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Why, Why, Why?

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 04:08 PM
Why why why..?

Do you remember as a child you asked.. "Why is the sky blue?"

and you would get some kind of answer like, " Its blue becasue of the way light reflects from earth and into our sky."

Then you ask why... Well becasue there is a sun that gives off energy and light to this planet..

Becasue our planet needs the sun to keep life on this planet..


Okay enough little man.. We dont have time for your games..

Ask yourself any question.. And I mean any question at all, and keep asking why and you will get to the base root of the question of life..
It might take many whys.. But sooner or later I have found that all things lead back to one basic thing.. WE ARE CRAZY! Everyone of us.. We are stuck in some kind of mental logical loop here.. We are within parameters.. We get to those parameters, and get stopped quickly..

Now Im not saying, we are insane crazy, and do bad things.. But we allow many bad things becasue we dont ask why..
We allow many things to go on.. Becasue we dont keep asking Why..

So I ask you to ask any question about anything, and see how long it takes you to get to the meaning of life, where you can not get any deeper..

I have reached my mental parameters many times.. and it really makes most people very uncomfortable talking like this.. Holy people, and scientists alike all say stop acting like a child and asking why..

Well personally I dont feel its childish to keep asking why.. I think its the notion that propells our soecity into something deeper..

So try it out sometime today if you have the chance and see just how far you can get.

After every question ask why.. And see where that will lead you.. I bet it starts with something normal, then before you know it, you are to the questions of life.. Which no one can answer.. Thus proving my logical loop problem we all face..

The questions to life, I belive are not questions at all but something beyond our human logical minds to even understand.. We are stuck in a logical human loop... Trapped within this 3rd plane of exsistance..

We get to the point where we ask about elementals, and DNA.. But we dont really know whats down there.. Deep down there...
Are they highly advanced races that build huge machines to them.. But when we see them, they are so tiny we need micro scopes to see the helix?

How far does it really go? And how long can you keep asking why until you meet your own personal parameters.

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 04:23 PM
Just how far have they seen? What do they know which they will not tell us?
When I say "they" Im talking about the powers that know these things and research them.. Im talking about Trans=Human research..
This stems back from many things you might have learned in End Game by Alex Jones.. They know.. But you dont..
Open you're eyes to this..
But sadly enough, this thread will be lost, and over looked..
Becasue some cant understand what IM saying here... Well you know what.. I tried my best to warn you all...

When I look at the human mind I see a universe within.. When I see a helix that codes the DNA. I see large machines built by tiny races of life that are so advanced they can build machines that power life!!!

When I see things on a micro level, I have to ask myself, are these things within our universe? And just so big we can not see them with any of our technology?

When people talk about intelligent design, what are they really saying?

To me they are saying tiny races of beings live within us.. And they have created life as we know it.. AS with them, they have even smaller races that built them...

All these thoughts come from the out reaches of my parameters.. And asking why at every step..

If they knew this.. Would they tell us? Or would they keep that to themselfs? To further their own powers over us all..

Knowledge is personal power.. And if you can look at everything and ask why.. it takes you to a place very deep...

The more I learn about the human mind.. The more it makes me wonder..

My mind keeps asking why, even to the smallest questions can lead to some of the biggest answers..
But we as people are taught, that is childish.. And not to keep asking why..

So I ask why?

And this thread got skunked very fast.. The questions to ask why is skunkworks??? I thought this was a conspiracy no one dares to touch..

So you skunk my thread when It has clear meaning and works on getting people to ask why more often..

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by zysin5
Why why why..?

The questions to life, I belive are not questions at all but something byond our human logical minds to even understand.. We are stuck in a logical human loop... Trapped within this 3rd plane of exsistance..

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Youre lucky. When I was little it was "Because thats the way God made it. End of story."

I applaud you for not giving up on the question why. So many people do as they get older.

I'm not quite sure I completely follow you, but if we cant understan certain concepts because our "human logical minds" cant understand it is it our fault that we are stuck in a logical human loop?

