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Are we Ready for Face to Face Alien Contact ?

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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 08:49 AM

Many people are saying that Alien or UFO disclosure is at hand, or that the
aliens will show up at any moment at this point of our development.
So I´m trying to open a discussion here as to weather we are really developed to have a face to face encounter and possible commom dwelling with our "brothers" from outter space. Do you think this would be easy ?

The thing that caught my attention is we seem to accept other high inteligent life forms like the dolphins and Belugas, however they are so different from us. Is it because they are not living day to day with us?, or because they are considered pretty to our aesthetic sense ? or that they live in another medium ? ( water ), maybe they show up emotions of joy with intelligence like our children when they are playing like here :

On the other hand when we have a biped and intelligent being a little different from us, our reaction is at first to have fear and to reject someone with the slightest difference from us:

Take a look at this case , A white american who took some medicine that made his white skin turn blue.
This guy turned blue and was repelled from his town, nobody would talk to him, or serve him . he had to move to california!
This shows a little bit of our preparedness with the upcoming contact.with bipeds a little diferent from us:

So up to you guys!

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