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Strange light in the sky. Bay Area, CA

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posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 12:04 AM
Today I was driving to San Francisco from Oakley with a friend and I noticed a bright light seem to come out of nowhere. It was a bright Orange/red and left behind a tail. During what was the middle of its travel it got really bright and then faded into nothing, but the tail lingered on.

It was too big for how far it was to be an Airplane reflecting sunlight, I would think. It was really big for how far away it seemed to be.

Anyone else in the Bay Area witness this? I put this here because I do not think it was man made or "alien", It kind of reminded me of Haley's comet.

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posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 12:59 AM
Hi.. we all thank you for your post..

Can you possibly share a bit more with us, this way if anyone else knows or has seen the same we can have a better picture of it.. I know you briefly mentioned some of the information.. but if you wouldn't mind just placing your answers after the subject topics.. it would be a great help.. (BTW.. I'm less than an hour away from the area your mentioning of this).

WEATHER: (Windy of about ??mph and coming from the North/South/East/West.. No wind)
CRAFT TYPE: (Spherical, Cigar, saucer, other, unknown)
SOUND: (Buzzing, Fluttering, Crackling, other, No Sound)
LUMINOSITY: (as bright as a... but not as bright as of a..)
SIZE: (as big as.. but not as big as a..) or (when I stretch my arm out it was as large as my holding in my hand: a pencil-lead, a copper bb, a dime, a nickle, a quarter, a 50 cent piece, a ping-pong ball, a tennis-ball, a softball.. etc).
TRAJECTORY: (It appeared from the North/south/east/west, and it turned/headed towards the North/South/East/West)
ALTITUDE: (It was seen at an altitude higher/lower by ?? to that of a commercial Jet Airliner).
AMBIENT AIR ENVIRONMENT: (No other Air traffic observed, Jet/Planes observed, Birds/Bugs, other etc.)

If you could fill in the above and if you've recalled anything else that you may have omitted or forgot from your first post please include it..

Many thanks.. Hopefully we'll find some other witnesses..


posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 01:01 PM
DATE:Fri 1/1/2008
TIME: about 5:30pm
WITNESSES: Myself and my friend
LOCATION: I was in Oakley driving towards HWY 4 to drive to S.F.
WEATHER:Not windy at my location
VISIBILITY:Clear skies into clouds more towards the west
CRAFT TYPE: I'm not really saying it was any type of craft but since it was so far it kind of streamed out a bit into an oval shape
SOUND: none, too far
LUMINOSITY: It came out of nowhere, and first I just saw kind of a tail and then it got really bright, it started to get brighter and then it faded off as it went into a cloud.
COLOR: Bright red/orange
SIZE: If I was to hold a ruler up to it and measure it by eye from where I was from, I'd say it was about 1/8"
TRAJECTORy: It started from nowhere and seemed to fall NW, its approach was kind of "\" angle
ALTITUDE: No idea, it was far away so I could not judge exactly how high it was, but it was above the cloudline.

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 02:06 PM
Thanks for the details. IMO, it sounds like you may have seen an "earth grazing" meteor. A typical meteor is the size of a grain of sand. Get some about the size of a pebble or small rock and it will make a dramatic entrance into atmosphere and put on quite a show, especially being that you witnessed a 'tail' behind it.

I know that the Quadrantid meteor shower peaked at that time, however, I don't believe it was favorable viewing on the west coast, but could be related.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 01:04 PM
It could've been a meteor, as the previous poster said. Or it could've been related to events happening in the Sacramento area and So. Cal. recently.

I hope I tagged that correctly.

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