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Jim Marrs known relationships with the unknown of society

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 04:37 PM
Jim, with all that you have come across in your travels. What is the most sinister plot against mankind, that just makes the skin on your body crawl.

And could you give the relationship between other bodies of information out there that shares this consistancy with this fact based conclusion.

I am just asking for your own opinion on the above. This is your own conclusion on what that is.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 05:10 PM

How about something that you have experienced that defied any logical rational for normal life . An 'Unknown Experience' will do, it, doesn't have to be sinster.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 10:33 PM
Howdy Menguard,

Okay, here is what I believe is not only proof that conspiracies exist but also the grandest conspiracy in the world today --

If we all stop and think about it, I think we can all agree that considering the off-the-shelf technology available to humankind today, every man, woman and child living on planet Earth could be provided with adaquate food, water, shelter and basic healthcare. Yet, even as you read this, there are literally millions of our fellow humans literally starving to death, primarily in Third World countries. I don't want this and I expect that no one reading this thread wants this. So why is this happening?

All the usual rationalizations aside - politics, inadaquate transportation, funding, etc. - the bald faced fact is that this situation exists because somewhere, someone wants it this way. If no one wanted it this way, it would not be this way.

With ET visitation becoming known to a growing number of people, with new energy sources coming on line, with the growing consciousness of our imperiled environment and with the rising awareness of more and more people in the world, we can no longer allow power-hungry politicians and profit-driven corporations to set the agenda for humankind. The old hierarchial and oligarchial systems must give way to new systems based on consideration for both humankind and our home planet. New technologies in energy, transportation and medicine must be brought out of the corporate closet and used for the betterment of all. Decisions that impact us all must be made in the light of day. All options must be laid on the table and trust must be given to the innate goodness of the majority of people once they are provided with truthful information.

This may sound idealistic to many, but the alternative is to sink ever lower into wars, pestilence and increasing shortages in basic commodities, including food and water.

The technologies are there. What is lacking is the will of good people to demand that these technologies be used for the benefit of all, rather than the obscene profit of a few.

Decentralization, rather than the New World Order of globalism, is the key because history has shown that once power is centralized, invariably some Hitler or Stalin comes along to take it and impose tyranny on his fellow humans.

But this will take tremendous commitment on the part of many persons, predominately young people, who have not yet completely bought into fast-track, feel-good consumerism and who have the energy and idealism to see such a plan though. But can they be weaned away from self-indulgent computer play, video games, mindless TV programming and sports?

Have you got what it takes?

Jim Marrs

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 02:10 AM
Sadly, Jim... We don't really have much hope in young people these days. I'm rather young, 22, and just within my own age group, I feel like I'm fighting some impossible odds. Nobody believes that even the slightest thing could be wrong, outside of a few. Those that do know and believe have all but given up. I know a couple of people personally who have been a part of MK Ultra, and they completely agree with everything I say, but they're afraid because these experiments are the hand that feeds them.

They are drug addicts. Great guys, just kinda hooked on dope... and these MK Ultra experiments take in drug dealers from off the street and give them a place to stay for two months and a constant morphine drip, while they do any range of different experiements on them. The only problem is that you come out with even more of a drug problem than you went in with.

These guys are scared to death of what I say because they know it could get all of us killed.

They have strongly advised me against speaking out because they fear for my safety... and so do I. I haven't said much in a while...

but this is REAL. I believe I have already had three possible attempts on my life, and I've barely begun. I just wrote some blogs on myspace, man. I just spoke to friends and locals who would listen... and my phone is tapped, I already know that. I'm sure there's somebody watching me. The thing is, I haven't done ANYTHING radical or terrorist related. It's just.... they pick out people who they think might have the potential to influence a mass awakening or a mass revolt, they watch them, they stifle their lives whenever possible, they electronically bombard them with stuff that messes with their brain, other bizzare stuff we don't even know about most likely...

This is what happened to our great influencial rock musicians: Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith, Jim Morrison. They were killed, yes killed, because the government saw them as a threat because they could influence so many people and they went against the establishment. Just look what we did to Saddam and Iraq. They didn't even say anything or try to influence anyone, and we went and killed their leader and millions of their citizens. Why would a rebellious celebrity here and there be a big deal to the government to murder? It wouldn't.

