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Negative Blood Type (RH Factor) and Alien History

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 08:59 AM
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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by fratbrotha

Actually I've been reading and I quote again:

"** NOTE: Recent Blood research indicates that where, at one time, a person with type O negative Blood was considered to be a 'universal donor,' this may no longer be correct, because of a better understanding of the complex issues of immune reactions related to incompatible donor Blood cells."

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 09:46 AM
[edit on 17-6-2008 by mpkrsk] i think youre slightly mistaken IF youre the universal donor you are O can google it if you like. youre not positive. im O negative as well. O negative can only recieve from other o negs but can give to everyone else.

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Blood group O (or blood group zero in some countries) individuals do not have either A or B antigens on the surface of their RBCs, but their blood serum contains IgM anti-A antibodies and anti-B antibodies against the A and B blood group antigens. Therefore, a group O individual can receive blood only from a group O individual, but can donate blood to individuals of any ABO blood group (ie A, B, O or AB). If anyone needs a blood transfusion in a dire emergency, and if the time taken to process the recipient's blood would cause a detrimental delay, O Negative blood can be issued.

0- can only receive o- but can donate to anyone.
0+ can only receive blood from 0- and 0+ but can donate to anyone.

Type O blood is the universal blood type and is the only blood type that can be transfused to patients with other blood types

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by mpkrsk

i stand corrected...thanks for the info.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 02:15 AM
The - RH factor is actually from ancient Europe. The lineage of these are actually from the lost tribes of Israel who left a trail from Israel of A- blood types into Northern Europe. Southern Europe is a more mixed race as many southern Europeans are racially mixed with African and Middle eastern( arabic) blood peoples. As we mix we tend to loose the A and the negative factors in blood types. There are many anti Jew and Anti White studies that try to conclude that A- blood types are from space invaders which borders on racism is not. The roots of these claims come from African, Aisan, and Middle eastern areas. I read some Islamo-Fascist researchers that claim that A- are aliens.

as far as some telepathic powers I think that may be more rumors to cast doubt on the A- blood types. It is not just the Basque regions but most of Northern Europe where the A and - blood types occur and are from in years past (antiquity).
AB blood types seem to be a Mix of A and B (asian) races. Japanese have large A and B populations.

There seems to be another thing about A and - blood types they tend to be extremely intelligent as a whole. The Anti European and Islamo Fascists claim this is proof they are Aliens from another universe, more silliness designed to claim they should be erradicated.

I would be very careful applying any of this alien trash superstition to blood types. This kind of Voodoo racist nonsense is dangerous.

This nonsense borders on Nazism

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 04:41 PM
Speaking for myself, being of Basque descent and A Negative to those who I've came in contact throughout my life until now which is far and few I take a liking too and vice verse, recently I've asked those in relations to their blood type to those I have a deep connection with, and to my amazement all have stated they were RH A Negative. And, I will also state like myself, those individuals have some sort of psychic connection within themselves or with others throughout many levels.

For myself I've noticed at a very young age 2-years to be exact I was able to project from my physical body, Bilocate, Remote View, speak telepathically with those through my dreams with "others", extremely empathetic and so forth. As I age all the above gets stronger and notice new abilities I'm able to do that I wasn't able to before. Recently I'm able to close my eyes and use my eye lids as a screen sorta of speak and be shown visions of whatever it is projecting this to me, or speak with this certain someone.

My first two daughters are also A Negative and show some of the same traits as I do.

Now, I'm not saying I'm higher than anyone else, I'm not saying I'm of Alien descendants ETC, BUT I will say I feel there's more to play on this then the average RH Positive/person.

I can share countless of facts that have happened throughout my life that seem to interweave within this.

One can either look towards this as a bazaar coincidence or something more towards a "higher" power. I'm not here to make non-believers out of believers, but to simply sift through with those who are also on the same course as I am.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 06:40 PM
Ekstasis makes many excellent points and I agree with her outlook.
Enki is a dark lord, put simply .He does not care what religion you profess or what your political leanings are . If you are motivated by greed ,fear ,power lust etc , he will use you and discard you when he's done with you . His own family is rh- but that does not make them better than anyone. Its easy to forgive those lost in RH+ hell , but to abuse your powers and gifts to enslave others is the ultimate abuse of power.
Its what we embrace in our hearts that defines us and every rh+ child who is fortunate to find their true self in their own heart will transform /transcend the monkey mind . Love is the key .
The last star wars episode beautifully illustrates the way a dark lord works.
They are masters of deception and manipulation.
But the Jedi still exist ,their work goes on and be thankfull for it because without them You would all be completely enslaved by now .
Its very tempting to abuse power for selfish ends ,so contact is often a slow process of testing the individuals integrity .Addressing your dark side is something everyone must do, +or - .
Yes , I prefer the company of RH- people generally because Usaully they are at peace with themselves , but there are dangerous exceptions.
If it does not feel right ,thats your first clue to beware .