I think humans are very logical as well as spiritual creatures, and I also believe that there are many things that we may not be able to understand. Are you saying that we should simply try to understand, and push ourselves to the limit of our ability to comprehend knowledge?

What are, if I may ask, are your personal parameters?

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 04:46 PM
I have a hard time trying to explain myself with this subject.. Its extreamly deep and hard to follow.. But thanks for taking the time to hear me out

When I talk about personal parameters, its as far as your mind can go on any given subject..
Such as getting to the base root..
Like those who would say God.. Well I ask who made God, and that takes me to my mental parameter..
We only understand things to a point. Then after that point we reach a place where our minds will not allow us to pass that parameter..

Such as what is forever.. WE can say forever, we have a word for it..
Yet our minds can not fully understand what is forever..

As our human logical minds, say start, end.. Human logic is to blame for our prison..

My personal parameter is as such.. We know theres many life forms within us.. Yet they are just "machines" Coded into us..
Yet I know theres much byond just that machine.. Something created those machines.. BUt thats human logic.. If something is here, then something created it right?
So thats when I get to the base root..
who made who.. Who turned the screw!~ ACDC song!!

Yet most people will not let their minds get that far.. Some people on this Earth have not allowed their minds to get this far.. Yes it is dangerous, and dont suggest to anyone to get this deep in life.. IT only makes you seem strange to others..
But to some that have been there.. They know just what Im saying..

And it only takes a human to reach their parameters, to understand that parameters within the mind are very real.. And hold us back..

I'm not quite sure I completely follow you, but if we cant understan certain concepts because our "human logical minds" cant understand it is it our fault that we are stuck in a logical human loop?

Not so much our fault like if you break something becasue you where ruff housing where you should not have been. No
Its more like we are at fault becasue its they way we are made..
Yet its up to the person to over come that, and see that we are made that way, and start asking more and more questions

Right, humans will never be able to understand we are a universe within a universe.. So how do I know? Well I dont.. I just keep asking Why.. And I am brought to this conclusion.. Purely something I have come to on my own.. I did not read this.. Nor was I told by anyone, or anything else..

It just came to me, when I was at my parameter standing there at the edge.. And I knew that human logic will only take you so far..

Look at it like this.. The brain is a very large place!! Contained in a very small space!! think about it.. really...

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 05:05 PM

What are, if I may ask, are your personal parameters?

My personal parameters are as such.. When people try to explain science type stuff.. My mind can break down any theory to where its not fully explained..
WE seem to have an answer for everything.. Yet few things are really honestly known..

Such as When are we? Who are we.. And how did we get here..

Many smart people say they know..But when you ask why.. They dont know. but love to come up with fancy ideals, major math, and stuff that only explains very little..

My parameters take me to a place very deep within us all.. And asks why.

THus my parameters have taken me to the smallest places in our body..
And the greatest objects in our own universe.. Such as the center of galaxies, that seem to power the entire galaxy..
And things so small, but they power us everyday..

We dont have the tools yet to figure out these things... I suggest we focus on our human logical parameters to start getting down to the root base..
And even then, at the root base.. There is still a ground which the roots are based... ITs too bigg.. and to complex.. Its my parameters.

To say something started, and is going to end.. Take me to those parameters.. What lays beyond.. is beyond me..

Thanks for hearing me out

Edit.. Fixed some spelling errors..

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Thanks for your explanation. Awesom AC/DC reference!

I get what you mean. It takes a lot to break down the inhibitions in your consciousness to let your mind wander freely. Sometimes what you find is a little unnerving to say the least. Thinking outside of the box is no easy feat. I tried to send a U2U to better explain what I mean, but I cant. Oh well, maybe next time.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 10:26 PM
Are people afraid to get at these base roots? I mean this thread provokes much thought.. But I can understand if most of you dont want to get into this..

ITs very deep, and a very touchy subject for most people.. Mostly for those who say they have all the answers, when they read this thread they will become very mad at what I have laided out..

This thread will burst any reality bubble you thought you might had..

I understand if no one else bothers to reply to this deep thread..