People need to look around them. I like fantasy land just about as much as anyone, but it's gotta end. There are too many other people, even in our own country, our own cities, that are starving and dying out on the streets this winter... just so we can have our SUVs and our sterile suburbs and our plasma screens.

I feel guilty for being an American. I also feel trapped in this guilt because this society is such a hard society to rebel against. Nobody teaches you how. Nobody prepares you.

That's why nobody cares to do anything. They're too comfortable in the illusion, and to get out would mean to take on the responsibility of the world.

It's a dark time, Mr. Marrs. I don't even know if we can be saved. Some people say I'm being melodramatic, but I'm dead serious when I say that the NWO is already here, and the brainwashing is already in fuul effect, and the secrets being withheld from us are very big and very sinister. All I'd like to do is to have a civil conversation about somebody without them copping out "Dude I don't wanna discuss politics."

Politics??? Since when is the fate of the human race #ing politics?

Since when is the government keeping us as blissfully ignorant slaves have anything to do with politics?

It's not about politics. To us, it should be about right VS wrong. To them, it's about absolute power at any cost. Politics is just used to complicate and distort the population's views about government. About the fact that government means TO GOVERN, TO RULE.

If this is We the People, than what the # is the CIA? What the # is the IRS? Who the # ever wanted a war? Why the # do presidents never do what we want them to do? what the # is freedom, then, all you "freedom" loving patriots out there? It's just a word. It has no true meaning anymore. It's just a word we say to make us sleep at night, to make us think that we're being free by paying 10 dollars in toll fees and 45 dollars in gas every day just to get from one place to another, just to live.

It costs money to live. I'm sorry, was I informed of this at the time of my birth and given the choice to turn back? No. I'm alive, and in order to stay alive, I have to hand my money to people who DONT need money to live because they have the power to take our money instead.

Not to mention all the free # paris hilton gets every day just for being rich and famous.

There's fascism at its finest.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 12:02 PM
We are one with everything but that doesn't mean their isn't conflicts of interest going on, unseen.

Why should we allow, the dictators to hold knowledge, if they are not willing to share with the common people.

That my friend is the egocentricity that is baffling to me, fear is the root of the problem, and will continue to be unless we address it.

When you condone the actions of a person or Nation unknowingly or knowingly you are still backing their play.

And yes a big part has to do with consumerism, but so does censoring sensitive material for personal gain.

How they think they stay on top is apparently keeping everbody seperated.

Maybe it's because I know humankinds potential, they are not honing up to what they are to be. I am impatient with Negligence
And a lot in high standing have a lot of fessing up to do.

And it is the people that give any authority the power, one person creating a chainlink throughout that institution.

Perhaps the only way to disarm that greed is by the very componants that make up that institution, THE PEOPLE.

I know their are plenty of ex-military that would like nothing better, then to see what is being withheld, out of the closet, and I know it's alot to come clean on, because this would put them at risk. They have manufactured a lie, and have kept it secret for centuries, why not now.

[edit on 6-2-2008 by menguard]

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 12:55 PM
I agree. It should be now. The truth should be coming out. People who are in the know aren't all bad people. Even "the elites" aren't all bad people. Somebody just has to come forward, lay their life in the line, and say "This is what is up. We have gotten all of you into a mess, and now we need your help to get us all out, because the elites are in it just as much as anyone else."

I don't see why they don't need our help? They are facing a world, a UNIVERSE, of trouble.... and it's like... they think they can manage on their own in small groups. Where does the power go when everyone else is dead?

People will die. Lots of people will die either way, I think... but now is the time to get us all involved, because the more minds thinking about the problems at hand, the better.

I think the revolution does need to be televised. That's the only way most people will believe it.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 02:01 PM
mr.marrs..i agree with you 100%...
there is no excuse.

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 05:15 PM
Howdy all,

Here's one basic problem with trying to right the wrongs of the world --- everything that the vast majority of people see, hear and read is produced by six nultinational corporations owned and controlled by the self-styled globalists.

I am not talking about just the news but also newspapers, magazines, books, cable TV, networks, channels, book clubs, music, videos, movies, even billboards.

It is virtually impossible to reach people without access to this corporate mass media. This means the task is daunting but not impossible. Start small, with book review meetings in your home; write letters to newspapers and magazines; call your local media and demand they report on truly significant news (such as the fact that all school shooters were on or just coming off psychotrophic mind-altering drugs). Become active in local organizations and politics. Take your country back.

Jim Marrs

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