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Ex-Area 51 Employee - Will answer almost all questions

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:45 PM
Interesting thread indeed.

Who knows if the guy was a hox or not but I did find a few things interesting.

The original moderator request was not a "hey, just want to talk with you and have you contact us" type of request. It was specifically requesting an approximate location. If such a request was sent to me, and I'm a nobody, my red flags would be going up becuase that direct of a request specifically implies that the person is trying to determine your identity. Not good things for either a hoaxer -or- a whistlebower who is looking to protect their identity.

Now, I'm pretty sure that the Mods here are pretty good guys - when it comes to a loose acquaintance over an internet message board. but I surely wouldn't be flipping them my phone number, address, full legal name, social security information, employment information, etc. Bottom line is that I don't know anything about the Mods to trust them with that information and all I don't even have secret information about anything. lol

When reading some of the A-51 "facts" flying about to try and debunk the OP, I found it odd that none of the A-51 "experts" offered up any more personal information than the OP did, yet they felt quite justified in debunking the OP. Especially over the discrepancy/debate over who handled security at A-51. A very little interesting view of hypocrisy in action, imo. People who say they are in the "know" debunking someone for not the same specific information that they themselves will not divulge.

I've perused ATS since the beginning of January and I'm not really seeing anything here that makes me feel confident that a true whistle-blower would ever be able to 1) feel comfortable with presenting themselves here in the first place or 2) if they did try to present themselves would not leave quickly due to Mod pressure of a nature that, *if* someone truly had information that could put their life in danger, would most certainly elevate their risk of identification to an unacceptable level. The Mods seem to be asking for a level of trust of their true character that they themselves don't extend in return.

If nothing else, I can always count on ATS to be entertaining!

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:47 PM
The truly saddest fact of all time is that people want to know 'the truth' yet are cursed to never being able to beleive it when its been told to them.

Lets face it, how can anyone who considers themselves to be rational minded, ever accept anything that is written or told to them as the 'truth' they seek?. People can lie, the media is bought out, the government has its own agenda and 'facts' presented to us can be changed/altered at will. With all this against the truth coming out is it any wonder we are cursed to "denying the truth"

In denying Ignorance, we are also denying the truth, since they both require faith either way. I will be totally honest and say I would not know the truth if it hit me, since the untruth has had centuries to evolve and mask the real truths.

However, I still do believe in people, there are still those that want to tell their bit of the truth. I have seen many that have said ATS is NOT the place to reveal such information. I disagree. Its because ATS caters for all conspiracies, that a whistle blower wishing to relieve his conscience can do so knowing his nugget of info can be hidden among the untruths and hoaxes, to be found only by the few. The whistle blower is NOT out to alert the world, he/she would be caught long before that happens, but as long as he/she can convince one or two people of their claims, that is all they can hope for and their conscience is clear.

Anyone thinking the 'truth' they seek is going to be presented to them on a silver platter needs to re-evaluate their thinking.

The 'truth' is hidden ( for safety ) among the untruths.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:47 PM

Originally posted by Crakeur
reply to post by Alpha Grey

I use Nutter all the time and I'm NYC born and raised (except for the time spent in the big easy).

you do ??!?? that's different for sure !! I have so far never met anyone in the U.S. who uses that phrase.......but you do Crakeur so I stand corrected !!

Onward and outward.........never inward or underward.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by Crakeur
nobody ran him off. he was asked to contact a staff member.

Hmmm it never ends does it?

Has anyone yet asked Doghead to prove his credential to the mods? He has recently been on the 'attack' against John Lear and any of his 'followers' almost to the point of stalking....

Then I see this thread here...

Here Doghead claims to be an ex Pine Gap worker... proceeds to 'tell all' yet 'all' is the same things John and others have said for years... ET tech, spark plugs found in moon rocks... etc...

Yet he offers no proof but everyone is lapping it up like gospel...
And so far he doesn't even have the husual oard of debunkers crashing his party

Sure his story sounds good... but once again its just another " I can't tell you who I am... but what I say is true and what John and others say is hogwash.." thread

He does add that he has permission from his ex boss though... that is a new twist...

Originally posted by DogHead
Think what you like, it's your absolute right and privilege to do so. I have written a fair few books, mostly novels. I am also bound by specific secrecy requirements in relation to some things. I sought and was given a limited permission to correct grotesque errors that are being perpetrated here uncritically. I am aiming to go to the absolute limit I am allowed in what I can say, not one step further for my own and my family's sake. I would have thought that's still a damned sight more than you'll get from most of the people here, but whatever- your opinion may vary.

