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2008 Ozark UFO conference.

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 08:27 PM
Mrwupy, that was me in your imagination. I arrived at 3pm and the first speaker Dr. Claude Swanson was well into his topic. You will do him far more justice than me.
The one I will enjoy discussing is Art Campbell's "USAF Site Two- Roswell Crash, New Revelation." I thoughly enjoyed his new interpretations of the entities that crafted the downed space ships and subsequent capture by the USAF. Art was the only one that brought actual live evidence to present and even had this available for the public to hold and examine at his booth in the front lobby. The Lab reports were mind bending.
mrwupy, do you want for me to continue?Or would you rather go ahead and discuss Dr. Claude Swansons presentation;
"The New Physics: What We Can Learn From UFO Cases" As I missed quite a bit and was so excited to meet you that he paled in comparrison.

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 09:12 PM
OK, I'm officially throwing paperwork around trying to get back on track.

Your right. You're right. You missed the first speaker. You should have seen him though Antar, He was really good.

I'm fine with moving on to Claude Swanson.

My words and opinion will not be as kind of him as they were of the first speaker though

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 10:28 PM
Mybad, no go ahead and talk about Grant Cameron, I was really bummed out to have missed him.
Also do you have the green program? If so take a picture to post, just think it might be of interest.
And biggiesmalls I cannot tell you the amount of times I nudged mrwupy as information was presented that we here on the forum took to towering heights above what the presenters knew. I would love to see some of our conspiracy masters go to some of these conventions to bring it up to the next level. The people are starved for what we here take as daily doses.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 10:28 AM
I am going to go ahead and give this thread a little*bump* until mr whupy returns to give us the highlights of Mr. Camerons presentation.

Where to begin? Ok driving into this little town was one of the greatest visual joys anyone could expect, it is set high on top of a mountain with narrow little winding and sometimes hairpin turns. Tall pines and flowering trees in brilliant pinks, whites and yellow adorn the sides of the road.

Although it is accommodating for a large number of tourists, it boasts mainly every size and type of Hotel, motel and even campgrounds. Something for every pocket book.

Going to eat lunch our first day at 'Sparky's' gave me the impression something special is going on in this sleepy little town nestled in the high mountains of Arkansas. Did I say Arkansas? It was as if this little town was taken from some other place in time and space and placed high upon this mountain unfettered from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life.

I noticed immediately the children...
All under the age of 12, and loads of them everywhere at the local spots. One little girl about 5 or 6 months old turned to look, more like stare at us when we sat down at our table. She was checking me out! Her head first turned slowly and then her eyes, her beautiful big brown eyes locked with mine and I was spell bound for a moment and felt as if I was being probed by an unearthly being of exceptional intelligence.

At some point my heart began to feel a warm almost hot sensation and it was then the straight faced little being seemed to lighten up and then turned satisfied back to her family that appeared more like her loving guardians then Mom and Dad.

At this point it was as if a flood gate had been opened and tons of families with similar children began flooding in to the restaurant to take up all the seats in the place. All of them with the bright and peaceful look in their sparkling eyes and attentive calm and reassuring parents in tow.

Soon the sounds of gentle laughter filled the space surrounding us and the meal then being served was the most incredible presentation. Huge veggie burgers and mounds of fries and onion rings (hand made) garnished with several different types of sauces for dipping.

I could go on and on about the quaint little town and the various styles of homes, art galleries and espresso houses. From Bavarian inspired to Colonial and turn of the century, to log homes and mansions.

There is a very special energy happening in that town, and honestly you cannot go there without feeling like "Could 'this' be the place?

As mrwupy stated above if you have any questions feel free to fire away.

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 05:04 PM
As mrwupy has stated he is very busy with the fine weather we have been enjoying this spring so, I will talk abit about the conference, it may take a few posts to do this as I am running around doing abunch of pre-spring work here as well. Excuse the misspelling as my spell check is doing its own thing such as correcting mrwupy to 'whippy' or whoopie' lol...

I spoke about Art Campbell in a previous post and I will discuss his presentation first.

Art has been working for many years gathering information from the second Roswell crash site. He discovered a piece that when taken to the lab confirmed it was a nonbiological piece of material which he claims could be the heart and some other organ of a UFO crash victim.

As soon as the picture was displayed of the mangled golden colored piece of material, I whispered to mrwupy "Looks like a heart".

What was also interesting about the piece was that he showed strands smaller than a hair when magnified, microscopic wire of non biological
material running through the specimen. Looked like copper or some thing but was undefinable by our current understanding.

