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U.S. Troops Asked If They Would Shoot American Citizens

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 06:12 PM
Um.. this shouldn't even be a question or an arguement. Indeed without a shadow of a doubt the answer is yes, most U.S. soldiers would fire on their fellow citizens, including friends/family, if ordered to do so in the right kind of "situation".

There are exceptions of course, and those would likely have a mental breakdown on the spot as their commanding officer was barking down their ear, eyeing their crying father, mother, or brother through a rifle.

I have alot of friends in the services, and they all tell me one thing that is the same in all branches of military: They are all indoctrinated from the get-go with a sense of superiority over normal U.S. citizens. You are more than a citizen, the citizens are below you, they are less than you, your status is higher and you are more important. They really teach you to disregard the humanity of any apparent situation that may arise even in peace time in a civilian area back home. And its no big wonder why the sailors, soldiers, and marines are the ones always getting in the most drunken bar and club fights with normal citizens.

There would be some soldiers that would disobey the order to shoot though, and I imagine there would even be entire squads, platoons, brigades, or what have you that break the chain of command above them and become a self operating entity, on the side of the citizens and their attempt at defense.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by SolPower

The same thing could be said about the soldiers in Nazi Germany. They were good people, citizens, individually. I just cant imagine turning the military against citizens ever being genuinely needed for the common good. Police can take care of small time problems and the national guard/swat is here for the larger. It is a sad day when Americans are convinced they would ever need the military to police them for any reason.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 07:03 PM
rune, i hope you are correct.

i brought up this survey with my girlfriend just to have that shocking news conversation. and she reacted with no emotion and said "well if they are ordered to what other option do they have?"
needless to say my jaw dropped. the thing is, we as Americans are supposed to have the right to have weapons if for nothing but to protect ourselves from a tyrannic government and this survey was offering that the persons to be fired upon were refusing to give up their weapons.
I would not feel so badly if they were initiating an attack. but that is not what is stated.
from what i understand with was given to navy, marines, and national guard members as they are the ones who are allowed to be used domestically. i could be wrong and be reposting. i apologize.


posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 07:05 PM
The police and military will not shoot American citizens unless they are duped into thinking they are the enemy. Domestic terrorists are what they will be labeled, but they will actually be REAL American PATRIOTS trying to take back what once was America.

Timothy McVay is the poster boy. The seed of doubt that has been planted and carefully cultivated. Can you not see the forest? Oh wait the Government has placed some trees in the way so you cant see it.

I wok for the Government as a Firefighter. We did some Ice Rescue Training with our county Sheriff Dept. These deputies are good people, but they have lost ALL faith in the American citizen. You see everyone seems to not want to get involved and will just dial 911 and not stop to help. They drive by a car accident and dial 911 and let the emergency services take care of it. These deputies are seriously disturbed by this. They see the underside of all people at there worst and very seldom do they see anyone doing anything decent in there daily beat.

You have become the enemy.

The next false flag operation will kick off the uprising of the citizens and the law and military who have been brainwashed will believe these people are terrorists and will kill them.

This is all being very carefully planed out to bury any desent once and for all.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 07:59 PM
As Gunnery Sergeant Hartman would say if he could speak to this individual:

"What is your major malfunction, numbnuts? Didn't Mommy and Daddy show you enough attention when you were a child? " - FMJ

I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I really tire of all these Pogues (yep, I said it again) coming home to momma and making crap up for attention.

Individuals such as the one in this article are only distracting us from the real issue which is thousands of veterans with physical and mental issues and how we as a country need to do a better job of welcoming them back home and honoring their sacrifice.

Opinions on the war vary and that is fine, but we must not repeat the past; instead we must welcome these returning soldiers with the same level of honor that they displayed in going.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by runetang

I never recieved any training or information in regards to your post.

We were never taught that civillians were less than we were.

We were how ever taught that we could beat everyone of their butts, except of course Johnny BA who could be there at any time around any corner.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:06 PM

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:10 PM

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:23 PM
I dont think this will fall through. Most troops are aware that the Iraq war was a false flag operation and they all know that. Ron paul also has the most support from the troops than any other running candidate. I also have a high ranking uncles in the military (I wont say what rank they are for obvious reasons). Theyre both aware of whats going on in this country and remind me that the troops wouldnt stoop to something as this low.

I say theres going to be a revolt pretty soon between the feds and the U.S military and its generals.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:29 PM

Originally posted by habman
You come my way lne dogs will eat your warm brain for lunch while you think where that 3.06 came from..

My post was a wake up warning. I am on the people's side...did you even read my post?

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:34 PM
So the writer of the story has this friend who has a friend who told him he filled out a questionnaire that no military member on ATS knows anything about, and then the OP here states…

U.S. troops are being trained to conduct round-ups, confiscate guns and shoot American citizens, including their own friends and family members, as part of a long-standing program to prepare for the declaration of martial law, according to a soldier who recently returned from Iraq.

