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"Matrix Series" By Val Valerian, your thoughts?

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 12:23 AM

Originally posted by strNick
reply to post by B.Morrison

One funny thing you can be sure of: if a person truly and profoundly interested in spiritual matters, he/she is also at least bisexual. No exception to this! I mean, never!

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Well that leaves me with a whole new set of questions I'd like to ask the Pope......

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 11:47 PM

I need it and looking for it desperately.

I don't have a bank card to purchase it, since in my country it's not that common to have a visa card.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 02:34 PM

Originally posted by lisa2012
reply to post by Im a Marty

I have the Matrix V in electronic format it is a very big volume and I have it split in 13 parts . I can send it via skype ...I know for sure it works ..Contact me should you want the book: or write me at abovetopsecret lisa2012

I do not have this any more so please do not write me on this subject .

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 07:14 PM
Mysteralex, As far as I can see you cannot order the books with Visa or any other. It looks like you must sent check or money order.

On the first page are links to his order forms.

order info

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 10:11 AM
If you are interested in this subject I think a better read than Matrix V would be

The Code to the Matrix

Please download it for free :


posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 10:12 AM
if you are interested in this subject a better read than Matrix V is

The Code tot he Matrix

Download for free Please enjoy is trully an amaizing Book

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 04:40 PM
I've read all of Robert Monroes books and found them very uplifting and enlightening. I haven't read the Matrix 1-4 books yet, but I have skimmed through book 5. The author strangely remains anonymous and appears to have taken the works of Monroe and twisted them around to support the so called dark side. Here's an example of some of the things he mentions which simply don't add up or sound right:

Earth is a place of largely simultaneous incarnations which is why there is so much chaos and diversity on this planet.

Aliens largely have sequential incarnations which is why their societies are more homogeneous and 'boring'.

A war is being played out between the light and dark forces on our planet. Both side are caught up in the trap of polarity.

We must avoid focusing too much on 'the light' in our dualistic world because, enfolded with it is the experience of 'the dark'. Light and darkness act out this constant duel, and the only way to end this game is to individually stop playing it; otherwise we are just perpetuating it.

The Law of Allowance states that we should not interfere in other people's lives but allow them to make their mistakes and feel the feeling they are having. Do-gooders are neither doing themselves nor their "victims" any favours.

If you feel attraction to the opposite sex, you are experiencing a DNA program that was put there in order to encourage our species to reproduce. In other words, heterosexual attraction is an expression of our genetic slavery. Homosexuality is the natural sexual expression of advanced souls. The prime spiritual law is that like attracts like, and so our natural, non-programmed state is to be homosexual for it implies that our DNA programming has weakened to the point whereby we are not obsessed with the opposite sex.

Although it may seem that men are the dominant gender on this planet, it is actually women who try to dominate men. Woman manipulate men to do their bidding, and steal their life-force energy whenever they can because, contrary to what is widely believed, it is men who are actually the givers of life.

Body identification is the root of most of our ills, and is linked with our DNA heritage which was originally manipulated by matriarchal aliens. This includes gender identification.

This alien matriarchal influence also instigated our money/banking systems that enslave humanity.

The exponential population explosion that is taking place on our planet has resulted in a glut of human bodies being born — far too many for available human souls to incarnate in — with the result that animal souls or minions have incarnating into human bodies and now make up the majority of the human population.

All this information is entirely objective and can be found by anyone advanced enough to travel to a specific 'library' level of consciousness called Level 27, and certainly by anyone on the simultaneous path who is in their final incarnation.

TA himself is a final incarnation, and if you question what he says you are obviously not as advanced as he is or are unable to read the library at Level 27.

So that's the gist of his beliefs:

TA claims being heterosexual is wrong, but homosexual is acceptable. Caring and interfering in the life of your loved ones is wrong, but doing nothing while watching them get run over by a car is perfectly ok. The last part about not questioning the author or the truth, makes the author sound completely arrogant and egotistical. It wouldn't surprise me if this is simply more Illuminati propaganda. Certainly sounds like it from what I've read. Maybe the book should be entitled, "The Illuminati manual, Welcome to the Dark Side".