I left him a note to contact the ATSMix team and tell em antar sent him. I hope he does come on for an interview as he was a sweet man and I believed him to be genuine.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 07:02 PM
I'm sorry to have been gone so long folks but things have been hectic. I'll finally have some time this evening to actually spend on this thread. Hopefully I'll finish it. Now, where was I? Oh yea,

Antar, being fashionably late arrived half way through the second lecturer. His name is Dr, Claude Swanson. Here's a link to his website if you want to explore him and his ideas further.

The Synchronized Universe.

I'll tell you what I can about his lecture and my impressions of it. Perhaps this will help you decide if you want to check him out. My impression is this:

I didn't understand a darn thing he was talking about. It seems he has found the answer to EVERYTHING! I just knew at any moment he was going to blurt out 42.

I'll still give him the benefit of the doubt. To be perfectly honest he was trying to put some high octane information into my little scooter of a brain. Perhaps if I had a year or so to study in depth what he was trying to impart in an hour, I would have been more generous with my praise.

I hope he's right, I hope he has found the answers and I hope he finds an audience for his ideals that are either smart enough or crazy enough to appreciate them.

After a short break where I finally got to meet Antar for the first time we returned to the auditorium for a lecture by Art Campbell.

Here is a link to his site in case you'd like to learn more about him:

UFO Crash Book.

Now Art Campbell is a fascinating man. He's been wondering around in the desert for 40 years like Moses, investigating a second crash site that occurred near Roswell. Yep, he even wrote a book about it.

He even had artifacts which were displayed on a table in the lobby. One looked like an artificial heart that had melted and the other was supposedly the sole of an alien shoe. You could buy his book there as well from his wife. She was really nice too.

Now Antar was getting really excited about Mr. Campbell. It seems she once lived in the same area and couldn't wait for the lecture to end cause thats when she ran up to the podium and cornered the poor man and began to yakk his ear off.

I'm going to go ahead and post this because usually when I write something this long the power goes out just as I hit send and I lose everything.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 07:24 PM
After Art Campbell we broke for dinner and Antar and I made some plans.

The next and last speaker of the night was going to be Nancy Talbott and she would be reporting the latest on crop circles. Here's her site if you'd like to learn more about her and her research.

BLT Research Home

Antar and I decided to do something a bit more fun. We went ghost hunting instead.

I'm sure Ms. Talbott gave a fascinating lecture on crop circles, though I did hear a few complaints the next day. I wasn't there though so I really can't say one way or the other.

After the ghost tour Antar and I ended up at the Lone Star Bar. If you ever attend the conference there, don't miss out on the bar. A man comes up from Texas every year and gets the same room. There's beer, wine, an open bar and all thats asked is a donation in the jar. The only thing more interesting than being in a room full of lunatics is being in a room full of drunk lunatics.

Antar and I were staying at the Tall Pines and it was about ten till one before I finally fell asleep. I know that because the jerk who stayed in the room before me set the alarm for 1:AM.

At 8:30 the next morning the convention was underway once again. The first speaker up was Wendelle C. Stevens. Here is a link to his website if you want to know more.

UFO Photo Archives

I'd love to go into great detail on the fascinating speech Wendelle gave but I was still in bed snoring like there was a shortage of ugly noise in this world.

Antar and I finally got roused and went to Myrtle Mae's for breakfest. Myrtle Mae's is the restaurant that is at the convention site and it's not too bad a spot to eat. I enjoyed it. After our meal we finally made it to the convention.

Late as usual.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 07:51 PM
It was now 10:15 AM and we had made it in time to miss the first 10 minutes of Paul Von Ward. Now Mr. Ward seemed like a really nice man. Here's a link to his site in case you want to learn more about him.

Paul Von Ward.

I was standing in the back of the auditorium waiting on Antar and little did I suspect the powers she was about to display. The auditorium was full when she walked in and she said, "I'll get us some seats." She walked all the way to the front, right in front of the podium and leaned over some folks. They got up and walked to the back and she motioned for me to come on down. I was in shock. I went from the very back to sitting so close to the speaker, if his right ear had developed an itch, I could have reached out and scratched it for him.

It was awesome!

Anyway, Mr. Ward seemed to give a really decent lecture. What I remember of it. I was still hung over from the night before and was now sitting in awe of Antar, I was more than a little numb.

We then broke for lunch.

At 1:45 we were back for a lecture by Ted Phillips. He would be speaking on the subject, "UFOs: 40 years of physical evidence." Though he didn't provide any. I mean come on, at least Art Campbell had the crappy melted plastic heart.

Here's a link to his site though, in case you want to check him out.

Center for Physical Trace Research.

He was a good speaker. Funny and intelligent. He heads up a team of investigators that actually go out into the field to investigate UFOs and such.

