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Universal Structure = System of Truth

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 11:02 PM
Unified Theory for the Universal Structure: System of Truth

If you recall from school, an atom is composed of 99.9% empty space. What we perceive as reality (mass) is only .1%. The Universe is composed of fractals. Yes, there must be an ultimate boundary, but it's in line with God "Infinity." Our galaxy resides at a certain scale the same as there's an atomic scale, subatomic scale, and a much larger scale being the Universe... Beyond it room to expand.

From top to bottom you'll find the same model. The model... A torus formed out of some very basic math (1-9). Basically behind the scenes are donut shapes creating vortices. Black holes directed into white holes. With the elasticity of the torus magnetic currents or tentacles stretch out inside the vortex forming a defined pattern. The two magnetic currents are the fabric of what is holding everything together in our Universe including the atoms themselves. Development or growth in nature is by means of magnetic centripetal and centrifugal forces of these individual currents and the neutral particles of matter. I've incorporated both physics and philosophy into my research now. Please review the following:

Electrical Charge within Torus:

Magnetic "Web" created by Vortices (example only):

Particles accumulate to form structure:

It all takes on the same design:

Our reality is merely the resistance (or radiation) of a single point. Reality is the center at which matter churns itself inside the vortex. The rest of what is termed "dark energy" is part of the vacuum (the vortices) created by each torus. The resulting factor "dark matter" becoming a state in which all matter circulates within the torus for a brief stint. Realize time/ motion does not exist. It's an assembly/reassembly from one center to the next. We are static in particle form while the entire Universe is kinetic in nature. Information/consciousness grants us the control to manifest (assemble/reassemble) reality.

Becoming aware of this concept allows you to generate less resistance through the vortices passing bits of information/consciousness (such realities are in constant cycle). If we were to "link up" and work together, information/consciousness is passed on a more robust scale (creating even less resistance), and "cycling" understanding at far greater rates. And that's all Life is... Understanding.

If you were to step back, and take a look at the whole of Creation...

You would see a pyramid with the cube for a cap stone.

Now imagine living inside this structure being collapsed all around you.

Throughout each scale you have a series of 20 tori and 7 "buffer" zones (6 directions of space plus 1 source). The cube is homeomorphic. It is a cube by representation alone. In actuality this is the torus which moves light/matter/energy.


posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 12:48 AM
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Unified Theory for the Universal Structure: System of Truth

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