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Video emerges of woman 911 caller forcefully strip searched in police custody

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 02:01 PM
What a sick country to live in....

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 02:56 PM
Moderator Request

I am the original poster. In the time since this thread started, new information has become available, a second newscast has taken place, and it's become clear that some of my speculation in the original post was not correct. I made a point of stating that some things were unclear, but even so I'd like to edit and update the post for the benefit of people new to the thread. Very few people will read through ten pages to get more current information than I had at the time, and quite a lot of discussion has taken place asking questions that are answered, but buried deep into the thread. For some reason I cannot edit the original post. I can edit other posts in the thread, but not the original.

Could we fix this?

Thank you.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 03:13 PM
This is Abu Graib right here in the USA perpetrated on a citizen. Where is the mainstream media outrage this time? Oh,,,the victim is not a minority. I see.

I hope the fat bastard lying Sheriff goes to jail for defending the actions of his little Gestapo Deputies. They need to put him and his Hitler Youth in the cells Compion and Ramos are in and let them go.

And cops wonder why they get shot during traffic stops. You have to wonder what the shooters have gone through in their dealings with cops to bring them to that.

I realize all cops are not bad. But the bad are allowed to exist because the good ones do nothing and remain behind the Blue Code of Silence.

They don't want me on the jury in this case. I'd award the victim the whole county.

I almost forgot,,,this makes me angry.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 03:14 PM
having reviewed the second news footage - i have another question

why was this arestee being videoed at all ????????????

the second report shows a fixed CCTV camera covering the custody suite - but for some reason an officer with a hand held camera is following the arestee and her handlers

WHY ??????????????????

i have serious boubts that that is standard practice - its just too labour inensive to process EVERY arestee this way

so it begs the question why was mrs SHEFFY ` singled out ` to be videoed through every step of her processing ??????????????

please note that this is PRIOR to the contrevesial ` strip search `

so what had she done to require this ???

her solicitor and the news crew do not see fit to mention this - but it seems to me that the situation must have escalated quite a way for the police to breakout a hand held camera and film every part of mts sheffy`s processing

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by LordBucket

Can you post your new information while waiting for MOD response....Im really curious to see it, as im sure everyone else is

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by LordBucket

That is FRINGING SICK! disgraceful horrifying, demeaning violating and practically an act of rape i watched the video myself and i nearly cried for that poor girl i hope that the sheriff's involved in the incident are all sued and locked up them selves if possible the female sheriff should be so dam ashamed of her self it's just so sad and sickening to watch, is it me or has anybody noticed the law enforcement in the USA has just gone out of control even kid's are being falsely involved or hurt or arrested by police, maybe the time for a policed military state is coming?

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by ignorant_ape

The only reason i can think of is it's an excuse to get Martial Law into action but yet who knows i hope this video was faked cuz if not it's just terrifying imagine it being ur partner or you lover or even your own mother it's just wrong...

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 04:07 PM
I haven't read this whole thread but I watched the video and these are my observations:

1. It appears that the 'victim' is under the influence of drugs because she's screaming bloody murder.

2. It also appears that the woman was so out of control that the female officers could not restrain her and the male officers may have been called in to help get her under control.

3. If the police were doing anything wrong, why would they be videotaping it?

I am one who would also not trust the police but there seems to be much more going on here than a simple innocent person being strip-searched.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 04:18 PM
Anne, are you serious, the woman seems to be under the influence of drugs because she is screaming, how about she thinks her rights are being violated and as a normal human being she is reacting to the situation, perhaps you think it is pefectly normal to stand there and be quite whilst your being violated.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by annestacey

Shame on you!! That woman was NOT on drugs, she was being assaulted and stripped by big black men and she no doubt thought the next step was rape. God knows the only reason they taped that was to say later that they did not do anything wrong, like rape her!! All iot shows are two weak and pathetic looking bleached blonde female pigs. who obviously cannot handle the job, if the have to have men come in and strip their women prisoners.

