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CleanMPG Hypermilers to Re-enact 100th anniversary of the Great Race

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 04:43 AM
They will be leaving from Times Square February 12, 2008 and plan to arrive in San Francisco February 15, 2008.

This is a group of people based on a forum CleanMPG, who dedicate themselves to conservation of fuel for many different purposes, not only with driving, but in their home lives as well.

This was originally done in 1908 with The Thomas Flyer.

Here is the thread on their website: Great Race thread at CleanMPG

The group will mostly be using their own vehicles, but, Honda has also sponsored and supplied them with one 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid with Navigation.

There will be various cars from 1st and 2nd generation Civic Hybrids and Toyota Prius, as well as non-hybrids.

They will be using 3 drivers per car, rotating 8 hours shifts, driving non-stop if possible ... besides necessary breaks for nourishments and nature calls.

The creator of this site proudly boasts his lifetime mileage in his current and previous vehicles displayed in his signature. That is right, the following are the figures from every mile driven from purchase. A feat most might want to take lessons from:

2000 Honda Insight 5-speed Manual 92.8 MPG (u.s. gallons)
2005 Honda Accord EX-L Automatic (5-speed) 48.7 MPG (u.s.)
2005 Ford Ranger Pickup 5-speed Manual 38.5 MPG (u.s)

These cars were EPA rated at 61/70, 24/34, and 24/29 city/highway respectively.

I personally cannot wait to see what they get in real world mileage traveling across country in the worst time for mileage, cold and possible snow.

If you visit their site, they are a kind bunch and are sure to field any questions with utmost respect. Check out their mileage database to view people's data on each tank, which is usually filled out quite well including average temperature for the tank, trip distances, mileage driven, fuel used, and so forth.

I was quite impressed myself.

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