It tugs at the base roots of everything we know and are taught..

Things such as this could ruin much work laided out by people who make it their job to tell you everything about the universe..
When they dont know as much as they tell you they know..

They are afraid of the human parameters our mind makes for us..

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 08:32 AM

Originally posted by zysin5
Are people afraid to get at these base roots? I mean this thread provokes much thought.. But I can understand if most of you dont want to get into this..

To be honest, I am at the point where I have all the answers I need. I do not have a logical loop. All learning from here is a refinement of what I already know. Many refinements may make a change.

This is very different from saying I know the truth about everything, I simply have MY truth about everything and it is subject to change.

My problem is that I am deep by nature. I can't help it, I want to get very deep ALL the time. I want all conversations to be deep or I get bored. This makes communicating in the "real world" very difficult because others just can't be bothered or don't want to. This also makes me weird to others and I'm happy with that so I do the surface stuff just so I can get along in the world but I don't like it as much as the average Joe is uncomfortable with deep.

No matter what, we need a comfort zone of understanding to operate in our lives or we get confused. Most don't go into saying "why" to everything because they hit an understanding wall... as you point out, so they leave those questions because they either dont want or don't need to get to the end as they are comfortable with where they are.

As I am one, as are you, that wants to question everything, I needed everything to have an answer. Ever since I could walk and talk I wanted to know the answers to the fundamental questions and I believe I do, even if they are wrong, they work and fit into a (my) bigger picture logically, or perhaps philosophically without resorting to the easy "It is God". In fact I leave him out of it altogether.

I read ATS every day and it is full of confused people but that is why most are here, either to find a truth on something or perhaps to educate on something else. There are also those in my situation but few in my situation have the same truth, only a version of the truth which is their truth.

And that is the logical loop, even if you answer all the questions you get to after you keep asking why, other people have different answers. Do we trust our own conclusions or listen and learn in case that someone else knows something more. We only listen and learn if it fits our comfort zone.

Welcome to Earth.

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 08:37 AM

Originally posted by Chartreusechick

Originally posted by zysin5
Why why why..?

The questions to life, I belive are not questions at all but something byond our human logical minds to even understand.. We are stuck in a logical human loop... Trapped within this 3rd plane of exsistance..

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>>>>>>>> Youre lucky. When I was little it was "Because thats the way God made it. End of story."

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 09:39 AM
I hope that you eventually got your thirst for knowledge back. I guess if you surf these boards, then obviously have raised a few questions. Lots of people don't realize how much discouraging questions hurts children. I'm sorry that you got that answer, or lack there of.

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 10:35 AM

Originally posted by Chartreusechick
I hope that you eventually got your thirst for knowledge back. I guess if you surf these boards, then obviously have raised a few questions. Lots of people don't realize how much discouraging questions hurts children. I'm sorry that you got that answer, or lack there of.


Thanks, Charteuse

Oh, I've never ceased asking questions. Just ceased seeking them from parental source.

And of course, it's no bad thing to be forced to work things out for yourself (and to seek information) from a young age. So they did me a huge favour, intentionally or not. What I gained was a certain tenacity, I suppose .. a tendency to approach and attack things (and problems) from as many angles as possible until an answer or solution 'fell out'. Which was the only way to do it, as a young child working on problems without guidance. But when I look back now, I see it as a plus, because I don't have a standard approach or accept other's explanations or dictates as necessarily correct, which I may have done had answers been provided me in childhood. It does breed ambivalence though, which can end up being paralysing in a way .. seeing a situation from several angles simultaneously.

In a way, I wish now I'd adopted my parents' approach to a degree with my own children. Instead, I explained everything, from the reason teeth should be brushed to the benefits of steamed vegetables, lol. And from as many perspectives as I could think of, in order they would (a) feel free to make their own decisions and (b) in order to equip them to make informed decisions.

Unfortunately, my children regarded me as a font of wisdom (as children tend to do) to the point I felt compelled to tell them quite often that my opinion was just that ... mine and not necessarily correct .. or correct for them. Which they found a bit confusing, I think. I couldn't tell you what the 'ideal' is. A lot depends on the child, no doubt. Some are more prone to question .. others to accept.

