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What is your short-term and long-term emergency plan...

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 03:14 PM
...on any and all kinds of instances and scenerios that could arise to put a cramp in your present way of living?

And how would you go about freeing yourself from being under your own emergency plan if that emergency plan isnt a long-term needed thing?

Things to consider:

Your home gets totalled.
Your job lays you off.
Your school kicks you out.
You become handicapped by bad health or bad accendent.
Your city gets destroyed by mother nature in some how.
You get framed for a crime you didnt commit.
You're on the run from the law for an actual reason.
Someone close is trying to kill you.
Someone you cant escape is about to beat you down.
One of your friends is about to tell the law on you about something.
You get drafted into military and dont want to go.
The country is being attacked.
The government is consiring against you.
All your possessions get stolen out of your home.

^^Or are you with no emergency plan to counter those things if they should arise?

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by Mabus

in the not too distant future (say summer 2008) several banking
chains will be going bankrupt,

the 1st indication will be when your ATM connection to your own money
(aka FRN) is constantly disrupted, and then severely limited to say $50. per day,
This will be your/my 1st indication that a 'Run' on the bank is imminent.

The bank's demise will be even more apparent when you've got $10k in savings, that the bank will not transfer into your checking/debit card account.... just so the bank will have their required ~10% in reserve monies available....and you are technically holding the bag

So, for the immediate & short term plan, i intend to keep the equivelent of +2 months of what it takes for all my regular living costs -
in Cash/folding money, with 90% in $5-&-$20's & some in old silver coins.

long term, i don't know, i'll just have to think on my feet and adjust to circumstances as they change,

but, without telling too much, i had a chance to shop at Sam's
and i did my first of many stocking up on canned goods runs,

i only procured $85 of cases of products, but now that i've seen what's there---and what i'd think is worth stocking up on, i'm making lists
and hopefully shop a few more times before the food prices start skyrocketing at the bulk stores as they are at the local grocery now.

another grand will keep the pantry full and set the stage for canned good cycling for a continuing & ongoing series of 6 month periods.


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