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"Mind State of that Date"

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:28 AM
One day when I was walking home well after 12 and I ain't talking about noon
I look up in the sky there's a ring of clouds around a full moon
It's a shadowy night, bats are fluttering by
There's thunder and shuddering skies
And I'm left wondering why...?
My usual question: What's the point of my existence?
As my thoughts became distant, in the next instant
I felt an immense persisting tenseness
Inside my cranium, wailing from pain I succumb to gravity
My body's weighing a tonne
Feelin' numb,
I dropped to the ground, my face soon met with the pavement
Once we were acquainted, blood dripped from my face down the drain the way the rain went
I day dreamt of the way my day went
Up to my present predicament (De Ja Vu)
A little bit nervous I was encapsulated by the darkness of a void
Devoid of any noise...
Infinite nothingness perfectly poised...
Assimilation with it was impossible to avoid
Then an their I ceased to exist, but existed everywhere
Devoid of any conscious thought, but entirely aware
Of everything except that my body lay lifeless,
I didn't care
That cage could have rotted, my priorities lay elsewhere
Pure Information
Pure Bliss
Transcending Karma
Interconnectivity with direct energy
Conceptually trekking intellectually
A circle without a circumference becomes my pupil and I awake
Lifting myself off the ground I proceed to wipe the blood from my face
Checking the time to see how long I had laid collapsed
Hmm? That's strange...
Only a few seconds of time had lapsed
Puzzled I proceed to find my way home
Trying to comprehend my experience
I felt delirious
But was overwhelmingly intrigued by this mysterious,
Turn of fate
And ever since then I've been trying to reachive the mind-state of that date...

--Human Intelligence a.k.a Me

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