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Worst winter in 100 years for parts of China - official

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 11:42 PM

Worst winter in 100 years for parts of China - official

BEIJING (XFN-ASIA) - Some parts of China have seen their worst weather in 100 years this winter, with the recent snowfalls the biggest in that time, a meteorological official told Agence France-Presse.

'For some provinces such as Hubei and Hunan (both in central China), it's been the biggest snowfall in 100 years,' said an official at the China Meteorological Administration's publicity department.

(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 11:42 PM
I found this an interesting find in the day and age of "Global Warming". It seems more and more scientists are now jumping over to a "Global Cooling" sort of argument, and I have even heard rumors here and there of a coming mini ice age.

From what I understand there have been record winter storms reported in Canada as well.

Is this argument that perhaps global climate change isn't just a warming trend to continue on, but in fact that the warming trend is just the beginning of a much more different direction? Perhaps a mini ice age?

Your Thoughts?
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by xmaddness

I would actually attribute this to global warming (if its a fact). These days summer and winter storms are becoming less frequent but more severe, thats why many locations around the world are reporting record breaking weather.

I am still unsure about global warming. I believe that the earth goes through long periods of warming and cooling, but we dont have enough historical climate data to determine what the norm is for our planet

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 01:03 AM
I am also unsure about global warming for a number of reasons. One thing I can say is that the last three winters here in Colorado have been colder and more severe than the 5 or so previous years. I heard on the news this morning that the snow pack in the mountains is currently more than twice the historical average. That alone isn't proof of anything, but it doesn't seem to fit the pattern of a warming climate.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 04:57 AM
well i know i would prefer global warming to global cooling... but i tend to agree that the earth goes through cycles of cooling and warming... 80 years ago the average temperatures were -0.4oC degrees below the average... and according to current data they are 0.4oC above.. so i just don't know.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 10:13 AM
...thought to post this here. "Global warming"?! Look at this thread's headline!

The Peoples Bank of China has ordered banks to provide emergency loans to people and enterprises hit by the snow disaster throughout central, southern and southeastern China, according to the Feb. 2 Financial Times. The snow and ice storms, which began Jan. 10, have been the worst in many decades. Over 160 cities are still hit with power and water shortages, and the ice and rain continue. The unusual snow storms have especially affected southern China, just before the Spring Festival which begins next week. Over 1 billion people are on the move all over China for the Spring Festival.

There is a tragic irony in the fact that last year China was forced to close 553 coal-fired plants to placate Al Gore and his IPCC climate-change alarmists who claimed the carbon dioxide released in burning coal caused "global warming." This left many areas with inadequate power resources to cope with this massive winter storm.

"Massive Winter Storm Immobilizes Millions in China; Al Gore to Blame!"

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 11:18 PM

We’ve forgotten that this isn’t the first time our seas have warmed. Sea temperatures also shot upward 10º to 18ºF just prior to the last ice age.

As the oceans warmed, evaporation increased. The excess moisture then fell to the ground as giant blizzards, giant storms and floods (Noah's Deluge type floods), and a new ice age began.

The same thing is happening today.

It’s not global warming, it’s ocean warming, and humans have nothing to do with it. Our seas are being heated, I believe, by underwater volcanism

i found this website a couple years ago right when global warming was coming out big, he theorizes that unprecidented under ocean volcanoes are heating the oceans, (which he documents) and that it wil lead to increased rain and snowfall and plunge us into another ice age.
i think his theory is right on... just think about recent news, first snowfall in iraq in recent memory, freezing crops in florida and california, china blizzards..

Colorado's snowpack is at 134 percent of average — the highest early February snowpack in 11 years.

"Of course, the highest numbers are in the southern mountains — the Upper Rio Grande watershed is at 178 percent of average," said Mike Gillespie, Colorado snow survey supervisor for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The southwestern mountains are expecting another 2 or 3 feet of snow today.

An Oregon town about 90 miles from Portland is buried in 13-feet of snow, and more is on the way. Detroit, Oregon has declared a snow emergency because they don't have enough resources to keep up with the snow

At least 28 people are reported to have died in Iran's heaviest snowfall in recent years.
Eight people froze to death as severe blizzards left 40,000 people stranded in their cars, authorities said

The ocean current that gives western Europe its relatively
balmy climate is stuttering, raising fears that it might fail entirely and plunge
the continent into a mini ice age.

The dramatic finding comes from a study of ocean circulation in the North
Atlantic , which found a 30% reduction in the warm currents that carry water
north from the Gulf Stream

The last shutdown, which prompted a temperature drop of 5°C to 10°C in
western Europe, was probably at the end of the last ice age, 12,000 years ago

i know this winter has been one of the coldest and highest snow in the last couple years where i live.

check out my 12 foot tall snowman..

we have since received several more feet.
note to self: back hurts , must buy snowblower

you can also see my other post on this subject here.. (if your even interested in what i say)

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