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"What If" scenario, a UFO crashes and you have physical evidence, what do you do next?

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 08:17 AM
I'm going to start of with some assumptions, firstly by being at the crash scene you are viewed by the PTB as "a threat to national security" and must be neutralized. The people you know; family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances are all in jeopardy if you are apprehended. You are going to be hounded whether you cooperate or not.

Secondly as all good ATS members know the MSM is compromised; going to them is like walking into the hands of the PTB.

Thirdly wireless/mobile technology i.e. mobiles and pda's are easily traceable and information transmitted using that technology is easily intercepted.

Finally the scene, the alien, the ship, the artifacts and fragments will never reach public eyes or ears if left for the PTB to deal with.

You would want to remain ANONYMOUS.

Now to begin:

The downed craft lies before you fragments scattered about, an alien is on the ground not to far away badly hurt and looks to be on its last legs, some strange artifacts lay beside it. You can hear the sirens in the distance maybe 5-10 minutes away; you check your watch its 6:15am.

Quickly you make a mental note of the location. Then you take out your digital camera which you keep on your person incase of alien contact. The camera is set on max resolution to ensure you get the best quality photos and videos. Date and time is also set for archival purposes.

Firstly you begin taking photos of the whole scene then focusing intently on the alien and then the ship getting as close as you dare. After that you focus on smaller things of interest such as fragments and strange artifacts.

Repeat this process with video doing a quick but steady pan of the scene. Your main focus should be on the alien, getting the slow rhythmic chest movements of breathing. The alien seems to be oblivious of you, the arms are to thin to be human, the skin to pale, the eyes to large, the head oval shaped and the torso so small, a chill runs down your spine as you realize this really is an alien being. You place your foot in the shot to present a sense of scale, proving how small the creature is. You move towards the ship keeping the camera steady, the heat becomes too great and you cannot get any closer.

Photos are easily doctored but the legitimacy of video is much harder to disprove.

A quick check of your watch reveals its 6:21am, YOU FOOL!!!! You've lingered here to long . You grab the artifacts and fragments of interest that you mentally noted whilst photographing the scene. One last lingering look at the alien as you try to instill its image into your mind, there was never enough time to do anything for it.

You race back to your car beside the road. You drive of 'casually.' Driving erratically will only draw attention to yourself, I must remain anonymous, think of the children. You drive for a half hour. Stopping occasionally to place parts of your phone individually deep into several bins at least 5 miles apart for each stop making sure each part is adequately destroyed. Finally you arrive at an empty road on the outskirts of the city. You empty your pockets revealing the fragments; some still feel warm as you turn them over on your hand. You also take out the artifacts one looks to be like some sort of weapon, no doubt a ray gun.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 08:19 AM
Again you take out your camera setting it to macro to ensure that the alien intricacies of the objects are captured. Taking several photos of each fragment and artifact individually you become satisfied. You wrap objects in an old rag and place them into a plastic shopping bag. Once you are done you bury the objects 10 or so feet from the road using an old street sign across the road as a marker. You conceal the place you buried it and spend 5 minutes memorizing the location. Now if you are intercepted for whatever reason the objects are still treasured away and know one besides yourself knows the location.

Hopping back into your car you note its 7:15am, work starts at 7:30am. You drive normally to the nearby truck stop. Not turning up to work would be unusual, this could draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Using the payphone outside you ring work. "Hello Black Mesa Research Facility how may I help you?"
"Hi it's Gordon from Sector C Test Labs and Control Facilities, can you patch me through to the team leader," "sure thing Mr. Freedman."
"Hi Gordon, its Gary what’s going on your usually in by now?"
"Sorry I think I’m going to miss today’s anti-mass spectrometer test, my car broke down and I forgot my mobile. I had to walk to the nearest truck stop otherwise I would of called earlier. Of all the days hey Gary."
"Yeah sucks to be you, I would normally pick you up but testing is going to commence in 15 minutes."
"Yeah the mechanics gone in the tow truck to pick it up my car, I’m hoping it’s not to bad. Hopefully ill make it in this afternoon."
"I wouldn’t worry too much about it Gordon, ok I’m going to start prepping the mainframe cya Gordon."
"Later Gary."

