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2008 Meteor Showers

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 10:36 AM
Here is a list of the 2008 meteor showers:

Meteor Shower/Best Date/Constellation/Originates From

Quadrantids January 4 Bootes 120 not known
Lyrids April 22 Lyra 20 Comet Thatcher
Pi-Puppids April 23 Puppis variable not known
Eta-Aquarid May 5 Aquarius 60 Halley's Comet
June Bootids June 27 Bootes variable not known
South.Delta-Aquarids July 28 Aquarius 20 not known
Perseids August 12 Perseus 90 Comet Swift-Tuttle
Aurigids September 1 Auriga variable not known
Draconids October 8 Draco variable not known
Orionids October 21 Orion 20 Halley's Comet
S. Taurid November 5 Taurus 10 not known
N. Taurid November 12 Taurus 15 not known
Leonids November 17 Leo 15 Comet Temple-Tuttle
Alpha-Monocerotids November 21 Monoceros variable not known
Dec Phoenicids December 6 Phoenix variable not known
Puppid/Velids December 6 Puppis 10 not known
Geminids December 13 Gemini 120 Asteroid 3200 Phaethon
Ursid December 22 Ursa Minor 10 not known




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