I see the facts just flowing out of all this.

This is at the same level of those who wish more than anything else for Bush to fail no matter the cost, and I get the same vibes here that many of you WANT a marshal law state for some sick form of satisfaction.

Give this silly story more stars of approval in your glee of anticipation my friends…

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:37 PM
All they have to do is secure the guns...
Doesn't really matter how or why.
Anyone who thinks it cannot be done is seriously disillusioned, as expected.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:48 PM
Our military personal are not robots, they will not shoot their friends or family members. I was in the Marines, and got out within the past 3 years, never once did we every experience any training related to martial law. If I was still in the grunts and was told to take guns away from Americans and possibly shoot them I would tell my C.O. to go ##%%%## himself and I would go U.A. (AWOL to all you army guys) and I know that all my friends who are still in would do the same. Like I said were not robots, we have a mind and our own feelings and opinions, and we are not blind.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 10:04 PM
There are many senarios that would make the government want it's citizens disarmed, and the repealing of the second amendment. Let's examine some of them.
The eventual collapse of the US monetary system; and a super depression that lasts for 20 years. Virtually nothing is afforable, and no one has any money. You cannot buy a loaf of bread for $100. Gasoline is in short supply, and is $100. a quart. As people get more and more desperate, their options are to hunt for whatever they find, and too plunder.
There are rumors that Fort Knox is empty, it was cleared out long ago, and the US economy is dead in the water. The super ressesion will hit after the 08 election, and our only way out of it, is warfare. Both internal and external. Why? Because all foreign investors will dump their bonds, completely bankrupting the American system, putting the nation into a kind of recievership. The American way of life will be over, and only low paying work for foreign owners will be available. The middle class will be officially extinct. People will fight back, and revolt. Our government will switch over to a modified type of socialist/facism. Martial law dealt with an iron fist will be the way it is... with book burnings, censorship, and massive arrests coming...
The upcoming oil/fuel shortages; As fossil fuels become more expensive, and rationing begins, and travel restricted, again some will not want to go along with the idea that their freedom has been impeded. Remember the MAD MAX movies? It was all out warfare for a tank of gasoline. People freezing in their homes, will not be silent either. That time is coming one way or the other...
A pandemic that has no cure; as the government calls for quarantines, and seals and restricts all movement in and out of affected areas, the sick and dying will cause enough panic, that the desperate will fight to get out.
Once the pandemic has affected the whole nation, there will not be enough police, national guards, or military to maintain the quarantine. Shots will be fired by Americans, against Americans. You had better understand right now, that our government has no plans to save everyone they can.
They will save themselves, the military, and the one's who have the most to offer afterwards. Namely the wealthy.
A super drought; that in effect ends all crop growth because of extreme heat, or cold, or even a super solar flares radiation, causes massive shortages of nearly everything. Hungry people get mean real quick. Starving people will kill! Kiss Kitty and Fido goodbye, as they become entree's.
Watch out for Barrack Obama's hidden agenda; to end all civilian ownership of any gun that uses a clip, and is semi-automatic. He is totally anti-gun, and has made it clear to his constituents, that he intends to push for a massive reform of the 2nd amendment. Never mind that fact, it is criminals who use illegally acquired weapons for their crimes. Obama wants to end any chance of an armed revolt against his loftier goals. Which is an civilian population that can only have single shot firearms.
This will cause a massive uproar, and protests. Troops will have to shoot
Americans as they resist the seizure of their weapons. ( Internal Warfare )
I think Obama, will reinstate the draft system, and then want to send troops into Africa, stop the ethnic cleansing, and help fight aids there.
He has hinted as much in private conversations. He is a real snake in the grass. Do not be fooled by his Boyish Act, and the cotton candy world he is selling.
Last; when UFO's are revealed; as real, here now, and the government was in on it! The truth about them will not be good, and will scare the crap out of many.

[1] TEOTWAWKI and an [2] ELE sends chills down the spine of the government. Bullets will surely fly.

[1]The End Of The World As We Know It- [2]Extinction Level Event

My advise is this; LOCK and LOAD, fight back!


[edit on 4-2-2008 by UFOBountyHunter]

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 10:11 PM
Lucky I guess for Alex Jones that there is the Internet, and the Country has seemed to get better over the years after incidents like Kent State. The question is though still valid with the incidents of tasering going on even if the student was saying while at the Kerry's Hall meeting "Don't Tase Me, Bro", "Don't Tase Me!" type of activity. Which does remind me of an attitude still about this Country from some ex-veterans and I bet for some reason Alex Jones is one of those. Yes, we should thank the veterans coming back from then in Vietnam instead of some people spitting on them, and welcome back the soldiers from Iraq because it is hard enough and give them our support, but also the soldiers have to understand that this Nation is going to discuss things like that and possibly get out of hand because there have been other incidents also, but not like before in the '70's when students were more out-spoken and also with Acts.

