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"Matrix Series" By Val Valerian, your thoughts?

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posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 08:13 PM
Anyone read of the 'Matrix' Series by Val Valerian?

I have 1 through 4, however wondering whether to get 5, or even 6.

Apparently the 5 and 6 are massive books. They have a plethora of information describing all aspects of incarnation, ET's, higher vibrations, everything in this area!

Here are the 'Alien' related topics that the book covers

Alien “Divine” Intervention and EndGame
Alien abductions and the attempt to duplicate human emotional range
Alien Abductions and The Game
Alien aspects to the Sequentialization dynamic on Earth
Alien attempt through hybridization to duplicate simultaneous benefits
Alien attempts to extend polaric wars from third to fourth density
Alien contact – The Truth is NOT ‘Out There” as seen in the X-Files, etc.
Alien creation of hybrids, real purpose behind
Alien factional influences on current Earth events
Alien fear of spiritually advancing Earther incarnations
Alien genetic experiments which split ancient humans into physical genders
Alien Higher Selves – A Different Facet
Alien invasion, concepts of, as portrayed in sci-fi series
Alien labels: ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Past Lives’
Alien lack of spiritual advancement
Alien lackeys pushing sequential thought patterns and fear-prone agenda
Alien propensity to convince humans to hold technology in awe
Alien reliance on technology instead of spirituality
Alien Semantics, cutting through the flowery deception and misdirection
Alien sequential incarnations, death of aliens when on Earth
Alien sequential societies evolve as group units, not as individuals
Alien sexual proclivities used in programming DNA commands on earth
Alien ships from other densities, concept of, as pushed by New Age gurus
Alien societies will continue to play The Game after simultaneous have left
Alien superiority, the myth of, rationale and agenda behind
Alien Technology and The Game
Alien visitors to Earth, activities and incarnational aspects
Aliens and Earth as portrayed on television, discussion of
Aliens and polarity addicts have become ‘spooked’ by simultaneous advances
Aliens and the Higher Self
Aliens and the Orion Queen – fear of death, cloning and life extension mindsets
Aliens and their rendition of ‘spirituality’, and lightsider activities
Aliens and Third Density
Aliens ON Earth and The Game
Aliens portrayal as ‘advanced’ in Stargate and other series – when they are not
Aliens who cry wolf, continuous deception toward humans by
Aliens, Wild Cards, Hard Decisions, Questions During EndGame and Matrix V

Information regarding 'Death'...

Death and Choices
Death and Choices, further discussion on
Death and dying, primary focus of light polarity
Death and funerals, big issues for body-ruled incarnations
Death and the Higher Self
Death Before Your Time, concept does not translate into reality
Death Fear, appeals to body-controlled incarnations and minions
Death related myths, exploration of
Death, method for each incarnation chosen beforehand by the Higher Self
Death, physical, indicative that Higher Self has experienced all that was required
Death, physical, whining and moaning over, and ‘Life is Sacred’ DNA loop

For more information of what the book covers - please read Subject Material Covered in the Matrix 5 Gold Series

The official website of the book series is located at

Alternative theory on the Matrix books - "Hoax or Holy Book"

Any information of what you thought of it is mostly appreciated.


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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 09:19 PM
I have read Matrix V and Vol. II and III

I thought they were great books. I've studied UFOlogy for about 20 years now. Val puts out some of the best material there is.
Matrix V has a very spiritual perspective. Not all people can appreciate that.

Before that, even, I read Matrix I, II, II, and IV. I own them all. I only got half way through VI though. It's not too interesting to me to read about other people's experiences waking up. I have my own life to live.

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posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by conxposer

Conxposer, so which out of all do you recommend? V or VI?

Appreciate your input, I'm more into the spiritual aspects of it all.


posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 03:58 AM
Here is the summary I wrote for my website to let people know all about it.

Playing the Game

What is your role in the game? How well do you play the game? How much do you know about the game? Do you know the rules of the game? Do you know who the other game players are? Are you even aware that you are a "game player"?

We are all playing a game. A game designed to help us learn and grow, but mostly to enable the abilty to "experience" or believe we are experiencing certain realities, which, actually are all constructs independent of reality.

As spirits, and spiritual selves, we are immortal, but as incarnated "humans" we are not. Have you ever dreamed, and woke up to believe for a moment, that possibly, the dream was reality, and now in, the waking state, you are dreaming?

How seriously do you take your life? Are you afraid to die? Do you believe death is the end?

Do you believe in extra-terrestrials? If so, have you ever truly asked yourself ....why not?

Is your ego so big that so believe your genetic species, is the height of intelligence and spirituality in the universe?

