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The Q and A

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posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by greeneyedleo

Thank you, greeneyedleo and loam for the validation; while i am all for postulation, and the desire or need to speak one's mind, i am most assuredly NOT for hearing something this serious is in the works and one can do absolutely nothing to assist aversion of it, nor even remotely back it's ludicrous, simply on the face of it.
Be Well...
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posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 05:28 PM
Somehow I've come to be a member on a site that allows people to claim they've personally seen evidence that every planet in the solar system is inhabited, or that there friend's dying dad warned that lights in the sky will signal the end of civilization, or that people are shape-shifting reptiles...

...But they raise a big stink and threaten to ban people who say they work at a military base.

I guess it's only the truth if it's completely ridiculous.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 05:33 PM
Aye to that! Have to say this: no_one held his own for longer than most "hoaxers". Is he a hoaxer for sure? Or not, for sure? I dont know.

But have to say this, the man deserves a chance to explain why he cannot provide proof asked of him. Given a time period to provide said proof.

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posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 05:41 PM

Originally posted by loam

Originally posted by althea041724
i for one am still wondering what on earth no_one expects (expected) us to do with this very inflammatory info.


In fact, this is a problem I have generally with threads like this one. What is the purpose of 'whistle-blowing' if not to prevent the wrongdoing or to limit its effects?

Answers along the lines of "I need this off my chest" seem utterly meaningless to me. "Well, good for you," I tend to think, "tell it to a priest."

I guess you have never felt so hopeless to know that you can't change the outcome of some (soon to happen) event and have had to settle for just sharing the foreknowledge you have with other people? To say it has no effect is simply not true, because someone out there, I guarantee, is now having second thoughts about attending presidential political events nearing the end of summertime! So if it was to occur, 817 may have "limited its effects" by changing the mind of even one person who wasn't in attendance when such a catastrophy occurs and would have been yet another casuality. Better than keeping their mouth shut or talking to a priest, don't you think?

Until we hear again from 817, I would think 817 would want you to use this information to read between the lines (of what we will be told) if this infact does occur. Would it be the nail in the coffin for some to realize that most of what you believe is a fairytale and there is alot more going on that meets the eye? Would it be enough for all those out there still proudly sporting their 04' Bush/Cheney bumper stickers to remove them? Probably not, some people just can nott admit to their mistakes or faults. It will be humankinds downfall....but what are you going to do, you can't change the stubborn!

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 07:27 PM
So let me get this straight, Because a few cry babies that couldn't debunk no_one817 went crying to the site owners, he is now banned unless he "proves" who he is? and there were more people that were on the fence or just out right believed the guy. i was and am still on the fence whether no_one was who he said he is or not. And this other guy ZX is still aloud to spout crap without the same demand for him to prove who he is? Talk about a double standard and that wasn't the standard that attracted me to ATS!

someone mentioned a swift intervention by the mods and site owners, i guess 29 pages is swift, why did they not do this by page 5? why didn't they ban John Lear the first time he went off the deep end? instead they give him his own forum for awhile then got ride of him.

While i can understand why Springer and SO and all the mods feel they have to protect us because of the recent rash of hoaxes, But how can you go from the members of this forum are the ones that decide to the site owners demanding absolute proof then banning him until he provides that proof. But I am also an ADULT AND DON'T NEED SOMEONE TELLING ME WHAT TO BELIEVE i think i can make that decission for my self thank you very much! whether anyone wants to admit it or not and whether no_one was/is who he says he is what has happened on this forum is censorship! when a person is no longer to use his own judgment because some one is telling that person what to believe or stopping them from looking at what anyone has to say that is censorship!

For god's sake use some common sense, If i was a whistle blower and you demanded proof from me when i have clearly stated i wanted to keep my id secret for fear of what the gov't might do to me. i'd tell you where when and how you could go do something to yourself!

So now by the actions taken against no_one817 anyone that might be a whistle blower in the future will have serious doubts about even considering posting in this forum!

was no_one a hoaxer? well we'll never know unless he provides the demanded proof, since the PTB pulled his plug! its a shame and i've never been as ashamed as i am right now!

I'm outta here i honestly don't know if i will ever post on this site or any site owned by the above network!