The woman is screaming because her modesty was being TOTALLY violated and she was manhandles and assaulted by those scum. They should be stood up against a wall and shot and if they were guilty of doing that to my daughetr they would be full of embalming fluid before you could say bob's your uncle. Filthy scum...pigs. I hate em all. They will ALL follow orders and do stuff like this if the head pig grunts an order. The filthy chief says this is all Ok!! It is time to take matters into our own hands when this crap happens.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by eyewitness86

she was being assaulted and stripped by big black men

I did not see any "Black" men in the video...

Did I miss something?


posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 06:27 PM
American police scare me. When I lived in Arizona they were all power-hungry maniacs (ok, maybe not all, but that was the impression I got). Always over-reacting to everything. Like a million police cars would turn up for the slightest thing, and then they all jump out brandishing guns... still it was normally just funny, but this video was obscene.

Over here in the UK, granted our cops could actually do with being a bit MORE threatening, but I think if they did that to anyone, even a terrorist or something they would all have been struck off immediately.

America is a contradiction. Land of the free and all that shizzle... hmmm... Of course that was what the war of independence was about - right, erm, something about you wanted to create a free and fair place to live... funny how things turn out. But hey, maybe its just a general, slow descent into an apocalypse across the whole world?

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 06:30 PM
My response to this story forces me to think of how I would react.

And I guess all I can say is that those cops can thank their lucky stars that wasn't my wife or my sister or my daughter. For if it was, their lawyer wouldn't be able to protect them.

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by ignorant_ape
who owns your driving licence ?

or more a more pertinant question who owns deivers licences issued in the states by the DMV ?

because here [ the UK ] the DVLA owns your drivers licence - and a licence issued to a desceased relative must be surrendered to the DVLA

and also if you hand your licence to a police officer in the UK they are under no oblication to return it - this is especially true if you have committed an offence .

so what is the US position - are you allowed to retain licences of dead relatives ? do they have to be voided ? do they remain the property of the state ?

just a thought

because if the licence remains DMV property - the officer may have been correct in refusing to return it , and things escalated from there

You are missing the forest for the trees. The issue of the driver's license is completely irrelevant. Sexually, Physically, and Psychologically abusing a person in Police custody is the issue.

Personally, I'm against human rights abuses. What about you?

Furthermore, this wasn't an "escalation" by the police, this was a deviation by the police into an illegal domain. So, be aware of how you are framing this situation, carefully.

[edit on 3-2-2008 by harrytuttle]

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 07:07 PM
Hey all,

First, I dare say that this video is only shocking to those who have never been arrested and/or watch too much COPS on tv.

(please note I'm going to be a Devil's Advocate to a degree in the following)

Yes the male officers should not have been present. They and the female officers should be punished. I'd even like to see them lose their jobs...but this will never happen. Read on...

Now: Should she have been arrested? I don't know. You can be arrested for looking at a cop crosseyed or holding a picket sign on the wrong side of the street. (This USED to be a mostly figurative statement. Now it is all too often frighteningly literal.) At that point, god help you.

Whether or not the woman should have been arrested or not is the real question, in my mind. Because:

A. Once the police have you, and I know firsthand, you really don't "have" many "rights". Legally, yes we may. But unfortunately a jail house is pretty much a dungeon. You will not get a phone call, you will not be fed, you may or may not get water (some cells don't have it and they may or may not decide to give you some), and even if the cell window is broken and it's winter...well you may not get a mat to sleep on...or a cover...or even the jail slippers to cover your bare feet. The toilet might be backed up and there might be cockroaches both dead and alive. This all depends on how popular you are at the moment. They will ask you where you work...if you refuse as any patriot would...they will withhold all of the items above.

B. If they are going to hold you, you very well might be told to wear the local jail outfit. They will ask you to strip naked at this point. If you are male, it should take place in front of males; female in front of females. If you refuse then you WILL be stripped forceably. (Again, first hand knowledge). They won't stand around waiting for you to change your mind. They don't put you in a corner for "time-out". You basically have no rights until you get to court and the Judge might be curt and irritable. You are in a dungeon. They will not listen to any reasoning no matter how eloquently it is spoken. They are operating on auto-pilot. They have done this before and they don't remember his/her name. They will do it again and if not themselves, someone else will.