The author has definitely been influenced by occultists, such as the Cathars who believed that reality is ruled by an evil force, the God of the old Testament, referred to as the monster of chaos, while a supreme being surveys creation but never intervenes. Since the world is essentially evil and the human body the prison of the soul, the Cathars forbade procreation because it would bring another soul into the world. Their ultimate aim is the extinction of mankind so that the souls of men could be free in the world of spirit. Until then only Jesus could offer salvation from the world of matter. Jesus real message was to warn humanity that they were worshipping an evil God. Because of their beliefs the Cathars were hunted down and executed by the Catholic Church.

Basically sounds like more occultist deception.

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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 02:09 AM
I thought I'd dig out this old thread since I couldn't sleep last night (heartburn I think) then when I finally did get to sleep I had a series of silly dreams and woke up with the name VAL VALERIAN in my head.

I knew I'd heard the name before, maybe about 10 years ago, but couldn't quite place it. So I done a google and that led me to here.

I also see some of the Matrix books can be found online so I'm heading there next.

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 02:28 PM
I have read all the books apart from Matrix 6 wayfarers of reality, I must say that they are probably the best books out there on the subjects. This does not mean that they are completely correct but for now in my opinion they are the most accurate for us to rely on. It's always best to have information for reference rather than believing everything.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 01:12 AM
Interesting. This guy sounds like a complete nutcase.

posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 01:21 AM

I read all three Matrix V books, as well as Matrix 2, and 3, and 4, when they came out. Following Leading Edge Research since issue 52, approx. 1988.

Been researching since '86, after graduation from high school.

I think these books are essential reading for UFOlogists and those deeply interested in the subject. i'm truly surprised there is not more on ATS on this subject.

Matrix V essentially claims, through experience in Astral Travel primarily, that EXPERIENCE is all we take with us when we leave this realm, so therefore, fear is the most important factor stopping us from experiencing. The fear of death and pain and suffering. But those too, are experiences to be had for the sake of experience.

After reading Matrix V, I found myself desiring to experience death in many different forms, because each one would be profoundly different, and each experience in life worth striving for, for the sake of it's experience.

Matrix V claims that there are Sequential and Simultaneous incarnations. Alien races are primarily Sequential and retain memory from lifetime to lifetime, thus giving them the ability to grow on information, like technology. They are also hive minded.

Humans are Simultaneous incarnations, and experience reality on different planes all at once. This gives us the ability to progress spiritually much faster than sequentials. That makes us a threat to them, from their viewpoint, because they seek to control us for food and power.

All beings are really Jellyfish in shape, spiritually, apparently. And we gravitate, in spirit, to orbs that are microcosm representations of whole worlds, which we watch and learn from, and incarnate into, as our planets and homes as material beings. We then learn to create these worlds, as we learn the laws of nature. Then we grow to become Gods and Goddesses in our natural beings, as we create whole worlds that humans are born into, only to be controlled by aliens who seek to live off them, as they in turn. as humans, learn and grow from those experiences.

A wholistically spiritual book, and very involved with UFOlogy, having been published by a well known adept of UFOlofy himself, Val Valerian. I have spoken to Val on numerous times, (John Grace), and I can say only this. He is a good person, though very very down, about the current situation on Earth. He is waiting for the great big show, and watching carefully. But he sounds depressed about the world, a bit. I think he carries a tremendous burden and lately that burden has been lifted slightly with this last publication of research from the astral traveler author. I do not think the material is a hoax. I think it's a very insightful piece of work. And I think Val (John) is a legitimate person trying to do their best as they know how. He might have a background in intelligence, but I thunk he's one of the rare few who spiraled out of it, and learned how to teach others how to do the same.

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 05:02 AM
I was reading Matrix 1, 2, 3, 3 vol 2 and especially Matrix 4 since 1997, but I stopped reading it.
I especially loved to read "Matrix 4" - and I am ready to admit it is one of the best books in the world, but I dread reading "Matrix 4" - *and* several other books from the same guys - now. That, ofcourse, has a reason.

So, let me explain. It takes long to explain, but it's worth the trouble. Promised!