My impression is he was actually one of the better speakers. Though I was and am skeptical on project moonshaft and Marley woods, he was good at delivery and entertaining. Check out his site if you get the chance. Check him out as a speaker if you get the chance as well.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 08:29 PM
The next speaker up was Linda Moulton Howe and she'd be speaking on a 1974 encounter with a glowing disc in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her web site for those interested.

Earth Files.

This is the second time I've seen her give a lecture and so far she has not failed to deliver. She had a good slide show, a great presentation and style about herself that seems oh so alive. She's not bad to look at either

I hope she makes it to the conference again next year, though I won't sit anywhere near her again. (Thats a different story already posted on another thread.)

We broke for dinner and I went out and did some recon work for a project that can't be discussed here.
All I'll say is if it comes to fruition, I WASN'T INVOLVED!

At 7
M we got to what I thought was the last speaker of the night. I was wrong.

His name is Timothy Good and he's an English chap. All proper and speaking the Queens English. I liked him right away. Then he started to speak. His lecture would be, "Questions and answers with Timothy Good." and to be honest, he said "I don't know" a heck of allot for someone who bills himself as a UFO authority.

Here's his website:

Timothy Good - UFO Authority.

Then he stopped the questions so he could show a video clip. It was 12 minutes long and in Italian and the crowd was getting unruly before it was over. One member of the crowd started talking out loud in Italian and Mr.Good tried to get him to say a few words on the clip but the guy was a real head case. The crowd was turning into a mob. Then we went back to questions and answers and this lady got the mic and wouldn't give it up. Before long people were yelling, "SHUT UP! SIT DOWN!" and I just knew we were going to have a riot.

I feel sorry for Timothy Good. All public speakers have to have nights like this but at the same time, he asked for it.

I like Timothy Good simply because he's English and presents himself as such. He carries that air about himself that lets you know he's hiding some deep messed up stuff inside, like all proper Englishmen.

I hope he works on his presentation, He can do better than he did that night.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 08:41 PM
Up next was to be the speakers panel. Just questions and answers with the speakers of the conference. Instead we got Angelia Joiner. She was suppose to be our first speaker but because of airline delays she turned out to be our last.
Here's a link to her site:

Stephenville Lights

Ms. Joiner was giving her lecture and I was starting to take notes when I got hit but something I have never felt before. It's as if every ounce of energy had been sucked out of my body. Like a straw had been stuck in the back of my neck and I had been drained like a cheap can of soda.

I got up, stumbled to the front where I saw Antar talking with some other attendee and told her I had to crash. I went back to my room, fell face first into bed and slept the sleep of the dead.

That was just another freaky, odd event from that weekend.

I'm sorry I missed Ms. Joiner, she was putting on a pretty good show when I went down.

The next morning they would have mini sessions. Talks by researchers of 10 to 45 minutes on what they were cooking up.

I didn't make it.

Antar and I said our goodbyes and I climbed in my car and headed for home.

It was snowing.

In Summery:

I enjoyed the conference. The conference itself wasn't as good as last years when Richard Dolan, Sam Moranto and LMH were all speakers, but this one was one hell of allot more fun because Antar was there.

I can't wait till next year.

Love and light my friends,

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 10:42 PM
Let me first say that mrwupy told me before to look for the old hippie guy with the ponytail and the hippie jacket. Well enetering late I scanned through the entire crowd and to my mortification 'every' man there seemed to have a pony tail!

Looking harder I decide I have him picked out of a crowd of maybe 200.
I then set out to get as close to him as possible and end up a couple rows back.

When we finally met, he was the one to come up to me outside during the break and I was surprised to know he had me pegged out and I was right too.

We hugged 50 times before the break was over. And although it was not intended to be a love match, sparks were flying and we soon settled in like an old couple.

He is NOT old nor a hippie. Just very well mannered and gentlemanly. Very smart and funny omg, this guy had me cracking up with his dry sense of humor. Talk about courageous and chivelrous!

mrwupy and I were standing outside together on the patio and we were both noticing something yellow in a tree. Mind you the balcony had a 100 foot drop off, and after discovering it to be a single lemon hangin way out on the furthest branch, he decides to wage the dangers to snatch the delicacy up for me. I begged at first for him to stay safe on the balcony with me but no, he climbed out against all rational thinking and came back down with the most fragrant lemon I have ever smelled. ( Made guac and enchilladas with it).

The lecture was hardly keeping my interest, but well, I will continue on the next post.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 10:57 PM
Now I have to tell you I was shocked and amazed at the mainstream crowds attending the UFO conferences these days. At one point I said "The last UFO conference I attended 20 years ago there were no old people and now they are all snowbirds!" Thats when I notice 'I' am old too compared to 20 years ago...

I kid you not, entering the conference I notice a table of maybe 75 name tags and the majority has PHD or Dr. on them, humm thats different too.