After that quick conversation you notice that the truck stop attendant, has gone out back and nobody else is around. You quickly pop the bonnet and loosen one of the cables connected to the distributor. Putting the bonnet down again you hop into your car but it wont start. Walking inside the truck stop attendant appears, you explain to him your cars not starting. He then helps you wheel it into the garage. After a few minutes he remarks, "Here’s your problem, distributor cable was loose. Try her now." The car starts. You pay the $90 mechanic fee in cash but now you have your breakdown if it comes to ally byes. You also purchase a cheap pair of sun glasses and a plain hat in cash from the truck stop. This will help conceal your identity predominately your facial features, you want to conceal your eyes especially.

You drive casually into the city looking for an internet cafe. You find one and enter, you do nothing out of the ordinary. To the person behind the counter your just another Joe Bloggs checking their facebook. You sit behind a computer near the back corner. Remember your objective is to remain anonymous but you realize the information you possess must be put out into the public sphere, disclosure is to important. The first site you visit is a web based proxy "this way your ip will be protected and won’t be logged when you go to any sites ensuring you remain anonymous." From here on in your entire web activities are done through the proxy. You make several email accounts from different sites,, etc. Then you set up several accounts at major bit torrent websites such as mininova and in particular The piratebay "has set up a clandestine, double-blind operation with its servers spread throughout the world" so that makes it virtually impossible for authorities to shut it down. The beauty of bit torrent is that its decentralized all the computers using a tracker are a part of the peer 2 peer network so its virtually impossible to destroy the network. The only way authorities could stop it apart from cutting an undersea internet cable would be to shutdown the tracker but as explained most torrent sites have taken steps to prevent that from happening.

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 08:19 AM
So you take out your camera plug it into one of the usb drives and copy all the photos and videos into a folder on the computer. After doing this you make a torrent of the folder and upload it onto several of the torrent websites. You begin seeding the torrent. There is nothing illegal about uploading your own "intellectual property" onto a bit torrent website to share over a peer 2 peer network.

Now you want people to start downloading this torrent and start seeding it quickly. So you make an account at one of the free bloging websites, write up a short description of the event and embed a few images of the crash, alien and ship that you uploaded to a image hosting site like imageshack. You upload several of the vids onto youtube, metacafe and break, all fairly popular video streaming sites. After doing so you embed the videos into your blog. In the blog you link the torrents you’ve uploaded. Now you make a digg article linking to the blog titled something catchy like "OMG!!!!! AMAZING PICTURES OF ALIEN CRASH SITE FROM TODAY," with a short description included. You google "UFO forums," and make accounts in the all the forums that appear on the first page of the search. Make a template post with a description, a few embedded pics and vids, links to the blog, digg article and torrents capped of with a catchy title "ZOMG!!! ALIEN PICS FROM TODAY." Copy and paste this into all the forums and bump the thread like no tomorrow. Soon forum goers begin to check out the thread they see that the pics look legit, they check out the blog more of the same fairly legit looking pics and vids. People begin to download the torrents. Some of the forum members are also members of digg and begin to 'digg' the article. You realize this juggernaut is going to roll on by itself now.

You delete the pics and vids on your computer. Log out of the various websites. Log off the computer, pay the person behind the counter in cash for your time and casually leave. All the while your digg article has reached the main page, thousands have watched the youtube vids and people worldwide have downloaded the torrents and are seeding them. The nightmare has begun for the PTB they cannot suppress this information but they can try to undermine its credibility. So the minions for the PTB are hard at work creating disinfo on various popular forums, "Dude I heard its just some viral marketing campaign for this new movie coming out." "If its real you saw the guy had all those objects surely he would produce them to back up his story, its probably just bogus."

Its not bogus and you have the objects to prove it, people aren’t stupid they would of watched the vids and heard the sirens, seen the slow rasping breaths of the injured alien and the smoking crash site with the ship. So what to do now?