The first danger that can beset a contactee is ego inflation .I'm a contactee therfore I must be 'chosen'. Well you know thats religious programing kicking in right there . nobody is chosen or better than.
As they say in the Jedi order 'its nice to be important , but its more important to be nice '. Jedi are chosen because they do not seek power ,thats what qualifies them you see.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 07:17 PM
And in the final analysis it does not matter what planet you may have originaly evolved from. Everybody has to move on eventually .Planets die ,galactic empires come and go . The ancients where once all powerfull or so they thought . Now they are scattered like dust , much of their genetic diversity destroyed by their own folly and arrogance .now they must start over. Mother nature always has the last laugh with tyrants .
And when momma aint happy ,aint nobody happy...

so get real ,and humble yourself cos mummy loves her little monsters despite everything !

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 08:34 PM

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 10:42 AM
A RH neg here!!
I never even knew I was Rh neg until I donated blood in my early 20's.
I knew I was A from high school biology class.
MOm is A+ my Dad is O-
My Dad never knew he was Rh Neg until he had major surgery in mid-life.
Mom and Dad were born in the 1920's before they knew much about the RH factor.
My Mom is 100% Swedish, Dad a mixture of Celtic -and Spanish mainly.
Mom is a blue eyed blonde(now grey) Dad is a dark- haired dark eyed and olive skin as per the Spanish ancestrey, looks very latin.
The interesting thing I found out is that in order for a child to be RH neg-BOTH parents have to carry the negative gene, so mom must have it in here background, and indeed, we think her aunt(my great aunt) was RH NEG.
Both my sons are A+ so my husband must be something positive- he's not sure what he is, as doctors never told him -as has been discussed here Doctors don't seem to tell you your blood type.(unless you ask)
The only reason I know my sons are A+ is because I took it upon myself to ask right after they were born when I had to have the Rho-gram shot.
No problems at all with the pregancies, births, or anything else!
I have been told I have very compelling eyes(brown) some people have stated they can't look me in the eye, they are so piercing.
Brown hair.
Yes, I'm smart(don't know exact IQ)
Dad's IQ is 140-but my two A+ brothers also have 130+ IQ's-one is a judge. A+ mother is very intelligent as well, so are my sons, they are A students.
I'm a devout Christian but I have had paranormal experiences.
I love space and science.
Extra Vertabrae? Don't know- I had my back X-rayed due to back problems and no one ever SAID I had an extra vertabrae- but they aren't very forthcoming sometimes, as discussed above.
Electrical disturbances? Well Yes, as a matter of fact and some people have noticed.
I do have pre-cognition and psychic dreams.
Sorry but I don't really believe I'm part alien, or angel, or reptilian- but I do think RH neg may carry the gene of a very ancient race of human beings that may be extinct now.

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 01:51 AM
My families history is fascinating ,full of intrigue and secrecy as well as a big involvement in the arts . Precog is common . We just generally refer to that stuff as the intuitive arts .My father was very good at it as were others . Much of the success of Englands defence against Hitler was due to the technical expertise of families such as ours .Code breaking ,special ops , aircraft and weapons design etc.
Not that we ever get much credit for it but then it does not matter really . The bottom line was that we supplied the know how to defeat Enki's latest puppet and save the free world from another attempt at global tyranny . Business as usual .

Because we are unwelcome guests in a sense ,its common for parents in the know to not tell their children why they are different . "what you dont know wont hurt you" . Its operational procedure for Enki to harrass and intimidate our families in the hope of getting us on the back foot long enough to fullfill his ambition for his NWO. Well times running out now and he never stood much chance .

So dont obsess about being an alien or whatever . In my case I am in fact a clone and have looked the same for god knows how many thousands of years. They just keep my original master copy in crio somewhere safe so that my DNA does not suffer from copy degeneration.
Much valuable DNA was lost in the war with the ancients and whats left has to be safeguarded . The dark side has always wanted to eliminate any DNA that posed a threat to their domination.
There is much truth in the star wars saga .

The sand people is a very apt analogy for RH+ humans .Rutheless , vicious ,mindless thugs who habitually lie cheat and abuse . Sad but true .
I generally avoid any intimacy with them. And thats why the world is in such a mess . Its also why RH+ dont get contacted by our people because they cant handle it and if they can they are looking for a free ride .