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by Mercenary2007

whether or not no_one is who he claims to be, he has pretty much told us everyhting he wanted to say in these last 30 pages.
not much more info to get out of him.

now the site owners are trying to validate this info. and if the can, then wow! everyone will take this stuff seriously!

but i dont think that they are doing anything wrong.
no_one would not be giving away any of his person info.
and so you guys dont forget, im under the impression that no_one AGREED to do what the mods asked!
If he agreed, and is not doing it, then we can assume that all this stuff is made up.

either way, he's not banned yet, so more information might still come out of this thread. dont give up yet!
imo, this is what makes ATS better than other sites!

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by Mercenary2007

Interesting that you would chime in here, in this manner, man. 28 posts in your 11 months here, dissing ATS. I'm not saying anything but..............

I'm sure I'll take heat for this, it seems like it's mod season, duck season, mod season, duck season, mod season....... FIRE.

Some need something to believe in. Some are just here to stir the pot, adding nothing.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by percievedreality

...moreover, as i have previously stated;are we not all now guilty of vicarious liability because we now too have the foreknowledge that no_one has already shared with us?
i understand what you are saying, but, should any or all of no_one817's information be legitimate intel, we here are either terribly foolhardy for allowing this to go endlessly on further, or deluding ourselves that there will be a way to avert it.
getting the word out? at our expense? i don't see the noble cause there...i asked several times what we here could possibly DO...and didn't get a cohesive answer.
i will simply continue to see how this ends up.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by althea041724

well said.

It needs to be found out if this guy is for real because if he is, then its up to us to do something with the FACTS he gave us.

If hes not for real, then we can go back to theory.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 09:02 PM

Originally posted by Mercenary2007
So let me get this straight, Because a few cry babies that couldn't debunk no_one817 went crying to the site owners, he is now banned unless he "proves" who he is?


A site owner noticed the "call to chat" and decided to stop by and see what's up. A couple fumbled questions later (might be honest mistakes) and it seemed like to good idea to inject a pause while we see what we can do. An ongoing discussion is taking place, and my gut tells me he's going to return soon.

In all things and actions, we seek to earn the trust of our membership. If you don't trust the way we managed this site, then perhaps you won't be very satisfied with your experience here.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord

Thanks SO for the update. I will trust your gut feeling on this and look forward to hearing from no_one soon.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by intrepid

so what if i've only posted 28 times in 11 months, is that a crime? maybe i'm here to read up on stuff i don't know about. and most things i would have added had already been added, or if i had a question someone else had asked it and it had been answered, it would have been a waste of time to re-ask the exact same question or make the exact same statement. unlike some i actually read the whole thread before i post to make sure i'm not making the same post as someone else.

And i don't agree with the way things have been handled in this case. like i've stated over and over i'm still on the fence as to whether no_one is who he says he is. But i'm not some teenage kid, i am an adult and as such i think i can determine what i want to believe or not believe.

if you or any of the other mods took offence to what i said sorry but i'm only speaking the truth as i see it. its not mod hunting season at least not for me, i had an opinion about what had happened and made my opinion known.

And also just because i only have 28 posts doesn't mean anything i've been around for a while reading up on subjects that are of interest to me.

reply to post by Odessy

the majority of this thread is de bunkers making a big deal over silly stuff, spelling, gramical errors, an error on whether he was atheist or agnostic. If he did have more info to share he couldn't because of the repeated grasping at straws over silly stuff by those who only wanted to debunk him. and when they failed miserably instead of stopping and trying a new approach they came right back with the same silly stuff and tried to twist his words to their advantage. if anything they took away from the discussion and didn't allow useful conversation to continue. maybe if they would left him be if he was a hoax eventually he'd slip up and be outed. and this would be put to bed.

reply to post by SkepticOverlord

Thanks for bringing more light to what actually happened in chat. I just don't agree with the way this situation has been handled and i know you and springer can't babysit every thread, but we are on page 32 now as i type this, shouldn't there have been some intervention before now? and as you said he fumbled a couple questions that might have been honest mistakes. and this thread was moved to skunk works and everything posted in here should be taken with a grain of salt as it hasn't been determined if the source is legit or not. i thought thats what this particular forum was for? maybe i was wrong.

but my point and others points about that ZX guy are valid. he should be put under the same close examination that no_one is receiving. after all he has went a little far with what he's claiming! by post banning no_one and allowing that ZX guy to continue it does look like censorship and your favoring the crazy guy (for lack of a better word)

I know you had good intentions SkepticOverlord and you guys continue to try and earn the trust of your membership But honestly IMO you lost a lot of trust from your membership and future membership over the way this situation has been handled. Hopefully i'm wrong but if i'm right i hope you guys can regain that trust. i'll await to see what the out come of this situation is before i make a final decision on my future here.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 12:02 AM
i just wanted to add this, what if this plan really happens and no_one had waited until after it happened to speak up? i bet not a single person here would believe him or would have a very hard time believing him as he waited until after the fact to speak up about what he knew. and with no proof everyone would think he was just another crack pot looking for some fame.