I still unfortunately think it is just a half-witted question though with a question only in the military would you get, unless you work for a complete kind of perhaps in a sense fanatic, looney. In the end though, the military asking that question should remember where the money comes from and it is where the taxes come from, and this Country is considered to be going sour at this time, and there is only so much the Feds can do or the Govmit as someone else stated. Then if it ends up like Herbert Hoover's Presidency then it may not be as peaceful as it was before while waiting for a President next like Franklin Delanor Roosevelt and the New Deal. Of course that is not suppose to happen according to those economists, but......................................again sometimes I guess being an expert is something hard to be.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 10:30 PM
BlueRaja and SolPower, thanks, because the two of you really saved me a LOT of typing. This story should offend anyone with a sense of Patriotism and Pride. The fact that this story was presented on PrisonPlanet basically says it all. I've been off on a rant before about Jones and how completely absurd he is, yet so many seem to follow him as though he speaks so much truth and common sense. He and his followers truly exist in a dillusional world full of fantasy and paranoia. I wouldn't be surprised if a few stories here or there are true, but for the most part Jones and his Planet are 80% garbage.

It reminds me of all these "Soldier's" videos I've seen of them putting down their deployment, comrades, Commander in Chief, and so on. Every single time it has been looked into by Military personnel, this "Soldier" was found to be nothing more than a fraud. A couple of the videos I have even positively debunked myself due to varying factors present which demonstrated the impossibility if the individual even being military. You know the saying "Real Recognizes Real"? That 's how we debunk these falsified videos that have infested the 'net.

Also, anyone cutting on and putting down the Military is either a complete punk that would rather run and hide in their bathroom, than stand up for what is right, or they are a completely ignorant fool. Most likely, such individuals are a combination of both.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 10:31 PM

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 10:51 PM
whether its US troops or foreign UN or NATO, the roundup will happen. doing some digging will reveal that nato took part in the martial law exercises in the 90s. i dont think anyone can debate the common sense of where government policy is leading us. the powergrab for freedoms and the executive orders authorizing totalitarian control in a time of crisis are of public record. there would be no need for all this buildup if there wasnt a conclusion planned. you dont put this much work into this scheme without a planned result. this is common sense, and doesnt require 1000 pages of proof. the proof is in the laws, executive orders passed, and the brain power to piece it together as an overall, sequential, and chronological plan of action.

and for all the paid disinfo agents, and just plain outside of the loop, thanks for giving this blog the attention it deserves. i wish i could switch seats with you, because its alot more enjoyable believing that there is no global plan for consolidation. or perhaps, its alot more enjoyable being paid to write counterpoints on internet blogs and dilute important messages into conflict and false debunking statements. how does it feel being paid to do absolutely nothing at all with your finite existence? youre just getting older, and the karma is going to be a royal bit**

katrina was a perfect exercise in roundup, along with the staged exercises that were covered in texas by local news channels and alex jones. iraq is an excellent test of roundup strategy as well, as we go door-to-door and roundup all the weapons and pacify any resistance. we might as well work out the kinks before the big game. we truly will bring "peace" to the region, but it wont be the white dove. itll be an assault rifle firing on civilians defending their families. and dont forget DU, the gift that keeps on giving, for thousands of years.

the currently rigged elections, the coming crushing defeat of ron paul, and the election of the least-popular candidate will bring on the intentional beginning of the end. debate all you want, but when the facts are in, we shall see who is in a position to "sweat the details".

things are going to get very ugly in the near future, and in my opinion, it will come from many different directions. it wont just be bird flu, a financial collapse, or a food shortgage. it will be all of the above, plus more.

the roundup is a guarantee, they just need the match to start the fire. 911 was a pretext, just as pearl harbor was. both were an inside job, and there has to be at least one more event, far more catastrophic, in order to implement the final takeover of this morally devoid craphole we now call amerika.

if anything, if you are a true american, with true american ideals, you would be excited about this happening. there is no better time to make real change to this country other than a time of absolute chaos. peaceful demonstrations, 30 people waving picket signs, and signing petitions will do absolutely nothing to stop the consolidation of this planet. the NAU, merged with the EU, and a massive disaster are in our futures. the politicians have alluded to this fact by intentionally ignoring the subject.

so, everyone who enjoys confrontation and simply diluting blogs like this with obviously inflammatory statements, start shooting. the rest of us will debate the how and why.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by spyder207

Yes, first rate health care, retraining, and education for these people. And consideration, prayers.------------------PC


posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 11:09 PM

Originally posted by BlueRaja
I've been Active Duty for 15yrs and it simply has not been my experience that the types of individuals being discussed are found in any significant number throughout the military.

Oh really?

Well then, when the time comes that they have their weapons levelled at 'we the people', we WILL expect to see YOU up front, facing them down and telling them that they must stop.

Let us know how it works for you.

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