So the secrecy and denial around the whole ET thing is not helped by this mexican stand off .

Within the alliance there is much debate about what can and should be done to save this planet or if its possible. Many remnant races are doomed to slow extinction through loss of genetic diversity and the unavoidable in breeding /cloning that keeps them going .
Some say we should try to regain control of the computer and use it to undo the damage caused but the risks are so great . Anyone who has tried to hack soul catcher has been killed so far . Its also a soul eater .
While cross breeding with rh+ people has produced some viable hope , routine sexual abuse of these children undoes a lot of the seed we have sown. So tragic.

Rh- women are usually very beautifull as well as intelligent .They are saught after by rutheless RH+ men for breeding purposes but treated like garbage . They want our superior DNA for the Kudos it brings but they hate us all the same.
My mother nearly had a cow when she found out I was dating a Jewish girl . Did not know why then but I do now. Cynical manipulating little madam she was.

well like they say ,you think you want the truth , but can you handle it ?

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 04:47 AM

Originally posted by alternation
reply to post by Chiiru

While rh negative blood type is a trait shared by 14% of the population, it is also one shared by 95% of an , until recently, a fairly isolated group of people known as the "Basques." These people have several other genetic traits in common such as thin facial structures and dark eye color. The rh factor has no correlation to creativity, psychic ability or alien abductions. As a member of this subset of humans, I feel that I can say, without too much impunity, that one needs only to look at what these people have contributed to human culture know associated attributes of this group; to date the most noteworthy legacy left by the Basque is syphilis.

In response to the reply submitted to your query earlier, it is not the rh negative mother who rejects her rh positive fetus. Rather , it is the rh positive fetus who developes antibodies to the rh negative mother.

if you think that rh - ppl are subset of humans. why we dont have human protein? how do you know Basque's are left syphilis?

also i believe that we have psihic abilities and the other things. when i was 8 years old. i was resarching paraphysology, ufos, complo theories, telekinesis, telepathy among other things. i have reach astral projection when i was 9. i was always thinking about this is not real my family. i keep looking at the sky at night and day saying that when are you going to take me. i am not belong here. what is the meaning of life? what is my purpose to be here? now you tell me how many children are thinking these questions...

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 10:34 PM
I'm not exactly sure my blood type, but my mother and sister are RH negative or positive, not sure..

Anyway, I was born with white hair, but it turned dark/light brown as I aged. The hair on my arms is like dirty blond. My eyes are brown as well.

I was born with huge bones, hands and feet. I can heal very fast, and I can take a lot of pain. When or if I get sick, my sickness goes away very fast. I have always been muscular, and very athletic. I have very fast reflexes, and very good ears. My eyes are not so good with range, but nothing gets past me when I wear contacts. I can see the most smallest changes in light which is a skill I think I picked up while playing video games too much. Oh, and art comes natural to me, all kinds of different art from 2D to 3D.

When my eyes are closed at night, and I hear noises, a light will flash in my mind in the exact direction the noise came from. Different noises make different flashes of light in my mind. For instance, when there is a "scary movie" and there is that silent part of the movie that you just know someone is going to pop out and make a loud noise. If my eyes are closed and that noise happens, a flash of light will appear in my mind/eyes right when it happens. Of course though, I am not scared of any movies because I can predict what happens, and I can never stop thinking about the camera being in front of the actors at all times.

I have predicted the future in my dreams. 0ne time being the northridge earthquake. In my dream I was on a monorail type train in an underground tunnel. I saw up ahead that there was a huge pile of rocks on the track, and the train was going to crash into it. As it got closer and closer I feared the crash would be huge, so I woke up about half a second before the crash. Right when I woke up the northridge earthquake happened in real life. So it was like I had seen the earthquake coming towards me, the earthquake was the pile or rocks in my dream.

I also was able to sense people through walls while in a balance between a dream/awake state. 0ne time I was half asleep, half awake, but I was having a visual dream of my mother walking towards me from the other side of the house (i was young). As I was dreaming I was watching her walk towards me through the walls, and I woke myself up right before she opened the door to my room in real life. So I was able sense her position while dreaming, and I knew she was walking towards me. So I woke up just before she came into my room. It was odd.

Also, I totally predicted the way my ex-girlfriend and I would break up. I also predicted who I would find her on a date with (an ex-friend), and I also predicted who her next b/f would be (another ex-friend). All of this was in a dream that I didn't think much of, but it became true.

