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Biological Transmutation-Converting Elements

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 05:44 AM
A previous thread talked about producing gold using dangerous and toxic chemical mixtures and was correctly shot down.

Howver it should be pointed out that biological transmutation has been observed and the Russions have recently given it added credibility by using BACTERIA to convert radioactive material to non-radioactive material...

Chickens for instance,starved of calcium can convert other elements like magnesium into calcium for egg shell formation.

. Some scientists claim to have observed biochemical systems where this relation does not hold: the systems were inexplicably gaining or losing atoms of some kinds, indicating non-chemical reactions and possibly transmutation. Phenomena reported include:

* Anomalous increase in calcium and decrease in magnesium, during the synthesis of egg shells
* Anomalous excretion of magnesium

Loads of research on this.The method of conversion maybe related somehow to cold fusion which has been replicated in at least 250 different labs worldwide.

Calcium anomalies in chicken eggshells

Kervran initiated his fascination for science with the observation of the enigma of the formation of eggshell. Why did chickens -for instance- seem to peck preferentially bits of mica for their diet on a soil of granite sand? Why was there no mica left to be found in the gizzard when the chicken was prepared for dinner? How did it continue to produce eggs with calcareous shells on a calcium poor diet on a soil entirely lacking in limestone?

here is a brief wiki link:-

I suggest you google biological transmutation.

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