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 11:36 AM
why is definately the best question there is.

And if i`m just a musician at home trying to
understand wave propagation and its relationship
to vortex torus spin, and a buzzilion other related wave theories.
well. then I coud just IMAGINE what "THEY" have been working on.

the truth behind alot of wave science has been hidden yet it is
there in plain site for anyone who wishes to just ASK WHY more

the more you ask and seek such answers, you will be expanding your

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 01:50 PM
Let me be crystal clear about "they" or "them".
Many people will place the blame on "them" or "they".

And when asked by a skeptic who are "they".

The poster most the time becomes stumped.. They dont know who is doing this to the world, but they know its happening to the world..

Thus they are Euologist, Parent planning, Bio- Science.. Trans-human..

These people have never been working on cures to help you or me..

They have always been working a way to kill you and you're family..

They control population control.. And they control you!!!

They control the drugs, and everything you put into your body goes threw "them"..

So dont be confused that I dont know who "they" are..

But the sad point is there are so many "they" groups that its freakin next to impossible to point the blame at any one person..

Its like a beast.. That has grown into something with many Arms, and hundrends of mouths and eyes.. It slithers across the ground with thosand tenticals.. Its slime cover the ground, and is lapped up by the bottom feeders that follow this beast..

Also "they" are control groups who are the puppet masters for our USA government.. "they" work with Kissinger.. "they" are the elites.. The people with the money..
The people who think they are better than you and I.. And even go as far as saying they are higher humans.. Not humans at all..
Yet most people dont bat an eye at others saying they are not all together Human... Wait a min.. Many elites have been on record saynig we are sub humans.. They are real humans.. Or better humans..

What are "they" doing in labs around the world..

You think cancer centers are really trying to cure Cancer.???
Sorry buddy.. Hate to break it to you, but Moffet Cancer center works on new strings of Cancer.. To make it stronger.. Not weaker..

In all this world makes me sick.. And I will be glad when its over..

I feel like in the big scheme of things, I was invited to a party. and When I got to the party.. I was asked to leave.. But I have no where to go..

I didnt even want to come to this party.. But I was brought here anyway..
I will go find a shadow to lay in.. And maybe they wont find me there..

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 02:06 PM
Thank you for your well thought out post Prote! At first when reading it I was like OH boy here we go another know it all.. But after getting into your post I follow you very closely.. I will agree with you. I am much the same.. always deep and just cant be normal anymore...
When I say normal you all know what I mean.. Tho there is no such thing as normal.. But we all seem to know what normal is..

This logical loop will forever trap most minds that are not willing to break free and keep asking question no matter what they are told.. Keep asking!
dont stop! They might call you names, and get upset.. But keep asking.
Spread the word!! its a small world, and with your help we can start breaking free of these chains we have had the burden of having for all our lives! Always get deep and do not fear what you will find..!

Thanks for the welcome to Earth.. I was sent here to fix things.. Yet not sure how close people are to taking my advice and open their eyes to their own problems they face..
To get past this loop you must first see it,and get trapped in this parameters for many months..
Its no easy task and takes much time to sit and understand these things.
its much like training chi or Ki.. You must first understand its there to fully grasp it..

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 05:30 PM
When a person reaches out of that comfort zone and confronts the questions to this life, many people will either ignore me, or just try to find a way back to their comfort zone..

Well Im not going away.. And I am truely going to push this thread as far as I can.. And try my best to get more people ready to push their parameters!!!

There are many ways to go about reaching your parameters..
There is the quick and easy way, yet I do not suggest this way for anyone.. But if you must know, its a "Spiritual Experiance".. '___' or something on those lines... But thats the quick route, and will only make you meet your parameters.. It takes a clean and clear mind to deal with what you are confronted with...Thus a "Spiritual Experiance".. is not the way to fully understand, but a way to start...

