride, trust, and nationalism and patriotism, if you will, towards our government. Sickening. AND he occasionally uses phrases like "give back to your government." I saw the "give back to government" theme a lot That is, basically, a propaganda site. HOW can people still buy it? It is SICKENING how loyal people are to a govt. that commits such horrible atrocities. All under the guise of National Security. AND they are blind to the evidence of the 9/11 coverup, AND, like "good little boys" se National Security as a necessity, a way to protect national security. HOW can they be SO ignorant? I was angry. I wanted to shout the truth at him, to shove a few DVDs with documentaries, radio shows, and ebooks in his hand, and say "if you have any doubts, watch these". But I knew I can't. There are only three people I can discuss this stiff with; one takes it as a joke, one is also a researcher, and one thinks I'm an Insider.

Here is what Outsiders think of us (very, very depressing). So, how CAN people be so ignorant?

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