Regardless of what you believe, KNOW, that there are those around you, who do believe, that death is simply a transition point, and the beginning of a new life somewhere else, or in another time period.

Our bodies are just "suits", we occupy temporarily, in order to experience the limited reality in 3rd density.

We have this existence, that exists in 3rd density, and we also exist in higher densities that our physical bodies cannot access directly or understand completely.

In this 3rd density existence, we believe we ARE our bodies. This is the purpose of our existence in 3rd density. To believe we are our bodies, so that we will "take everything seriously", and believe in everything we are doing as if "our lives depend on it".

In the higher densities, like 4th and 5th, beyond the astral, or ether field, resides the ultimate complexity of our "higher selves". This "essence" is a compilation of all our learning experiences made up of ALL of our lifetimes in a multitude of time periods.

In the higher densities, there are many "higher selves". As you progress downwards, spiriling down into 3rd density, the physical "selves" take on many different characteristics. Some are incarnated here on Earth as Humans. Some are incarnated here as on earth, as "aliens", physically born on other worlds, but residing here on Earth. Some are incarnated on other worlds as aliens, and some are incarnated on other worlds, appearing similar to "humans".

Currently, on this world, on Earth, there are all kinds of incarnations of spirits, both "human" and "alien".

The Earth, beyond the physical, also has a spiritual "higher self". There is also the astral level around the Earth, and in the space the Earth occupies physically, there is astral or etheric space, where there is no "physical" or 3rd density Earth.


Why? In order for you to learn!

I have said before, in my writings, that we come here with blinders on, so that we could learn what we already know, but in order to have the full experience of it. If we knew everything, life would be no fun on Earth, because there would be nothing to learn, because we would already know everything. The only way you can learn, is from the experience of being there and observing or actually participating.

Once again, I will ask you....What is your role in the game? How well do you play the game? Do you know the rules of the game? Do you know who the other game players are?

Conspiracy theorists will either LOVE this, or HATE this, because it doesn't fit into their current paradigm or, maybe....they aren't suppose to know this, because they are "not allowed to" by their higher self, due to the knowledge being a a direct interference to their "chosen path".

The reason people are where they are in life, is because they chose to be there, and it's part of their path. A path is chosen with most parameters in place, well before the path is taken. The path is what we choose to experience for OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL purposes, and growth. It does not belong to anyone else, and it's not the same as anyone else. It's an individual path.

There are many races, and examples exist in nature very frequently, like bee hives for instance, that survive on the basis of "group" growth. The United Nations and New World Order is all about this path. The group is the model for the "state". The state serves a purpose, but it's purpose is to serve the individual.

Alien races evolve on a path currently designated as "sequential". This means that each member of the race evolves only as fast as the race itself evolves. There is no indivudualism, or room for it.

Humans evolve on a path currently designated as "simultaneous". This means each spirit evolves indivudually, in a multitude of timeframes, and personages, all at the same time, in one instance. (Time is timeless).

In other words, Reptilians, have evolved as a race, over millions of years, have dominated and controlled races on other planets, and now humans on Earth, but are they spiritually evolved? Of course not.

Humans have only been around a short period of time, yet we don't go around controlling races and attempting to dominating the universe. Controlling others is not a spiritual concept. All reptilians control humans, but not all humans control others. Only the ones working for the reptilians, whether conscious of it or not.

As humans are evolving, we experience 2 different kinds of paths. A lightside path, and a darkside path. These two paths are the polarities. Ying/Yang, Light/Dark, Good/Bad -- The interesting thing about these two paths, is that no mattre which one you are on, you believe you are on the right one. Both are necessary for experience and completion of the game. Ultimate synthesis of duality, and the emergence of "balance". Without the ability to experience these two polarities directly, we cannot know what makes up the universe, and likewise, reality.

Yin is feminine, soft, recessive. Submissive. Yang is masculine, firm, and forceful. Dominant. -- -- Light is healing, positive, uplifting. Dark is destructive, negative, and discouraging. -- -- Good is relative, and so is Bad. So, what is the real difference? The only difference is "experience".

With all of above in mind, where do we stand, currently, in the United States, or anywhere in the world, today?