C. The more noise you make while this takes place, the less the Judge is going to sympathize with you EVEN if you were wrongfully arrested. These draconian days, all the cops seem to need is suspicion along with some out-of-character behavior. Arrest first, let the Judge sort it out. The charges may be overturned or dropped, but the police won't be punished because they run the dungeon. So, she may be redeemed in court, but that won't change or carry over to how she was treated while in custody.

This goes on all over. The next day, they kick you out onto the street with a court date. They WILL NOT give you a copy of the police report at that time. And if none of the officers show up in court, then that's it. That is your vindication for any indignities you have suffered. They will go home and laugh about it. You may see them before and after court laughing it up in the hallowed halls of justice.You will be left feeling angry and helpless and the gears will continue to chew up and spit out others. "Real World" rules don't apply to dungeons.

D. The sad truth is that if you take away the woman's screams and get rid of the male officers, there isn't much here that doesn't go on hundreds of times every day right here in the good old USA. Sad...but true. This is what can happen after you are either arrested CORRECTLY (for an actual crime) or INCORRECTLY. Once you are arrested and in the dungeon, YOU ARE SCUM in their eyes. Luckily, you might be treated fairly. If you're lucky that is. Don't expect it. That will almost always lead to disappointment.

The only thing we have going for us is when, as in this instance, the footage is shared and not "lost due to technical problems".

This is why the television show COPS is extreme propaganda. You'll never see how things REALLY happen without those third party cameras. COPS is fantasyland. Frankly (and sadly), I remember thinking that many of the complaints regarding Abu Graib were equal to what goes on here in many cases. Not the worst of the stuff mind you, but some. However, people die in custudy from dehydration, starvation and exposure to other detainies/prisoners. Sometimes they don't get legal council for months. This is the system in ANYTOWN, USA.

So the next time you hear a flag-waving good-guy like Johnny Boy McCain talk about keeping Americans safe by curbing or disintegrating the civil rights of those very same Americans, ask yourself if you feel safer by turning your shampoo over to airport security while seeing kids getting "wanded" by metal detectors and old ladies frisked or seeing a video like this. Because the Patriot Act and all the other "tools to catch evildoer terrorists" will only increase police brutality and actually create an environment that ENCOURAGES it to thrive and multiply.

The message is that when we give up rights to make things "easier" for the gestapo, in essence that tells the gestapo that you DON'T deserve those rights. This diminishes our humanity while raising the "righteousness" of the gestapo. They will be put on the pedastal while we sit in the street gutter. They become more-than-human while we become less-than. The gestapo don't feel compelled for any other reason than their own "benevolence" if any, to show you any "kindness". This is their job. In their grasp, you are their bread-and-butter; their Reason For Being.

As far as the video, again...unfortunately, this looks pretty "standard" to me. I don't think that makes it right. She may have been uncooperative because of innocence, but if the female officers couldn't control her, that is, unless she did whatever they asked, then the officers can say they feared for their safety in which case they could (I'm pretty sure) invoke the action of the male officers. They have every "right" to restrain and contain you. They, the officers, will get every benefit of the doubt.

This IS the system. "Take a number and have a nice day." These are the people that can now look at you library record, your medical record, or any other record as easily as they can break wind or belch. So...if we have nothing to hide...should we be worried?

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 09:17 PM
This is the kind of behavior that cannot be tolerated by the citizenry. The police violated every shread of decency possible, as well as violating there very own policy.

I'm hoping that in addition to a rather large settlement, these officers lose their jobs. I'd wager the city will be all too eager to settle out of court, and this would be a huge mistake on the part of the victim if she were to settle like that.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by SpaceBits

How about they don't pull people over unless they have probable cause. That sounds about rite.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 01:01 AM

Originally posted by 2nd Hand Thoughts
if the female officers couldn't control her, that is, unless she did whatever they asked, then the officers can say they feared for their safety in which case they could (I'm pretty sure) invoke the action of the male officers. They have every "right" to restrain and contain you.

No, no one has the right to over see International Law and for male officers to be present while a woman is being striped is not going to go unpunished.

your right about "They have every "right" to restrain and contain you" but Not Terrorise you and Torture you. That's what I saw. Why could she not have been restrained untill more female back up could assist?

