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X3: Terran Conflict --> an omen?

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 05:55 PM
I'm one of those gamers with great love for the SCI FI genre games. Egosoft (Software/games developer) just announced their new superdooper SCI FI game X3: Terran Conflict. This would be the 3rd sequel of the first game X: Beyond the Frontier (released 1999). Weird, cause they should have named it X4...... anyway.

Now, this new game is quite interesting. Why? Because this time the developers chose to let the whole game play on and around earth space. Many gamers are now wondering why. We've had hundreds of similar games like 'UFO: Enemy Unknown' around covering this. The cool thing of the X-series was the diversity the deep space exploration had to offer in the gameplay.

Is there a link between the slow but surely disclosure of E.T.'s we experience nowadays? When I focus on the media I can clearly see E.T. subjects are being covered more often than normal. Maybe with some ridicule now and then but still. Movies like The Invasion with Nicole Kidman wasn't really nescessary remaking, now was it? Its original (The Invasion of the body snatchers) was good enough and many critics didn't understand it was remade.

News on X3 release

Official EGOSOFT homepage

Anyway, any thoughts on this one?

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