There is an excellent book that I recommend reading for anyone interested in this philosophy or truth. It's called Matrix 5 by Leading Edge Research and Val Valerian. Approx. 90% of what I have written here are my own thoughts. The information about Sequentials and Simultaneous Incarnations comes from this source, the Matrix 5.
For most of my life my beliefs have been pretty much aligned with the information in this book. I would recommend it highly to anyone who considers themselves "spiritual" and is on a "spiritual path".
For the last 20 years or so, I have been researching to one degree or another. There are very few things I felt I didn't understand in my "world view". In other words, I felt most things made sense to me, and I had very few questions, except for the questions I have had about extraterrestrials and their purpose in our world, and our purpose in theirs. My spiritual views have always been pretty solid, and I have always, for as long as I can remember, had a genuine sense that I knew I was a spiritual being having a physical experience. I also realized at one point in my past, that "experience" was more important than "good" or "bad" or "right" or "wrong", in relation to "spiritual growth". Matrix 5 was like the last piece of the puzzle for me, and I am very happy to have read it recently.
This book DID help me understand a few things I didn't understand previously. That information has to do with how beings are incarnated and how incarnational cycles work, and what purpose they serve. If you want to know the last few "keys" that have not been available to humanity previously, they are in this book. Once again, I highly recommend it. Click Here!! to learn more. (

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 04:02 AM
I HIGHLY Recommend Matrix V for everyone who is ready for this level of understanding.

Some think it's so amazing they believe its the bible. But I believe it's just an advanced human perspective.

The author is not infallible. You have to take from it what applies and leave the rest, like everything else.

However, having read dozens of UFO books, starting with Biil Cooper BEFORE Behold a Pale Horse came out. I have read and heard it all. (I think)
I feel this is the BEST overall holistic understanding of the events we are going through as humans.

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 04:51 AM
I enjoyed the books.

The author (Val) is a bit obsessed with finding it ALL out

In any case I dont read anymore UFO-Books that dont factor in spiritual/non-physical aspects of it. Only looking at all of this from a nuts-and-bolts perspective is missing the big picture. Hence...The Matrix books.

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 05:26 AM

Thanks heaps, perhaps time to get Matrix V!! Your synopsis on the books were inspiring, thanks again!


posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 04:27 PM
is the matrix v book online anywhere and if so could someone post a link

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 12:33 PM
I don't think one person wrote all that is in these books.
I wonder who his partners were and where they got their info.
I am familiar with many of the concepts put forth, but have a gut feeling of rejection for for much of it also.
These books are expensive and so I have put off buying any of them. I have picked up some of the "Timeline" here and there, and must say that it is revealing.

I question the use of the concept of "purpose".
Why does life have to have a purpose?
Why does life have to have "meaning"?
Do people seriously look for such things?
I don't, I just accept that that's what is.

I do however wonder about the purpose of the actions and lack of actions of various groups of humans or other.

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by k5v9n

It doesnt seem to be online yet!

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by OhZone

I believe that the first three books in this series were written by John Grace and ATS's own former (now post banned or self retired depending on whose story you believe) Conspiracy Master, John Lear. I for one miss Mr. Lear on ATS but do follow him on other forums.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 02:50 AM
Thanx for the above review. Still not sure whether to buy as it is very expensive (especially if you are still a student). Recently found a rather negative review of Matrix V at which is equally convincing so I am confused. Monty

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by Im a Marty

I have the Matrix V in electronic format it is a very big volume and I have it split in 13 parts . I can send it via skype ...I know for sure it works ..Contact me should you want the book: or write me at abovetopsecret lisa2012

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 07:09 PM
Some of you who listen to the group Jedi Mind Tricks may be aware that their first album was inspired by a Val Valerian book.

posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 01:18 PM
Matrix V and VI was written by anonymous person - The Author and not by Valdemar Valerian (pseudonym).
I would say that these two books (actually 4) is Robert Monroe multiplied by 1000. And most importantly, the information is based on direct observance via out-of-body travel. Want to learn the truth by yourself? Go out of your body!

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 03:55 PM
trufax is one of my favorite sites.
I like his articles.
The info on the books looks so inviting. I love works that run into thousands of pages.
Ah, but then I wonder if I should spend that kind of money.
I have serious disagreements with many of his ideas.
I'm not into any of this new agey assension/higher density etc. stuff.
It just seems so airy-fairy to me....kind of like the equivalent of the religionist's "rapture".
I equate the term "density" to mean frequency (vibes) and I can understand that. I can even go for worlds & life within worlds, like Phone & computer coming thru same thin little wire, but something about the discussion of assension etc turns me off.