Kind of a catch 22 if he speaks up before it happens people won't believe him because he wants to protect his identity and can't get "proof" of the plan. If he waits until after the plan has happened most people wouldn't believe him because he waited until after the fact to speak up.

If i worked at GL i wouldn't answer questions about radio call signs, as that would put the guards at possible risk. He was asked about coke or pepsi machines, microwaves what does that exactly prove? i haven't been to GL so how do i know exactly how many microwaves there are or if there are coke or pepsi machines. and honestly what does asking those types of questions really prove? absolutely nothing.

And i'd have to think long and hard about what risks i was willing to take when asked to prove my identity, and where i worked.

intrepid was right some people want so desperately to believe in anything but some people also want so desperately to debunk anything that they are not willing to accept and demand unreasonable things as proof or they resort to asking silly questions that have no bearing on the case at hand.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord

Originally posted by Mercenary2007
So let me get this straight, Because a few cry babies that couldn't debunk no_one817 went crying to the site owners, he is now banned unless he "proves" who he is?


A site owner noticed the "call to chat" and decided to stop by and see what's up. A couple fumbled questions later (might be honest mistakes) and it seemed like to good idea to inject a pause while we see what we can do. An ongoing discussion is taking place, and my gut tells me he's going to return soon.

In all things and actions, we seek to earn the trust of our membership. If you don't trust the way we managed this site, then perhaps you won't be very satisfied with your experience here.

seems like you are on to how we feel.

again, i thought this was skunkworks????

i like your site, but the control factor is ridiculous.

your gut is correct, let this no_one dude tell his story.

and dont interrupt

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posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 05:24 AM

care to be more specific, other than just "he doesnt sound truthful"

What has lead to doubts in my mind is a mixture of what the OP has said, what he HASN’T said and the way some of his answers have been phrased. To his credit, he has put up with some intense scrutiny and the occasional idiotic poster with good grace and a great deal patience and for this I applaud him. However, in one of his earlier posts in another thread he says that-

Nothing will be confirmed, only denied. But hopefully those few will be aware enough to be able to come to obvious conclusions

I think that I am aware enough to be able to sift through the nuances of what he has been saying because after all, in his own words-

its been my experience that the gut provides everything

My gut feeling is that he is not telling the truth. It may just be a phrase from a crappy TV law show but his ‘credibilty as a witness’ is seriously undermined on many levels. For the first example, lets go back right to the beginning of the ‘testing’ thread (which was eventually closed down by a moderator due to the OP giving the impression of stringing along).

The OP first posted on 16th Jan saying nothing more than he was testing the IP address tracking to make sure he could not be traced. He hints that he had knowledge of Groom Lake and “the cat would be let out of the bag” He claims that he is running his own security programs to prevent being traced and states that he has “a weight to get off my shoulder for a while now”. So far so good, nothing untoward there. However, when he is asked by another poster whether he has photos, documents or video the OP replies thus-

I can't be for certain with what I should show. Everything I have is classified eyes only. I only have access to certain things. And anything I have access to, ends at 6pm every day

So, he has access to classified items but only until 6PM everyday. Fair enough. But why bother saying that he is uncertain what to show as he knows fully well what he can show- nothing because he’s just said so. The only possible reason for mentioning it is to build peoples expectations but then he blows that out of the water straight away.

He then goes on to add-

I don’t find myself holier than thou and I am not saving the world

In the light of what he eventually reveals in his Q&A thread and his comments about it, saving the world seems to be exactly what he wants to do. Assassination of presidential candidates and war with another muslim country (a country with nuclear pretensions) would seem to not be world changing events in his view.

Over the next few posts he continues to hype his upcoming revelation and gets a positive welcome from other members. He then makes a curious post where he says-

Thank goodness they don't let people like me drink during my contracted times or I might have a way to convince myself of just blurting everything out now

So he’s on his contracted time as of now? If this is so then why later on, in reference to the fact that he seems to be posting at times when he should be working, does he claim that he does not work during the Red Flag exercises. Red Flag 2008 started on 14th January, two days before his first post. I’ve also been puzzling over what this says about the OP. Is he saying that he’s a blabbermouth drunk in a security position at Groom Lake? How did that personality flaw slip through the extremely tight screening process for Groom Lake employees that he later claims is in place?