Go back to work, fulfill your afternoon shift. When you arrive at work a workmate comes up to you and enthusiastically asks you to check out this crazy alien youtube vid. You feign shock at watching the video you shot hours earlier. He remarks that it’s all over the net there’s a huge buzz about it.

After work you drive back to the spot you stashed the objects to retrieve them and then drive home. When you get home there are different youtube vids uploaded now somehow connected to yours. You view a couple and it seems that since you provided the location of the crash in your descriptions a few curious locals and even city folk went down there as soon as they found out. The videos show the area cordoned of with men in black suits guarding the perimeter. A large white tent has been erected over the crash site with people in white biohazard suits going through decontamination showers. Two biohazard wearing people are carrying a stretcher out of the tent with a body bag on it. The men in black suits explain that there was a car accident and the driver was carrying hospital grade radioactive materials.

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 08:21 AM
The buzz about your initial video is peaking and these new videos lend legitimacy to your story. Its time to call a respected journalist from the alternative media. You make the call from a random pay phone and inform him that you want to do an interview that it isn’t a hoax and you can prove it with the objects. You ask him to contact a respected metallurgist who will analyze the objects in a transparent manner and disclose the information he finds. At first the journalist is skeptical but you are persuasive informing him that this could be the story of a lifetime. You know the journalist will run the story because he is part owner of the website that he posts his stories on; he has broken stories of alternate nature before but not of this magnitude.

The next night at 2am sharp you watch through your night vision binoculars as his car slowly makes its way into the dry river bed in some remote part of the desert. Your car is parked a mile away out of site. He stops the car and you call him on your freshly bought pre paid phone and instruct him to drive a little further down the river bed. You are on the crest of the hill around 5 minutes walk away from his cars stopped location. Not to far from your location is where you buried the objects, now in a secure silver brief case with padding on the inside. The car lights turn of, you can see that it’s only the two men, journalist and metallurgist. After a quick scan on the skies, no black silhouettes of silent helicopters can be seen, so you make your way down to rendezvous with the two men.

As you approach the car you pull down your balaclava and turn on the mag light taped to your 12 gauge shotgun blinding both men. From a safe distance you inform them to kill the car and raise there hands slowly with the keys in their hands. Slowly you walk up to the car opening the driver and passenger door you inform the men to get out and spread out over the car bonnet. After frisking them both you confiscate the keys and discover they are unarmed. Most of this is just to show how serious you are. You inform them to make for the hill over on the other side of the river bed, they will lead the way you will direct them. At this point they are probably wondering if your leading them to pre dug graves but you tell them that you’re not going to harm them your just being precautious.

Once the group reaches the crest of the hill you tell the two men to lay face down on the ground spread out, whilst you dig up the brief case. You ask them to get up and turn around as the locks of the brief case snap open. The light from your torch shines over the strange metals and both men exclaim at what they are seeing. You also note to them the original flash card from the camera you used at the scene. After placing some sun glasses on under your balaclava and using a voice disguiser the journalist conducts a full interview. During the interview you tell your story leaving out who you are, you also take steps to distance yourself from ufology and say you where a non believer until the previous days events. You hand the brief case over and walk them back to the car. Just as they motion to enter you call out "If the story doesn't break by 9am tomorrow I will inform the authorities of what you have in your possession, you won’t have the luxury of being in the public eye as protection." With that said they get in the car and leave, you let out a sigh of relief, it’s their problem now.

The next morning you wake and go to work. Before you start your shift you’re relieved to see the story went through, it’s all over the net. Even some MSM sources are running with it. Peoples belief systems are on a razors edge as they eagerly anticipate the results from the metallurgy tests. Later in the week the metallurgist conducts a press conference providing his findings, which are that the metals are alien and they correspond exactly with the pictures provided by the anonymous poster earlier in the week.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 08:21 AM
The world is rocked; peoples belief systems are shattered all the while you sit back and watch the mayhem.

i was bored

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by blahdiblah

Could you just add a little more only joking.

Wow, impressive, I would of replied sooner but it took me a while to read it...