Are there summaries of the other books somewhere?
I know the table of contents he lists look quite comprehensive.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 03:30 PM
"Cooper was not the only figure in the UFO subculture who was elaborating politically charged conspiracy theories by the end of the 1980s. The year 1989 marked the beginning of the activities of John Grace, also known as Val Germann and Val (or Valdamar) Valerian. Grace was an air force enlisted man stationed at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, where he apparently came into contact with Lear. About 1988, Grace-Valerian founded the Nevada Aerial Research Group in Las Vegas, but soon relocated it to Yelm, Washington, under the name Leading Edge Research Group. He has been an extraordinarily prolific writer and publisher, claiming to have issued tens of thousands of pages. His central works are the massive, ongoing series of Matrix volumes, of which at least six have appeared, and the serial publication The Leading Edge.44

It is impossible to summarize Valerian's system. Indeed, it may well be one of the most complex superconspiracy theories ever constructed. Scarcely any major organization or institution escapes inclusion. One diagrammatic representation requires six pages to lay out the connections among elements of the plot, including the Gestapo, the Mafia, and the Wobblies (IWW). Valerian ranges not only across the usual UFO and conspiracist terrain but across politics, religion, science, and history. He clearly regards his system not merely as an explanation of flying saucers or contemporary politics but as a synoptic vision of all knowledge.45

Cooper edged gradually toward more ambitious conspiratorial schemes, but even at his most sweeping he never sought to cover areas such as the sciences (about which, in fact, he claimed ignorance). Valerian, by contrast, takes conspiracism to its logical conclusion by suggesting that all true knowledge has been deliberately hidden, and that attempts to reveal it in one area will inevitably reveal the entire structure, if only one digs widely and deeply enough. Anything that is available and obvious is false, while what is hidden has to be true; its hiddenness can have occurred only because those who truly know do not wish it to be revealed. As Valerian puts it, "As a result of the suppression and compartmentalization of information, cultures have been fragmented into several distinct groups and mind sets which both co-exist and oppose each other." He clearly believes that he has discovered the suppressed synthesis."
Val Valerian , (cryptonym of John Grace, Air Force Intelligence operative), disinformer and prolific false anti-Star Visitors propagandist
"I have many of his publications (very expensive). It was easy to get hooked until I read his rants and raves about women. What c***ts they are. That's when the alarm bells went off. I was shocked and offended. I came to the conclusion Val might be gay but he's definitely a woman hater. Maybe it was a mother-thing. Whatthef**ckever.

Like any disinfo agent, Val uses some truth in his works - and that's what gets you interested. Like David dIcke, you can go down the rabbit holes of many theories and get easily lost. What to believe? What to think? What is truth?

Like any author or speaker, one must absorb the their information and THEN discriminate. No KNOWLEDGE on this planet is set in stone - it all depends on who is the storyteller."
John Grace
One of my friends lost his sanity somewhere between matrix 2&3 and it wrecked his head completely & our friendship along with it, he wasn't the kind of person to be reading conspiracies already - granted, but Val is a special breed of Head#. Not that special tho - see Bob Frissel - Nothing in this book is true but its exactly how things are for similar Style of Unified nonsense.

- B.M

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by B.Morrison

Who cares? I wrote above that Matrix V wasn't written by Val. He only compile the index and also wrote an introduction.

One funny thing you can be sure of: if a person truly and profoundly interested in spiritual matters, he/she is also at least bisexual. No exception to this! I mean, never!

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 05:45 PM
How about his Timeline?

Does anyone have that. Did he add to that too?

I've seen pieces here and does look like almost like a synopsis of history...just connect the dots.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by strNick
reply to post by B.Morrison

Who cares? I wrote above that Matrix V wasn't written by Val. He only compile the index and also wrote an introduction.

If you look at my post, I was adding a viewpoint to the discussion, not directly replying to your post.
I don't (personally) know anything about matrix 4&5 nor did I claim to.

I am talking about Val's history as a cointelpro agent & service as john grace.
I am also talking about matrix 1 through 3 which i HAVE sighted and WAS written by Val/John & DID send my mate crazy so....

who cares?

yes who cares if the information you are defending is true or not, who cares if the informing can be trusted or not or if he indeed is on the payroll for spreading lies.....yes after your in depth argument of "who cares?" I now see how none of that matters....very convincing, well done with that.

One funny thing you can be sure of: if a person truly and profoundly interested in spiritual matters, he/she is also at least bisexual. No exception to this! I mean, never!
[edit on 16/8/2009 by strNick]

Interesting but nothing to do with anything really, would be interested in a link or some kind of reference to support you argument, like proof. you say "no exception to this! I mean, never!" and thats a pretty strong statement, as such requiring pretty strong proof.

I'm sorry if I upset you by rubbishing Val, is he one of your favourite authors/series or something?
I astral travel myself, should I be paying attention to 4&5?
why wouldn't the anon. author simply write his own book?
seems either stupid or suspicious to me,
why associate your info with the name of a questionable character?
there are far more logical explinations for mr. Anon,
which discredit the info or val, depending.

back up your statements please....
I won't accept an argument without source links or supporting evidence....specially not 'who cares' specially not after I put in the effort & do the research to be confronted with an argument as weak as that.


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