After the moderators closed the thread, the OP was not heard from until he posted in the thread started by another member who is claiming to be an ex-employee at Groom Lake. On 5th February the OP states-

No one gets anything on to the base and no one takes a thing out. Wallets, cellphones etc are confiscated either at the Janet terminal or on pick up

This seems to be at odds with his later post in the Q & A thread regarding what radio stations can/cannot be picked up on the base-

My radio that I listen to is a satellite radio. That or simple mp3 music. Would you know about 840 coming in loud and clear to gl having never been on the base? no.

This is the first thing that made me sit up and think “hang on a minute…”. To be fair, perhaps radios are available from a secure source onsite but it would seem to be doubtful in the light of the fact that if the cabin crew on the Janet flights are not allowed to even look at anyone, then it would must be a pretty austere environment. Doesn’t prove anything obviously but the seeming contradiction of the above two statements is noteworthy and certainly put me in a sceptical frame of mind. On the subject of Janet flights, the OP says on 5th Feb-

Janet flights were simple. Nothing on and nothing off. Simple frisks were done

Pretty clear there. But the OP then backtracks in his later reply when he is challenged because of the existence of photos of persons boarding those flights and claims you are allowed to carry items on if you have the necessary clearance. Not worth mentioning in the earlier post when Janet flights were apparently simple? Surely it would occur to anyone not making it up as they went along that the situation is “nothing on and nothing off without the proper authority”. Especially as this is a situation you face everyday. Again, not conclusive but enough to raise a quizzical eyebrow and sow seeds of doubt.

Also on 5th Feb the OP alludes to an incident at the border of Groom Lake involving a white Magnum. This incident was reported on 2nd Feb on the Dreamland Resort website so why does he think that mentioning this will add to his authenticity? Also, the information the OP provides about telephone numbers for Groom Lake can easily be found in publications like David Darlington’s book Dreamland Chronicles. This just adds to the suspicion that he is recycling whatever he can find from ordinary research.

At this point the OP starts his Q & A thread which I haven’t had time to review and comment on yet. This cross referencing of long threads and posts takes a while and sure gives you a headache. So before I set aside another whole day to do it- is anyone interested?

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 08:46 AM
I see lots of dots. This thread is just one of the dots that I believe are pointing to a major event this summer. We all get "gut" feelings and that's what I have with regard to this thread. I believe the guy is real and is on to something. He is afraid for his safety and is only going to stick his neck out so far. If others can't understand that...too bad. Take a few minutes to look at the many other threads that connect to this one in obscure ways...Cut internet cables...DHS Director worrying about "Earthshaking" event...missle launches in iran...Israelies told to build or update bunkers. Something is in the air and this thread could be on the mark,

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 09:49 AM
The more I think about this thread the more it is starting to worry me.

I found all the secret squirrel stuff interesting and entertaining. I thought the guy was believable, but I didn't really buy the main point that he was trying to get out, so I didn't really pay attention to it.

I guess in my mind anything that can't really be proven (like secret base stuff, aliens, time travel, etc) is just entertaining/informative and I don't hold it to a very high standard of proof.

Having followed this thread from the beginning, it looks like things took a very insidious twist once the guy starting talking about people 'not being around' in a few months.

Is this tantamount to a threat? No. But, the implications are very serious. We have heard over and over on these boards about apocalyptic events, fantastic beings and theories. Almost none of the predictions made here ever come true, but it makes for good theater.

The issue for me now becomes not whether he is really an employee out there, but is his prediction going to come true and can it be stopped?

Very scary stuff indeed and I think the staff intervention is reasonable, especially if the guy may come back.

Whether you believe him or not you have to applaud his patience and determination to get his story out.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 10:50 AM
Have I just never noticed it before or is the disclaimer at the top of this page a new addition in the light of recent events?

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by Goldtop

Yeah, I noticed that this morning too. I was not there last night. I'm sure it was added due to the recent "outbreak" of secret installation "employees" coming to ATS.

SO, what is going on with no_one?

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 11:04 AM
no_one was on early this morning, around 12:00am PST, I even waited up to see if he was going to post something, to my lack of surprise he did not. Perhaps he is preparing his responses to all the questions. Or perhaps he is done with the thread.

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