The long way of going about this is much thinking, testing your mind to everything in this world.. Ask yourself a question, and then after it ask yourself WHY? See how far you get before you become uncomfortable..
Read everything you can read, and study history. Things seem to have a pattern. If you look for the pattern you can read it, understand it.

Can you get down to the base root? Can you dig so deep that you are looking at everything threw new eyes?

So we seem to know we are on a planet called Earth.. It spins around a sun, and we are told we are the only life in this solar system..
Wrong.. We are not alone.. There is more life in this one solar system than you have been taught..

This universe is full of life.. Life as we know it, And life as we dont know it.
Each and every one of those life forces have a universe within each one..

As big as this universe is that we are within, its really not all that big..
Its very small to those that we live within..
Just as within you, is an entire universe filled with life.. And beings..
That make our lives possible... Without them, we would not be here..
And this keeps going.. It doesnt start, nor does it end...
Human logic will only allow you to see things from human logic..

There are ways of travling great distance within space.. Everything is connected.. Much like our brains, that send signals to other places in our bodies.. It doesnt take that energy long to get from one place to another..

Other life forms in this universe we live understand this travling method..
We think of them as wormholes.. When infact those worm holes are the connections that make life possible..
Thus you just ride the energy wave to get from point A to point B..
When you make a single thought.. Its transfered into energy and sent to a point in your body or mind.. These beings simply tap into those routes, and can travle long distances.. They understand that we are within another being.. They do what they can to ensure this being we are within lives its full life.. Survial is a lifely thing.. I belive no matter what or who you are.. We have a desire to keep living.. And this works for all matter.
Everything moves to live. And then to die.. Death is not the end all of it all either... Death is a transformation, from being like we are into energy.

Picture all of our souls like water in a pitcher.. Many cups lay on this table.. The pitcher of water is poured into each cup.. And given its life..
At the end of that life, all the cups are then poured back into the main pitcher.. And then poured back into another cup..
Its a crude explanation.. but its the best I can do with my human logic..

We are all one.. But the thing is this.. We cant all just get along..
Its not going to happen.. And this is due to nature of polar energy..
One shifts to pull another away.. Or shifts to pull together..
In this life, many people fight with those they love, and family members..
And people wonder why this world is so screwed up..

We are one big Disfunctional family here.. And we will remain in the dark until we all push our parameters to understand this..

How many times can you think back where someone you loved stabbed you in the back.. Or a family member who hurt you..
Think of it..
And then try to think of Earth as one big family...
We do this to ourselfs.. But I try to step outside of the box to try to understand it the best I can...

WE are one..But we will all fight becasue we are so close to one another..
But soon there will be a time where we are not all so close..
And we will break our bond.. And become more than just one..
I hope you are ready for that..
And I hope my post therads will help some understand these things on a higher level...

More to come!

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Hey man,

I really like your thoughts and I agree with most of it.

Never stop questioning everything. To do so makes life boring and really not worth living.

Nothing is ever concrete. Be willing to change at the drop of the hat and be up for anything.

I commend you on being open and I'll have to finish my thought process later on this one.

I'll be back.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by zysin5


We question, we challenge, it's never enough for us, we try to scrabble to the top of the heap (for money, for power & control, etc.) we fall and look around for help, then we start to scrabble again.

It's caused us to change the face of the globe, to fly through space, to play God, to destroy and rebuild, on and on.

No mystery here: it's Nature.

Oh look at the pretty fishies. Oh look at the lovely little lion. Oh, look .. a bambi .. a lamb .. how cute.

Cute when little baby lamb is all cut up and roasted and smeared with gravy with side dish of potatoes. Monster humans stuffing baby lamb into their facial cavity. ' Eat your food, Johnny .. no, don't smack puppy, you must be kind to animals '. Look around the diner to see how many have noticed what a good parent it is.

Oh, the glorious, multi-coloured fish. Look at that black and white striped one ! Wow ! God's an ARTIST, huh ? Oooooo... look at the ANGEL fish ! Have you ever seen such beautiful colours ! Oh YUK ! That big fish just ATE that lovely little pretty fish ! Oh, gross! Come on, I don't want to watch this any more !