So his CIA/NRO 'bosses' have given him limited permission to 'correct' us


And he offers a million dollars for the capture of an alien

I wonder if he will be ATS's new replacement Conspiracy Master now that John is gone?

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:54 PM
This is for those that are dissing my actions. My first request was quite polite. It could have gone a long way in verifying the members validity. For his and the boards good. Now, if/when this is determined a hoax, wouldn't it have been better then than allowing 16 pages(and growing) of tripe that is taking the members time and eventually their indignation?

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:54 PM
After reading this post or thread i decided to join up. have been playing around on this site for about a year now but just joined today. I am a US NAVY SEAL retired due to medical problams. I still have a very high security clearence. But this i am sure of, I can not spell or use grammor to save my life. That being said, my shortcummings in spelling has never been used to call me a liar or question what i am saying.

Now wether or not the OP is telling the truth or not is yet to be seen. I myself have never been to the GL base And would have to say 99% of the people on this site have never been either. Oh yea i am in colorado springs, since location seems to be a large issue of someones ability to tell the truth.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:56 PM

Originally posted by SlightlyAbovePar

Originally posted by antar
Is this person coming back?

I just wonder what you thought of the "Art Bell" area 51 caller? Yes the crying man...

He actually called Art back a year or so later and admitted the whole thing was a spoof. He even went so far as to 'recreate' the crying, etc.

That is too funny. I wish I had caught the show just to hear him fake cry.

Edit to add: Welcome xnseal. Glad you came around and registered up. Hope to see more of your postings around.

As far as spelling goes sometimes my just goes blank and I have a hard time spelling the most common word! I would blame it on the brain fog from the chemtrails but no one would beleive me since I am in my forties!!!

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 02:56 PM
I want to apologize to "no_one817" perhaps I did jump to quickly to judge. See my post at the bottom of page 10.

I should have read your thread first. testing 817

I made a mistake and hope that you can forgive me.

Its just been so frustrating dealing with all of this counterintelligence from all sides and trying to filter out all of the disinfo at the same time .

You have been pretty up front about yourself, but then again you are in a much different situation than the other guy, so you really need to take it a little more easy on the other guy will ya.

I however do suggest to everyone that we exercise extreme caution with the information and or views that both of these guys give to us. There are suspicious things about both of them.

I will say however that zx4551's concerns with the future of mankind completely 100% back up what Dan Burisch says in his interviews.

Dan discusses his experience in Area 51, where he befriended a captive J-rod called Chi'el'ah; his complex relationship with Chi'el'ah, extending across decades and timelines; his connection with Majestic-12; the war between Majestic and the Illuminati; the race to close down the Looking Glass technology and secure the man-made stargates leading up to 2012; the calculated chance (19%, or 1 in 5), that 4 billion people will die from natural catastrophes triggered by the activation of the manmade stargates; the twists and turns of the convergent timeline paradox that affect the aliens from the future as much as they do ourselves; and much, much more.

For those of you who have not seen his interviews yet I suggest that you clear your schedules because it is going to take some time.

EDIT - zorgon you beat me to it, I was just about to get to that.

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:02 PM

Originally posted by FredT
reply to post by ST SIR 86

Lack of a formal education does not mean a person is not intelligent Nor does it mean that have a low IQ either

It does however make you wonder if that individual would be qualified to work at a super secret, military installation and allowed access to the greatest secrets of our time.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Doghead has not gone unnoticed..

An inauspicious beginning to my membership... having to retype a post.

Hi, I am a film maker, investor and investigator. I have bachelors degrees in Arts, Science and Law and lots of postgrad qualifications. I also have an intel background. I have kept busy.

I loathe the modern Fortean approach which seems to me to combine cheap skepticism and credulous faith in the accepted worldview on all topics, even ones clearly discredited.

I am skeptical about blind faith AND cheap skepticism.


posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by zx4551

I was wondering what you know about project Bright Sky and Project BlackStar?

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:10 PM

This is for those that are dissing my actions. My first request was quite polite. It could have gone a long way in verifying the members validity. For his and the boards good. Now, if/when this is determined a hoax, wouldn't it have been better then than allowing 16 pages(and growing) of tripe that is taking the members time and eventually their indignation?

You want an honest answer?

I would have preferred the thread to play itself out for whichever direction it would have been destined to go. Like everyone else here, I'm surrounded by "information outlets" that censor information "for my own good". I was truly hoping that here at ATS, I would be allowed the freedom to use my own intelligence to sort out the information presented as to whether or not it was valid to me.