In the masterful *introduction" to Matrix 4, which is written by Michael Topper, we are being informed how teachers, masters and avatars are stuffing their valueable information and effort (amongst other things) into the mudhouse that this so-called Civilisation is, developing new phases of Civilisation thereby (for example the renaissance, to end the dark medieval ages). MT claims the "true planetary teaching" is in this book.
Bold claim. Let's take a closer look shall we?
The book consists of two "large" parts, seeminly unrelated and independant of each other. The first part is the "Flower of Life" part, which is basically a 1:1 carbon copy of Drunvalo Melchizedeks "Flower of Life" course. The main problem for me is that it is all very theoretical. Thus, I tried to find people who were at the course and see if they could teleport, levitate, etc.etc. after learning the "Merkaba Meditation". To tell you the blunt truth: They could NOT. NONE of the high faluting promises were kept in practice! The *theory* that sacred geometry is the centering structure of the universe, is very remarkable, tho. But, again, when you are wondering how to put this into some practical result, you are left in the dark - at least that is how I experienced it.
Someone claimed he created a sound that..."would go right through your finger tips and right to the pineal gland and came out through your body and you heard it like a 3d orchestra around you. It was amazing. You don't even need speakers. You don't even need ears". WHAT? And you don't indend to spread a MP3 with this as a proof?
No such MP3, no such proof, no practicality for the reader.
I'll skip some pages... several other authors' paradigms' are presented, for example, the notorious "Avatar" Process by Harry Palmer, which is insanely expensive ($10.000) and is a strange mixture of stolen stuff from Scientology and from "Thartang Tulku". The $10.000 material leaked to the Internet, and, as far as I can tell you, does not work in practice (except if you are self-deluded by it, then you cheat yourself and lie to yourself that it "worked").
The best part of "Matrix 4" is "Magnum Organum" by Michael Topper. His world-view and philosophy about Kundalini and Evolution, artificial earthquakes, Enlightenment and various ways how to reach it, and especially about UFOs and their motives is simply brilliant.
However.... a) it is very theoretical and b) you cannot apply it to your life.... - no wait, you can try out the "Full Power Meditation". I tried for years, and what was the result? Nothing happened!
In another book by M.T., "The Mother book", it was revealed that his wife's masters were Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) and Albert Franklin Jones aka "Da Free John" aka "Adi Da Samraj".
Strangely, instead of highly recommending these sources, M.T. slowly slowly is leading his readers to believe that these sources are, how shall I say, out-dated, fading away, a new star is born in the Avatar skies, (which is M.T.s woman called "AAA"). Specifically on Page 118 in "Mother book" by M.T., the author writes: "Bhagwan leaves no teaching legacy. He had specifically canceled that out so that no one might come along after, pick up the books, and do it himself". (QUOTE END)
This sentence raised a red flag in my being.
I decided to be the ultimate fool.
I decided to pick up ALL OSHO BOOKS, READ THEM and see myself if there IS or ISN'T a good, especially practical meditation advice that would lift my consciousness.

Thus, the wise fool that I was, I decided to do "The Guillotine Meditation" as exactly described by Osho in his FREE book, "The Orange Book".

After 40 Minutes of meditation, I was enlightened for three hours.
I could not move out of the chair in that time, for "it" was so blissful.

I thus rest my case, I thus drop all misleading and unpractical books from M.T. and from Val Valerian and from Drunvalo Melchizedek and from .... whoever participated in "Matrix 4" and I am only reading OSHO these days.

And I find OSHO very more "down to real life" and less concerned with stupid UFOs and stupid aliens anyway, so OSHOs real legacy is still a even larger masterpiece than M.T., Val Valerian and everybody else is ready to concede.
Grab OSHOs books for free from "messagefrommasters dot com" - this is the BEEEEST advice I can give you, and the most honest book reports too, by the way.

posted on May, 23 2013 @ 12:21 PM

Originally posted by f4cgv2

Thus, the wise fool that I was, I decided to do "The Guillotine Meditation" as exactly described by Osho in his FREE book, "The Orange Book".

After 40 Minutes of meditation, I was enlightened for three hours.
I could not move out of the chair in that time, for "it" was so blissful.

I thus rest my case, I thus drop all misleading and unpractical books from M.T. and from Val Valerian and from Drunvalo Melchizedek and from .... whoever participated in "Matrix 4" and I am only reading OSHO these days.

