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A short history of religions

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 04:02 AM
The opening words of the Bible, in the original Hebrew, translate literally as:
"In the Beginning, the GODS created..."
Elohim is the plural form of the noun.
Abraham, father of Judaism (Isaac) and Islam (Ishmael) was contacted by one of the Gods and instructed to do what he did. The record is vague in the early part of the book of Genesis because it wasn't until Moses took the Hebrews from Egypt that there was a commandment to "Have no other GODS before me." Meaning that other gods exists but you have to obey me.
In the temple of all deities, where gods fighting for supremacy?
Was one of the gods mutinous and chose a vague nomadic, desert-dwelling tribe of people to see if he could use them to challenge the god’s rulers?
So he could lead a rebellion against the other gods?

For 2000 years, the rebellious God wasn't very successful. The Hebrews did conquer some land, built a temple and a pretty good civilization but rather small some how, despite some trivial differences amongst themselves.
But polytheism grew promptly and the civilization on the Mediterranean didn't grow as big as the Mesopotamian rejoins. In fact, they were soon conquered by the Babylonians and the polytheistic won. And polytheism continues to survive in other parts of the world - India, China, etc

And then along came someone called Jesus or maybe Jmmanuel (we are not really sure of any thing with this guy). This mysterious man was a very prevailing speaker, declaring a mono-theistic view, unlike the earlier Israelites version. He was a man and never intended to announce himself as a god, but he was also very loyal to his Israelite heritage; after all if it wasn’t for this early Israelite love of one god he will never have the chance to preach a more just and compassionate version. The resentful god of Moses saw another opportunity. Despite of popular Christian belief, the angry god didn’t choose Jesus teaching (too maverick and independent) but he chooses Paul. Keep in mind that Jesus wasn't interested in converting the gentiles (non-Israelite tribe); he was conducting his ministry in Jerusalem and not in Rome. It was Paul that took the ministry to all non-Israelite.
So the pariah god, use Paul to form a new worship cult, which didn't need land or temples or any of the old rules. And Christianity prospered to the point where it overtook the largest polytheist empire of the word at that time. Eventually Rome surrendered to the monotheistic God as well with a little help from the “machiavellic” god.
The jealous god was so full of himself now a lone with no competition, after all he had succeeded in defeating the other gods: Isis, Baal, Jupiter, Zeus, etc.

But the task wasn’t finished yet. As god power grew, it got insatiable. That was the emergence and growth of the Christian god. For almost 700 years there was no resistance in the western world and near east and the god demanded more and more of his new Chosen people (the Christians - the Jews were pretty much forgotten or burned).

Nevertheless the other charlatan gods were not crushed; they just where scared into submission until one of them got an idea. Why not repeat the same process, if it worked for him it should work for us. Let us go back to the desert and find another wandering people, let us make them worship only one of us and give them an assignment, this mission should be to make all other nation believe in one of us. This one was Allah.
And the gods where lucky as Mohammad was very victorious, better than the Israelites and even Jesus put together. In a very short time the follower of Allah had conquered most of the known world, with an empire almost as big as the Romans.
Allah's armies fought with Christian armies for control of the land and people for centuries. And the battles continue until today.

It is interesting to know that the big looser of WW1 was not Germany but the Ottoman Empire. After world war one the Ottoman Empire, could only watch as the empire got carved up into all sorts of bizarre countries, administered by England. They were given Turkey as a comfort reward.
It is also interesting to know that during the 8th through 19th centuries, relations between Islam and Judaism were rather convivial. Some of the best Jewish scholarship took place under Islamic rule. It wasn't until the 20th century that the Islamic really started to hate the Jews.
I tell you why:
In 19th century the Zionism started a global movement so to acquire a homeland for the Jewish people in Biblical Palestine (Israel). Considering that Jews make up one quarter of 1% of the world's population (.25%) it really was utopian dream.
I tell you how this utopian dream was fulfilled;

The Christian nations of Europe were really fed-up of fighting the Muslims, century after century since 700. Someone ( many people have names for this person, but I ride not give any) in England had a brilliant idea - let's cut up the Ottoman Empire, give the Jews Palestine (right in the middle of the Islamic World) and let the Jews fight it out! The Muslims will forget about us and fight the Jews instead! So then we can really apply the “machiavellic” mission to “bring democracy to the middle east”

This was a very good plan; until the 9/11 attacks on the US which was not an isolated incidents. They are part of a long premeditated out battle between the gods, with us humans as the puppets
Let’s go back to the fake gods now:

Vishnu, Isis, Jupiter, Baal, and all the others are still with us, possibly with different names today, but I suspect that the fight is currently being fought between the two big one.
Don’t try to find out which god is best for us, because both are as bad as each other.

Extraterrestrial will not come and rescue us, they didn’t before they wouldn’t now and any way if they show up you can be sure that they will make a deal with the gods that got here before them.
The future, I am sorry (not because I despise Muslim but I don’t like an organize religions) to say that is in favor of Allah and this god will be victorious. His supporters are the most obsessive and loyal religious nut cases that never in the history of humanity we have seen. Christians are too divided and broken among themselves to fight Allah. Atheist are to fanatic to see behind they mechanical world.
When I look at the past few 1000’s year of this god’s manipulation of humanity I can only conclude that after Allah, other gods will choose an obscure tribe of some desert rejoin (maybe planet) and start the same scam again.
One think that the gods cannot control is human soul, consciousness, spirit or what ever you want to call it. This is what Kapila says about human soul:
“Souls are infinite in number and consist of pure intelligence. Each soul is independent, indivisible, unconditioned, incapable of change, immortal. It appears, however, to be bound in matter,”
Kapila is mentioned to have lived a round 600BC where Buddha was learning.
This kind of version of the souls is completely contradictorily to any known religion for the simple fact that, these explanations of what is the soul of human can only free him from creed.
But the controlling scheme by the gods can be prevented if once in a life time of humanity, we together drop all our prejudices and hatreds and pick up instead the fruits of our deep loving nature which was giving to us by the Supreme Being.



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