More than likely, the guy was a hoax, but the one thing I have learned over my years is that quite a few hoaxes will usually contain a kernal of truth in it to try and lure belief while trying to give the larger hoax some sort of credibility. And every now and then, that kernal of truth floating in it may just be a new kernal of truth that you didn't know before. I, for one, would appreciate the opportunity of free-flowing discussions that allow for me to try and sift through the 99% worth of junk offered up in order to try and find (and further confirm elsewhere) the 1% that may be new and factual information for me and possibly others.

I know you guys are in a hard spot, trying to protect your user-base and such. I just wish that there weren't so many people out there trying to protect me from information -- even false information.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by zx4551

What type of speaker is it? I would expect that any ultra-sonic, omni directional audio signal, used at great distance, would require an entire system of speakers?

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Originally posted by zorgon
I wonder if he will be ATS's new replacement Conspiracy Master now that John is gone?

Well at least he says he is very helpful.

reply to post by spacevisitor

reply to post by DogHead

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by Apsaroke

the problem with letting the story and thread grow is that we get a large number of complaints about hoaxing when threads like this pop up. We try and nip it in the bud and the members get up in arms. We let it fester and the members get up in arms.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:12 PM
hey no_one817
theres some thing about you that really makes me wonder
if you are telling the truth ( I mean makes me think you ARE telling the truth )

the fact that you came back to this forum and challenged zx4551
about his "experience" says a lot in my eyes
but like any good skeptic I will not believe you 100%
untill you can backup the things you say with really good evidence

anyway i got a question for you

a few post back you were saying bob lazar was being used to
spread dis-info
well I was wondering out of all the people out there (whistleblowers I mean)
who are the ones telling the truth
who are the ones we should be keeping an eye on and who are the ones like bob spreading dis-info

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:17 PM

Originally posted by Alpha Grey

Originally posted by WorldShadow

Originally posted by Xeros

Originally posted by zx4551
David Icke is a complete nutter. Nuff' said

You sound like you're from the UK.
No doubt we'll soon find out

Do many people from the US say "nutter"

[edit on 5-2-2008 by Xeros]

No, we say nut case.

Incoming Message: The phrase nut case is used openly in the United States. I never hear or read the word "nutter" in conversation originating here in the United States.

HAHAHAHAHA ! You nailed him !! using england based grammar is a big guess is that he's from the U.K. and he's looking for attention.....which everyone gave him. no one I know of here in the U.S. says "nutter" one here ever says that.

will he be back ???

we shall see !

[edit on 5-2-2008 by Alpha Grey]

Sorry, but I disagree.
The english grammitical elements "favour" an England backround, but the spelling errors are very typical of an Israel backround.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:23 PM

I 100% agree with Zorgon on this, you need to treat Doghead the same way you are treating poor zx4551 or else the membership will see favoritism and we will not be very happy. It would be wise to give Doghead a time line to come up with some proof of what he is saying or move the thread to skunk works. If you do not, may I remind you of the fact that he has been bragging about having lots of cash and is willing to "bankroll" any idea that he likes. Do you realize the kind of "ATS in cahoots with Doghead" conspiracy threads that will cause?

I am not in any way trying to threaten, I just want to through a few good points out there for you ATS MODS & STAFF to consider. As well as trying to out a suspicious hoaxer.

Now please look at the thread that Doghead took over as a celebrity and tell us what you think, and yes I do realize that Doghead was not the original op. Thank You.

Pine Gap Underground Entry?

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by Crakeur

I can certainly appreciate the tough spot you're in, Crakeur. You're danged if you and you're danged if you don't.

I know you've got Skunk Works, but perhaps it's worth exploring the implementation of a new forum where if the root issue of credibility lies solely in personal identification that the thread gets relo'd to this new forum? I've seen quite a few threads where this would be the case. This way you're not pre-destining the thread as a hoax or "way out there" but you're also not giving the validity to it as you've been unable to confirm or deny the validity of an OP's position in the story?

Those who think it's a hoax, would be happy that the thread is moved elsewhere while those still wishing to engage in discourse can do so in a forum that is not labelled as garbage either?

Just a thought.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by intrepid
...wouldn't it have been better then than allowing 16 pages(and growing) of tripe that is taking the members time and eventually their indignation?

Yes it would.

I agree with Intrepid. His actions (request) were very valid and certainly warranted.

Thanks for respectfully doing your job.

- Lee

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