Oh the magnificent LION ! How *majestic * ! Oh, NO ! The lions just tore that pretty little deer to pieces and now they're all EATING it ! Oh .. and LOOK ... that huge crocodile just GRABBED that poor wilderbeast and now it's dragging it down into that filthy water. I can't stand it ! Can't look ! Poor *wilderbeast * ... it's fighting so hard .. it's in so much pain ! Oh -- make it stop ! It's having it's throat torn out ! ...

Nature. Oh, Nature in All it's Glories ! The wasp pounces upon that spider .. drags it off and lays its eggs in it. Young wasps feed on the still living spider. And the cat .. toying with the mouse or rat for hours. That's an agonising death. What's the point? Cat's not hungry .. was fed imported Thailand tinned cat-food supposedly 'turkey and rice' only an hour ago. But plays with the mouse .. tortures it repeatedly .. for fun. Because That's Nature's Way. It's Instinct.


Oh, look. There's that huge soldier. Just shot at the woman trying to run away with her child. She's hurt now. Terrified. Her little boy tries to save her as the huge soldier with a grin approaches her .. unzipping his flies. Woman tells her little son to run. Doesn't want him to see what's about to happen .. doesn't want that sight burned in her boy's mind for the rest of his life. But boy won't leave his mother. Starts punching the huge soldier with his tiny, heroic fists.

Soldier bats the child away. But kid comes back at him. Tired of this and anxious to rape the woman and be done, the soldier shoots the boy between the eyes. Woman's screams are barely heard above the shooting nearby. Child falls in a heap in the harsh sun. Flies immediately fasten on his shattered, blood-oozing face .. what's left of it.

When he's done, our uniformed hero shoots the woman where she lies, her skirts still thrust high above her breasts. Then he kicks her for good measure. Doesn't even restore her life-long modesty by covering her.

Superior officer rounds the corner: 'What's going on here soldier? '

Soldier lights up, sneers and gestures with his thumb at the bleeding bundles of rags in the dusty street. ' She leapt out of nowhere .. attacked me. Thought she might have been strapping explosives ... '

' Well done, boy. Now jump on .. insurgents two blocks up .. could do with your help '.

'Sure thing, sir '.

Soldier returns home to a hero's welcome. His uniform looks so masculine, fits him like a glove. Old men wipe away a tear as the parade passes. 'God bless you, boys .. you've done our nation proud'.

Soldier checks out his wife's body as she shyly approaches him in her new lingerie later that night. She's put on a ton of weight, he remarks to himself ... remembering the svelte 13 year olds he violated back in that sh*thole of a country he's been fighting to liberate. ' Miss me ? ' asks his wife shyly. ' Sure babe .. bring it here .. ' he says boredly but for some reason sounding sexy to her ears. ' Tomorrow I'm going to the city .. be a coupla days' he tells her .. ' Need something for my head, man. My head's screwed. Can't sleep. Can't think. That place f*cked me up good.'

Ten months later, his wife presents him with his latest child. Something's wrong .. that's clear. The docs have said they won't know for sure until further tests. Vet leaves town. Meets up with his buds. Scores the stuff he can no longer live without. Then decides not to return. Home bores him crazy. Heading for the city now. Action man .. need some action.

' Mom .. where's my daddy? '

' He's a war-hero, Buddy, told you that.'

' Yeah, but where is he ?'

She hesitates: ' He's dead. Died saving our country. Just you remember that. Now .. no more questions. Run out and play, ya hear '

Ancient temples doze in the sun, ransaked and raked with playful enemy bullets. Thousands of years earlier, men of learning now lost erected those temples to their gods.

' Hey .. soldier .. what do you reckon this place was, huh ? ' says a uniformed kid as he sheaths his gun.

' Who cares. This place is a sh*thole. Can't wait to get out of here '

The sands shift in the wind, obscuring the visage of an ancient, forgotten god. Regarded now as good only for breaking apart for rock to rebuild bomb-blasted houses and for sniper-practice.