If you think this is a system we have to live with. Well then my friend your part of the problem not the solution. I refuse to just lie down and allow others to just dominate me at there will.

I just came back from visiting my Parents, who simply just said the same as you. I also just Disowned my parents(something I never thought I would do) after there sad comment's and there lack of compassion towards your fellow neighbor. It's was quite disgusting actually to have your own parents mock and make fun of you because there to bizzy watching TV to get involved. My dad seems to think think he can protect his own family and he only wants to worry about his family. He's nowhere near superman, in fact I think he's a coward!

I'm sorry but you are "Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, beyond a reasonable doubt".

As for the officers in question there is "No Doubt" about what they did, then they claim they did nothing wrong?

To not speak out and stand up on important issues like this is to definitely tells them we approve, and that I will not and can not do.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by intrepid

As well as those that are convicted of murder, pedophilia, rape, fraud, etc. Like I said, it's a different environment.

I wanted to add this in after thinking about it today. Just because a cop or a CO is immersed in an environment where they are surrounded by criminals, does not give them any excuse to what they did here. If you want to give leniency to these guys because of the harsh environment they work in, I suggest you visit the homes and neighborhoods where these criminals live and grew up. Talk about being a product of your environment.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 05:29 AM

This is clearly what I would label a manifestation of Evil. Anyone who can watch this and question whether or not there could be some justification needs a head check and look at themselves & what they have become.

Now, I don't believe most of these officers are Evil themselves, but the system they have been indoctrinated in has created an environment that allows Evil to run wild unchallenged. I would suggest that they believe that they are indeed doing right and they don't see themselves as criminals - even though they are the worst kind of criminal that can exist - one that does evil acts backed by the state & is unaware (not all) they've done anything wrong because they are trained, rewarded & praised for it.

Just like Abu.

Probably similar to what happened in the NAZI prison camps before the Jews were gassed - the only difference here is they don't kill them - all the time.
I see the actions of these servants parallel to the bad guys in the Movie Braveheart whereas the state employees raped women & killed William Wallace's wife. I suggest you jailers & cops out there take a look at that movie and then look at yourself and see which part you play or ignore.

It seems to be okay with a part of our population that believes torture is okay as long as those being tortured are deemed to have not followed every order of the state.

Those of you who claim, that we haven't seen all the facts thus it makes these evil acts acceptable, I suggest you are either part of that system and blinded by it or are not human yourselves.

It's time we put a stop to the - It's ok to be evil sick bastards as long as it's policy and for so & so's protection.

I myself called 911 & low & behold I ended up being taken to jail and abused to the point that I nearly died on the operating table because of the Evil that manifested itself through policy's, procedures and people who seem to have lost their humanity. I may tell the story in another post, but I also have a lawsuit pending against the Evil bastards.

If you need to vent go to the Stark County Sheriff's Homepage & email or call them - Just don't make any threats. Nothing wrong with telling them how you feel.

The big picture we need to write our congress(w)men and tell them we need to put a stop to the abuse of citizens - Period - with no strings or what - ifs attached.

Doing Evil to another human being is wrong - Especially when it's being done by government employees.

The cameras were there to protect the cops from lawsuits - from people who've supposedly made up wild stories about what happened to them. Now we have people using their own cameras against them, and it's clear by the way they act & comments from some here in the biz they believe it's okay to act like that.

If you watch the second video you will see that it's the Sheriff's office that has kept some of the videos hidden away or destroyed.

GET a CLUE - EVIL acts will not be accepted by the people any longer - we will continue prosecute you through the media & the courts until you stop this behavior.

MY Uncle an ex-marine quit the Sheriff's office in CA because he couldn't stomach the way people were being systematically abused. I thought he was being a pussy until I heard some of the stories.

Innocent until proven guilty has become wanton sadistic abuse & sometimes death if you dare defy our orders.

Detainees die often enough that they have labels such as accidental homicide, justifiable homicide, or it must of been suicide. What I call it is an ACT of EVIL which resulted in death of a human being. But hey it's okay we killed em because they were bad people or they didn't listen us or follow orders and after all in order to protect ourselves we can kill you cause we wouldn't want to have to get bruised or nothing ya know. How dare you defy us you little commoner.

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