Nice to see someone actually broke this news to the world...

Maybe you should write your own scenario, I think it would be pretty good..

Nice work,


posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 09:49 AM
I would think that our government keeps closer track of these types of crashes with current satelite technologies (and possibly even remote viewing) and would probably see everything going on, on the surface around the crash site.

If there are bodies outside the ship, it might be becasue of some danger inside. The alien that's alive might also have some type of weapon. Besides that, human contact could be fatal for them also.

When the one recent millionaire flying his plane supposedly vanished out of site, it didn't sit right with me and seemed more than unprofessional of him to get lost that way.

Maybe he had some classified ET video footage? Others might believe he was abducted with his plane.

Don't they do clearance checks for these things along with flight plans? It just didn't add up as a freak accident.

Trying to get and keep recently crashed UFO materials and or video footage, just doesn't seem worth dying for.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 10:39 AM
1. Try to help any aliens/humans who may have been hurt
2. Take some pictures and wreckage
3. Post the pics on ATS
4. Get banned as a hoaxer

Hmmm... maybe I'd skip #3. I think I'd just keep it to myself and maybe show/tell a few close trusted friends. I don't care much for the spotlight anyway and it's not my job to convince people of what exists and what doesn't.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 10:47 AM
Honestly, after reading as many posts about anyone having a pic of a UFO, the LAST thing I would do is post it on ATS.

Lets think of the best scenario we could have as far as Physical evidence goes, and by that I mean what would I possibly have that any one of the numerous naysayers on ATS would say "Okay, thats a UFO, or evidence of one."

A photo? No. Even if it was me arm in arm with Xenu in HD, someone would scream FAKE if for no other reason than to be the first to do so.
A piece of a crashed UFO? Lets even say it was unbendable, or highly flexible, or both. Pics would do no good. I could youtube it, but that would be cited as a digital hoax.

If I called Springer, who lives near me in Dallas to come over and check out the UFO piece, or the photo of me hangin with an Alien, to coraborate my claim, it MIGHT be helpful, but I would fear for people striking up arms against Springer claiming "Hes in on the hoax."

I'd probably seal it in a box, and slowly walk it down that long hallway of souvenirs I have, and place it next to Hitlers brain, humming the theme to Indiana Jones.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by debris765nju

Why would anyone try to give CPR to an alien?

Presumptions maybe, but not much to go on concerning an Alien's anatomy. A stethoscope would determine lung sounds or not. I'd deal with the taboo's and laws later, after I got the little guy stabilized.

As far as it wanting to harm me. That hasn't been proven in the past and no diseases were reported in the Roswell case. We're more apt to give them a disease, for that reason the protective mask comes in handy. I'd give the Alien every opportunity for chances of survival. As maybe he would me.
I'd figure out his nourishment later.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by John Q

First of all 1000 point for the scenario mate well done

Secondly...RUN...RLH...That's what i would do..well drive lol peddle to the metal into town and go to a friends place or go to town and show EVERYONE! and i mean everyone but hide the piece off the craft, then leave asap to my own hide away and try to heal the Alien and feed it if possible plants or food what ever, then if all went well exchange information some how and take my girl and get the hell off this planet lol and leave tones of photographic evidence and video behind and hand it over to someone i could trust to distribute it like Dr Steven Greer... by the way, does anyone know what's going on with him or has he been silenced by the ham's aka police and feds?

posted on Feb, 10 2008 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by kthulu

I'd probably seal it in a box, and slowly walk it down that long hallway of souvenirs I have, and place it next to Hitlers brain, humming the theme to Indiana Jones.

Hahahahaha below it is the movie reel of the JFK assassination shot from an angle that looks suspiciously like the grassy knoll.

Originally posted by aleon1018
I would think that our government keeps closer track of these types of crashes with current satelite technologies (and possibly even remote viewing) and would probably see everything going on, on the surface around the crash site.

I tend to agree with you there. I think if you happened upon a ufo crash site it would probably be the unluckiest day of your life. You would be snapped up in a black van never to be seen again.

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