And I find OSHO very more "down to real life" and less concerned with stupid UFOs and stupid aliens anyway, so OSHOs real legacy is still a even larger masterpiece than M.T., Val Valerian and everybody else is ready to concede.
Grab OSHOs books for free from "messagefrommasters dot com" - this is the BEEEEST advice I can give you, and the most honest book reports too, by the way.

Your insight and review was incredible. You absolutely read my mind. Reading Val Valerian s books I had always felt as something was not quite right in regards to the info transmitted to the reader. You know when you feel deep within your soul "like a chord" ringing an alarm.

When I started reading Osho quite the opposite happened. I know OSHO is very controversial but within ourselves we always feel what works and what info is a beneficial,informative and useful . Thank You for bringing this into our attention. I also do not say that Matrix Series is not something of an interest. Certain concepts are quite brilliant and no one should dismiss anything. Read and draw conclusions on your own. Is all about experience after all.
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posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 11:43 AM
Thanks for the flattery.

I could have written more, but I was seriously limited by the 5000-char limit for posting.
For example, for every other source which was mentioned by Michael Topper (aka "M.T."), I have actually bought their books and actually read and studied these books. There were quite a few:
There was "The RA Material", a channeled work by Rueckert, McCarthy, et. al - ( ; indeed, M.T. was right, it is quite some brilliant material. But my old problem showed up again: "Yes, this is valueable information, but very theoretical, and I have no grasp how, precisely, to apply this to my everyday life!"
M.T. mentioned in a reader's letter in a passing way that he was fond of "Manly Palmer Hall - The secret teachings of all ages" - guess what: I got all books from M.P.Hall - guess what - same problem: "Theoretical! Too theoretical!"
(I know what you think now - you think "My god, what a book freak! What strenouus search!" - and you are totally right...)
M.T. mentioned, on elaborating the kundalini, that the material from Carlos Castaneda is correct - guess what, I got all Carlos Castaneda books just because of that .... and almost again, the same result: "Too theoretical!!" - except (maybe this is gonna be a help for you) - except ONE book from Castaneda: "TENSEGRITY" - a method of "strange" movements quite similar to Tai Chi and apparently for the same purpose, i.e. to increase your Chi energy and to raise your consciousness (Hooray! At last!). - I did not try every "Tensegrity" movement, althogh I have visited Tai Chi and Qi Gong courses when I was younger. But my experience is that Tensegrity is really helpful. - In a short analysis, Tensegrity only seems to care about your "lower" centers, like spleen, kidney, liver etc.etc. which "have to be in a top shape" according to Castaneda ; this is all nice to me, but the question arose: "What about my higher centers? What about heart, throat and 3rd eye chakra?" - This question is nowhere answered anywhere in Tensegrity. Personally, I find it strange that Tensegrity is so pre-occupied with the inner organs around the navel....but I have heard from other sources that these are our "most vulnerable" places in the body which needs our attention and in all likelyhood, our cleansing most. This could well be true.
M.T. also once mentioned in a "reader's letter" a source named "Thartang Tulku". NO, I did NOT read all Tulku books yet! I need to have a life too!
I "only" was readine *one* book from Tulku, but eventually gave it back rather soon to the library, the reason was....oh, you guessed it already? "Too theoretical!" - Bingo! Exactly!

Last, but not least, Val Valerian's book "Matrix 4" has a very peculiar ending. The essay "Logos/Anti-Logos Part 2" (naturally, by M.T.) ends with the conclusion that "Ego" is not an illusion, but ..."a specific organizational function that accounts for the disposition of *will* in 3rd density context".
The conclusion goes: "Therefore, the disposition of ego is never automatic. Ego must do work, in order to be integrated into any context according to intent. It must do work if it would be compatible with the whole being Value to which it was introduced". .... "The ego is the Doer. The Doer must do, in order for its Being to be realized in the dimension where it dwells". (end of book)

Now, look at how OSHO defines EGO: "Ego is given to you by society. .... Ego is everything that is false....." with the conclusion "you have to drop ego" or better said, Ego has to drop by itself so your real Self is revealed.

That, ofcourse, is how I experienced it in meditation - the internal monologue dropped, thus, everything that blocks the perception of the natural bliss was removed, thus, I was in a very blissful state. It is not something that a "doer" has "done" ; it is something that was "archieved" by stopping to clinging to something else that blocks my perception! (At least, that's how it feels like, according to my very own experience.)

