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Last question: who would you believe? and why..

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 08:58 PM
I've been a member here for a couple of months now and in the time I've been here IMHO this is an overall of what i've seen and read in this forum

1/ On the subject of Aliens and Conspiracies..... nobody trusts our individual
governments why because there is a mutual agreement with the public of the world that the governments are withholding information from us all, which leads the general pubic of the world to think the governments aren't being
100% to us .......sounds familiar

2/ Then we have the individual that possibly puts their life on the line and claims he or she works for certain covert ops run departments and they have evidence to present to us, this instantly starts ringing bells and waving flags with some members
the next thing that happens is that some of the members of this site demand
outlandish requests from that person, proof of id, his or her qualifications and what do they do at work ( did you all ever stop to think that this very information could be top secret) no? then why is it that they almost never want to let it out, why? Do they owe it to you do they. Because this person doesn't answer your questions when you want them answered you all get impatient with them and then proceed to discredit them and make them feel lower than the dirt under their shoes why? cause they didn't immediately answer your question. Maybe they are suffering from paranoia or maybe innocently has gone to work or gone to hospital because of an injury sustained on the way to work and their life is hanging by a thread ( traffic accident ) and then again it could be as most say a HOAX.

3/ And the 2nd last question....e.g I've herd so many times in my life "Well i herd it on the news that the government reckons that" ...etc etc. If its served up Solid Gold and diamonds and presented on a silver platter then it has to be the truth. If this sounds familiar to you then please refer to number 1

So now comes the: " Last question who do you believe and why?"

Number 1 or Number 2

One thing is for sure, if we ALL don't stop with the witch hunts we ALL wont have anything NEW to talk about if we ALL " Debunk first, and then ask questions" which seems to be a popular pastime in this forum.

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