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unexpected funny quote in a hybrid defense article

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:19 PM
I am part of a forum that advocates conserving fuel ... each member for their own reasons, some to save money at the pump, some for environment, some for national security, some just because it is fun.

There was a link to a article countering the bull spouted how Hybrid cars are worse for the environment, and what lengths that were gone to to try and fudge things in favor of the negative side for the hybrid vehicle versus a hummer.

The article is pretty good at showing the conspiracy against owning something that is actually practical and not excessive by twisting things so far out of skew, and relying on the ignorance and laziness of the public not to research and verify claims for themselves.

That is not what this is about, but, the following quote I found to be hilarious example of how people who report things don't think before they type, and editors must not comprehend before they print

I know I'm wrong to care. On the BBC news site "crews were hopeful the 20m cubic litres of water could be held back and not breach the dam wall". And that'll be a struggle, since "cubic litres" are a nine-dimensional measuring system, so the hyperdimensional water could breach the dam in almost any one of the five other dimensions you haven't noticed yet.

source article

maybe I am just too much of a math nerd and that is why I find it amusing, but I thought I would share anyway


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