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looks like my bro in law is already getting divorced

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posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 02:12 PM
what a big ass giant turd he is.

they got married on december 8th so as you can see, it has bot been a long marriage.
anyway, my wife and i have been getting all kinds of phone calls.

he calls me and needs to talk. at the same time his wife will call my wife and need to talk. then she will call me and he will call his is unreal

they are not going through hard times or anything, just a couple little far he has already told her that he loves her but he wants a divorce...

it seems like highschool games and it is annoying....i don't want anyones relationship to fail or anything but what the hell is with calling us and actling like we are 15 again?

people need to learn how to handle their buisness. i remember when he was married to his first wife, he would call his dad and need to all crying on the phone cause it was a huge disaster. now the same thing is happening again only they are not calling their parents, but my wife and i...

a huge part of me has to laugh and shrug at the same time...i mean, i am 30 years old and been married bout 5 years and i would never dream of playing these games like they are....
i would NEVER call my mommy and dump all my relationship problems in their lap. never would i call my bro or sis.

i don't think they were ever ready to get married. they are finally settling down and they are realizing i think that they are not right for each other and it is sad cause it is all about stupid, dumb ass stuff.

they hooked up about a year ago like 2 weeks after he got divorced. they hooked up and he moved in with her. then they moved to florida and got a condo. then they bought a house down there. then they land contracted it and moved back up here and were looking for houses.
they finally decided to stay in the house they are in, so, they are settling down a bit i think and getting a real handle on how each other are.

i told him that unless he really wants to get divorced to stop crying wolf with that. this lady was divorced and on her own for like 8 years....she can do it and get by and she knows of these times he is gonna toss out the ole "i want a divorce card" and she is gonna give it to him.

that is the only outcome i see.
this is going to end in divorce.....he is being a big crybaby over everything....35 years old and acts 15.

she will go to work and he will text message her while she is at work and tell them that it is not working out and he wants the divorce...

who does that crap?

oh well. if they get divorced, maybe i will take in their mastiff. they have a mastiff that is about 13 weeks old right now....sure their arguing is only going to escalate and the divorce is imminent.

you know, i loathe people like this....i am not so much blaming her but him...people that just get married on a whim. it kinda makes marriage in general seem not worth all that much and i put a lot of stock in my marriage. it is the greatest and i love my wife....i plan on being married till i die....
then we get this turd that has been married but two months and it is already falling apart......what a joke.

i don't know why this is bothering me so much but it is...i think because they are calling us and using us like shoulders to cry on when they should be talking about each other.
they are both hiding it from their parents cause, omg, what would they think.

i look at the scratch they dropped on the wedding and i have to bwuahahahaha about that too. several grand for the country club...several grand for the rings...a few hundo for the tux and dress.
in the end they dropped more than a nickel on this and all for a couple months....

man o man

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Man, he got way too serious hooking up so soon after the last divorce. He should have taken her out for a test drive for a few years before making the down payment. But that's just me. I'm only on my second marriage anyway.

Actually it sounds like just what you are thinking. He needs to grow up first before making commentments like this.

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by Sanity Lost

he moved like a bullet. here is how it went down.
he got divorced...i don't remember the month but it was just a couple months before he moved in with her....
before his divorce was even final, he started messing around with another girl and was in the process of moving her in. then, he started to see his now wife, at the same time he was seeing this other girl.
so of course he brags about how he's with one on monday and the other on tuesday. then he dumps off girl number one and is just messing with his now wife. very fast he moves in with her and my wife and i buy his house.
then it is just boom boom boo,...everything happening fast.

i don't get it but he seems to me like he can not be alone...too bad cause she is a good lady. she annoys me especially now what with all these phone calls that my wife and i are getting.....i blame him for all of this...

in the end, i am selfish i suppose cause i really just want my phone to stop ringing. it's not that i don't care about what is happening with them but i don't care to the point where i want a call every day with one of them all bunged up.....i got my own deals going on you know?

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by Boondock78

Since I don't know the hows and whys of his wanting a divorce, all else I can suggest you tell him that she seems to you to be a keeper. Tell him to stick with her and perhaps look into counceling.
The divorce might cost him more than the wedding did afterall.

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 03:14 PM
wow, that was quick!

I'll go ahead and post this clip of Doug Stanhope on marriage again. Explains my thoughts on this subject perfectly:

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