Questions, questions. What are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go ?

Nature. Beautiful. Profound. Base. Ugly. Horrifying.
Ongoing nightmare and dream.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by biggie smalls
reply to post by zysin5

I commend you on being open and I'll have to finish my thought process later on this one.
I'll be back.

Thanks Biggie! And by all means take your time to collect your thoughts.
As you are one of the people I have grown to have much respect for on here. Your thoughts are much like mine in many ways.. Yet we are both equally different, and have each to bring something to the table here..

I plan on keeping this thread going as long as I can keep my thoughts collected and not wander off like I normally do when getting this deep..

Its always a challange for me getting out this far.. Im happy to see I have sparked some interest


That was very insightful about nature! I agree fully about what you put down.. Its the way things unfold, and we have selective though patterns as you pointed out..
For most of us, its how we deal with the harshness of life...

Sometimes when I look at life in the wild, seems so brutal!
example here...

If you want to stay alive as an animal, you must hunt and kill, and eat raw flesh from the bones of you're prey..
Only the strong will hold onto life.. While the weak will become the prey, and food for the strong..

ITs brutal, and most of us would rather see it differently.. But when its all said and done we live in a harsh world, with harsh rules...

And the rules are always changing..

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 04:02 PM
I belive threw reaching my parameters, mankind has been here before..
We have reached this technical apex before. But something happened and all true history was lost.. All knowledge could only be passed down threw the word of mouth..
But you know as well as me, most our computers do the keeping of knowledge, and books help too..
Its next to impossible to keep that amount of information in ones head to repeat, and teach correctly..

We have lost so much information threw the ages.. Only to regain what we once had..

I know there are many races of beings who have gone threw this loss of knowledge threw out their history.. Its something that repeats, and is where myth is based from..

When you think of the larger scale of things.. Do races of beings get to the point where they realize they must advance from their homes, to go out into the stars to contiune to live..

I mean what are the chances that if we are not made by alien beings.. That prehaps we came from another solar sytem..

Only to crash land on this planet.. Lose all our computers, and tech..
And had to restart this all over agin?

I think about that often.. As its an alternate thought process...
Most the time I like to feel like we where created by some other race..

But if we where not forged and put here.. Prehaps we came here from somewhere else in a ship called EVE..
And those travlers lost everything, and had to rebuild on what they retained in their brains...

I think about these things often, and thought I would share that little bit of my thought process with you all..

I will make this one short today.. I must collect more thoughts, and I will return with some more thought provoking ideas that we can toss around..

Nothing is solid here.. Just stuff to kick around..

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posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 05:13 PM
This post will be about death...

Do not fear death.. Nor feel death is the end.. However death is the end of the way you see things now.. The end of feeling sad, happy or glad..

Our bodies can not make the trip we are going to endure..
Our phyiscal bodies will not make the trip..
Only our energy can make the trip to where we will be going..

Now I have no clue where we are going, or where we will end up after death. But I have a strong notion that I realize my phyiscal body would not be suited to travle threw space in that manner..

But.. Our energy is well suited to travle threw space, time and other places we do not even know about..

The human body is a temple, made to live in places like this.. Upon death, you are now pure energy.. Energy that can travle far distances.. Travle to places that are unseen by us.. And unknown by us..

So I say do not fear death, But question it at every turn..

Its going to happen, so wouldnt you rather have an idea, rather than put all you're stock into thinking heaven or hell?
I put some stock into it, and live my life well.. I dont hurt people, or do things that would affect others in a negtive manner..

Sure I might think about heaven and hell.. But honestly.. I just dont buy it.

I would rather put stock into thinking that its a way to transend our bodies.
And its a new type of life.. We are the stuff of stars!
We are Star STUFF!!! Our bodies allow us this phyiscal life..
Yet our energy upon death will take us further than our logical parameters allow us here...

Why do we not know of death?? And who is keeping this information private?
Are we but cattle? Our soul energy harvested by others?
I dont know.. But I make it my life to ask these questions...

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