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Yahweh and Satan

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 12:28 PM
I have done a ton of research into older civilizations, and even taken some classes on ancient relegion. The most fascinating things I have found are the direct coorelation with Yahweh/Enlil and Satan/Enki. I have read many articles on this site, including several books. Anyway, I used to be religious, but not anymore as I now see it for what it is - a means of control (especially when you research the beginnings of Christanity). Here is what I have found and would like some comments.

The "New Testament" does not contain the Jewish name of "God" or Yahweh. Jesus indicated that the people never knew his father nor worshipped him, and that his father required mercy and not sacrifice. So who were the Jews worshipping the entire time? Who was Jesus implying was his "father"?

If Enki (Satan) created man and animals and his brother Enlil (jehovah) created the earth and sky, and a rift came between them, it would only make sense that you attack the objects of affection, since fighting each other is useless if you are immortal. For this reason Jehovah tells Adam and Eve that they will work hard to cultivate the land (thus Jehovah makes life miserable for man by withdrawing his aid to the Earth, which he made). He also instructs future generations that they should burn animal sacrifices, and that the odor is sweet to his nose. Hmmmm. Could it be that Jehovah set up his brother Satan, and thus tried to hurt him indirectly by advising men to destroy the very creatures that his brother created?

Finally, Jehovah forbidded the people from exploring the occult or afterlife. Why? The Bible confirms that the spirit survives death when Saul had Samuels spirit invoked by a witch. Why would Jehovah not want people to know of an afterlife or look into the dead?

Could it be that he wants to control men to some degree and let them believe that they are slaves on this world, obedient only to him (Jehovah)? Did Satan, knowing he was bumped in the pantheon, take the next step and create another world beyond the grasp of his brother were men would go after they died and truely be happy? Is this world a first step to a transition? It would seem so, especially when Satan in Genesis tells Eve that she WOULD NOT DIE and that they would both be like gods knowing good and bad.

If this is the case then who was Jesus addressing when he said that the Pharisees were from the father, the father of lie? Could Jehovah have been the father of the lie by telling men that they would die in the DAY of eating of the fruit? No doubt the bible has been translated to fit the religious mindset of the day. Names may have been inserted (Jehovah /Satan) and who was good and who was bad, when in actuality it may not have been the case.

If you look at the OT records it is obvious that Jehovah had contempt for the Jews, and that he was a piss poor God. After all why would he forbid the entering of Moses into the promised land for a slip up of words? Also, the sumerian glyphs depict Jehovah in a bull form, and Enki with the caduceus. Hmmm. Moses and Aaron make a golden calf, and later when the Jews are bit by snakes sent by Jehovah, Moses erects a copper serpent for the people to look at to be saved (shouldn't this have been idol worship)? Does Yahweh not have the means of medicine and therefore the symbol was made to ask for Enki's assistance?

Very interesting similarities.

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 01:02 PM
Interesting. You're the first person I've seen equate the figures like that. Almost everyone claims Satan = Enki (the benevolent one) and Yahweh = Enlil (the malevolent one). Not that I agree with any of this but your way seems to make more sense at least.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 01:19 PM
OOPS - I screwed up, I meant to say that I do believe that Yahweh is Enlil and Satan is Enki - I will fix my original post.


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