"Meditation" thus, properly understood, is never a "doing" but more an aligning to a certain intrinsic quality of being. That intrinsic quality is totally revealed as soon as your representant of Ego, namely, the internal monologue, has dropped. It's actually that simple!

Sooooo, after a long time of reading, a time of reading pretty much everything, I tend to lean more towards' OSHO's conclusions, because that's also the way I have experienced it.

The only problem for me was to move out of the chair because the non-thinking state, finally archieved, is so blissful that you cannot move; you are sitting like in a frozen shock in the chair; as soon as I moved, the thoughts were there again.

However, since all the enlightened masters are permanently in such a blissful state even whilst walking and talking, I have to assume that this is possible for me too; and I'll tell you more as soon as I know how to do just that!
However,I'm at 5000 chars,again.

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 08:52 AM
Sorry for the long monologues. (I had preferred to see more dialogues here in this forum, but anyway....)

One more thing about "Matrix 4". One of the most "intriguing" stuff in Matrix 4, which captured my attention most, but didn't help me in practice, was the part of the "Flower of Life"-section labeled "Scientific research with the fruit of life pattern" on page 171, ff. (I mentioned it already, - ya know, the "3d sound"...)
These scientists claimed they also created an "infinite storage bank" - on page 172 there is a large geometrical picture labeled "Illustration showing pattern necessary for infinite information storage in space using pattern-interface with cube of water".
They said: "We were taking image pattern of the flower of life, which is infinite, and impressing it into the cube in a standing wave form through the use of magnetics, since all the spheres in the pattern are harmonic with each other."
Feeling quite stupid despite an IQ of 130, I was seriously scratching my head: "DUH?"
a) "Why is a FOL image pattern "infinite"? - I only see finitude there!
b) "How did you accomplish that standing wave form, and what is the frequencies of that waveform used?
c) Are you talking about sound waves, infrared waves, light waves, EM waves....?
d) Ok you used magnetics. So which magnets did you use, and what sort of magnetic read/write head do you need to actually read and write information?
e) Just because the spheres are harmonic with each other, I fail to see how they would store any information in the space around the sphere? How'd you read and write information from or to that space?

This list of questions is hardly complete. Maybe if I start thinking for 5 more minutes I can rattle off a dozen more questions. So, that's precisely my problem. They tell you nice, plausible-sounding general "stuff" about sacred geometry and you are left totally clueless how to make a practical and working device with that information.

The same problem, by the way, creeps up with crop circles. We *DEFINITELY KNOW* that some of the crop circles are actually plans to build free energy machines! I have seen the foto of one crop circle in the left half of the picture, and in the right half of the picture there was a foto of a 1:1 built magnet motor - the crop circle was used as a building plan !! So yes, these are actually sacred geometry building schematics!

I really like sacred geometry, but I'm at a loss of how to apply it. Any suggestion is appreciated!

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 06:46 AM
Summary: In the meantime, I have - sadly - to say: Beware of "Matrix 4" from Val Valerian.

Flower of Life? = Apotheosis of first idea = limitation= NOT GOD = first "luciferan" idea = point-proposition. Yeeeah, limitation as first idea of God, God being the VOID. I still don't worship the point!

"Avatar" seminar? Stolen ideas from Tharthang Tulku, insanely expensive $10.000 ; and stolen methodology from Scientology. Most likely won't enlighten you.

"Michael Topper" part? Quabalah and freemasonic philosophy all over, which is also Apotheosis of first idea, i.e. Lucifer worship, i.e. worship of limitation-principle / point-principle.
Incredibly convoluted and complex Kundalini theory and no practice. Also, wrong ego-definition at the end of the book, totally contrary to the ego-definition of OSHO. Pays lip-service to OSHO, but carefully drags the reader away from OSHO by proposing new avatar , i.e. MT's wife , called "AAA".
Also uses freemasonic 3-dot-writing for A.: A.: A:. as AAA's signature.
Very fond of Freemasonry, which is quabalistic , jewish and worshipping the WRONG GOD again!!

Also pays lip-service to Love, but doesn't ooze Love. OSHO, on the other hand, is really full of Love, even his videos ooze it.

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