At one point at the end of the evening when mrwupy left early due to his soul being sucked out of his neck temporarily, I see a young lively couple! Finally I think a young couple, and thats when the young woman say's, "Oh there are you parents, you were right they are getting out now."

Having drank too much espresso, I decide to just kind of hang out for a bit and talk with a few people I had connected with. Then heading out the door, I notice all of the people leaving. Not ONE person looks up to the majestic sky! Not one, so amused with this I pull my vehicle up by the front doors and listening to some really lovely Anita Baker music, I continue watching the crowd, speakers, presenters, not one looked into the cloudy sillouets dancing across the moon filled skies. You wonder why some people see them and some dont. Feeling lonely and awake I head for the Lone Star Bar.

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 11:35 PM
Let me back up a night. After the Ghost tour mrwupy asks if I would like to go to the LoneStar bar and have a drink. Well, I am out on a friday night, away from my kids for the first time in 13 years, hell I havent even drank substancially in years, so I say yes, sounds good.

Now, I have been living like a hermit within my little Midwest world for 13 years and even think my town is too crowed and big to hang out in, my town has 178 people...

Having had little to any real conversations that involved freethinking adults in a long time, I was a bit nervous and was not certain of my alcohol tolerance, rode with mrwupy.

mrwupy takes a beer and walks off to go converse with others and I head for the bar and cant decide between wiskey, vodka or beer with a few chasers so pour a glass of wine to be on the safe side...

I setttle in a comfy chair with a birds eye view of the room and realize 'everyone' in the room is talking all at once. It was overwhelming.

About the time I begin to feel the wine (two sips later) a guy comes up and starts with his story. OK.
I can do this, I slug down the rest of the wine and decide to try my legs toward the bar for a refill, I am now beginning to float across the room.

Returning to my seat another strory teller arrives to tell me about their stuff. I decide its a good night to get drunk and am thinking about that vodka now...

mrwupy comes around the corner and says lets go, I hesitate for a moment and visualise a cab, but take the cue to be nice and follow him back to the car and head for the Tall Pines Inn.

Pulling up in front of my Cabin, I say, lets sit up and drink a beer and talk. I probably talked too much, way too much, but finally I went down like a baby from the wine, the night, and the new friend who I really thought a lot of.

I would like to comment on Linda Moulton Howe as well, but not just now, next post...

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 12:19 AM
Now I know that I have made myself out to be real country bumpkin, but really its my understanding of the world we live in that brought the country life to me, it was not always quite so. mrwupy could give a better insight to that but he is not the type to kiss and tell. I have always walked alone to a degree and am alone even in in a crowd. Especially in a crowd.

I did notice Linda Moulton Howe like myself was trapped in this crowd with people and their stories adnausium. Not a bad thing, just one of those things. I really was teasing you sleeper about you being the guy who claimed to be a walkin. Ask Linda about him ,hehe.

Deciding I had better go back to the Tall Pines Inn and wading through the crowd I find myself locked into a jam in a hallway and Linda is coming the opposite direction, we look at eachother then unexpectedly we give each other a nice long hug and she whispers thankyou to me.

She is about as prone to have hugged someone as I was. I figured she must know me from here? No matter, it was good to connect with someone like Linda that has devoted her life to exposing truth and helping others to understand the world we live in without the rose colored glasses.

Her presentation was incredible, until I saw her live in action I was not so sure her presentation would be very good. This lady is channeling herself, her higher self and it is apparent when she steps into the lights.

If we have any say in the matter we could get her here as a conspiracy Master and she would fit right in with live breaking news as well as archive information revealed. Her Crop Circle work and eye witness documentaries and audio reports cant be beat. She was personable and down to earth. The kind of friend yould have for coffee and conversation.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 06:44 PM
The crowd was a reminder of the coming disclosure.
For so many years many of us have been working hard in our individual ways to make it happen to no avail.

Is it possible that now more people of the baby boomer age and even above are the ones that will call for the truth to be revealed on a large scale ?

It is entirely possible, these people were not frivolous or fanciful, hippies rejected from the 60's, these were professionals and housewives, teachers and just plain ordinary citizens. Like I said above, most had PHD or DR. assigned to their name tags.

It may not have been the level we here at this forum and others like ours are operating on but like the famous ATS Revolution promised us, it is happening and at a very fast pace.

I just wonder if our Conspiracy Masters or any of the 3 Amigo's started doing some of these events how much it would shake up the world at large? Much of the information seemed like teasers as far as I was concerned and the slow pace , it was almost hard not to yawn through even the good stuff.

Yet still and all at least the world is beginning to ask questions, the main stream is stepping up to the plate and wanting to know more.

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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 07:56 PM
I think we're the last two members even checking in on this thread my dear. It was a great weekend but perhaps we should just let it die a peaceful death

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