Not all of my dreams are predictions though. At least I sure hope not, because I had some crazy dreams before.

I also have this ability to completely sense other peoples emotions. Or I could get an idea of what the other person might be thinking, like reading their mind. It's like everyone in a room emits energy, and some reason I am able to tap into that energy just by looking at them. Distance doesn't matter. I also hate being in really large crowds of people, because there is so much energy that it's annoying. I prefer quiet peaceful places.

I have always had natural musical talent, and I could perfect any musical instrument I lay my hands on. I can hear mistakes in music, and I can even feel what the musicians are feeling when they play. I can totally sense when someone is acting, or not. Lying or not. But sometimes I could get confused because their emotions match their lies. Usually emotions don't match their lies, so I can detect a lie.

I have always had a special bond with all animals. Almost like I can feel their emotions too. Just by watching their movements I can also get an idea of what they might be perceiving or thinking at the moment. I found most animals are exactly like humans. When they are young they are like babies, when they are middle aged they act exactly like stubborn teenagers, and when they are older they act just like human adults. It's odd.

I have always been a problem solver. Any problem that is given to me I can think of many ways to solve it. I am very mechanically inclined, I am very electronically inclined. I also have a very wide range of talents and hobbies, mainly involving computers.

I hate reading really long books that try too hard to create detailed mental images, because I would rather make my own detail in my imagination. I also hate when people use words that you don't normally see every day, just to add more non-existent detail. I have a photographic memory, but some complex things don't stay in my memory as long, unless I have seen it for a very long time. Some people have mistaken me to have OCD because before I go to bed I flash the light on and off one time, so I can get a photographic memory of my messy room. Then I can actually walk through my room in complete darkness just by photographic memory alone, to get to my bed.

I have a flash light that has a quick push button, and I can actually walk around in complete darkness just by flashing the light 0nce like a camera flash. As I walk to a new area, I flash the light 0nce and get the photo in my memory, and I can actually walk around with the flash light off, and only use my memory.

I always seem to have a messy room, only because it is all organized in my memory. Usually when I clean my room and put things away in neat places, I forget where I put those things because I didn't put them there for access, I put them their to be clean. When I loose something, I REALLY loose them. It is very hard for me to "not find my keys" or something, because I always know where they are 24/7. But those rare times that I can't find something, they are gone for good.

I don't know if this all has to do with my genes, and blood type. But I think most of it is do to the fact that I care about everything around me. I do not live in tunnel vision. I am totally aware of my complete surrounding at all times. When I drive my truck in traffic, I always care about the person behind me. I don't want to be the reason they push their breaks, and I don't want to be the reason they switch lanes. I drive more in my mirrors then I do in my windshield, because it is very easy to "sense" traffic in front of me. I sometimes joke with my friends and tell them that I am not even driving and that someone else is driving for me, because I can sometimes multi-task perfectly while driving. I don't know if it is a talent or just something I find easy. But I notice 1000's of people have a hard time doing this. Most people would say I am dangerous and careless, but they don't understand how easy it is for me. I crashed only 1 time in my life, and that is because of the car's power steering, and not me. At the time I was actually paying attention too...

I never ever thought of any of this being "superpowers", and I believe anyone could do it if they just pay attention to detail.

Hope this information helps.

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

Jesus' blood (Jesus Christ) is said, from the shroud to be AB-negative. Carbon dating flaws and unreliability are also debated. (coming from a neutral point of view against critics of shroud evidence). Regardless, he had a blood type and he is God. (His DNA is partially or fully from the Holy Spirit and was not created from an earthen related DNA/soil that comes from Adam & Eve). Having said that, Rh-negative blood is also speculated to be from the Watcher Angels and Enoch(Noah's grandfather) somehow were related to the nephilim. (source: Book of Enoch, Genesis 6,4...etc). Peter said in the NT that we will be judging angels (who else are we judging since hell's angels are already judged and heaven's angels need no human judgements). Following this, I can admit that O-blood would be the oldest from Adam and the Watcher angels were later brought into the picture of human realm with a blood type(Rh-negative that has antibodies against human blood of Rh-positive) with their tasks which they eventually failed and banished for time being until their Judgement Day and etc.(Lord of the Spirit/Holy Spirit). It is only logical to see that God did not create humans that way with an "Rh-disease" flaw. Enoch and Elijah did not face death.(speculated as having become of angelic status/being). Bottomline, old or newer blood type in whatever justifications does not contribute to humanity. Research on Rh-negative blood and antibodies..etc can help all of humanity tromendously. Regardless of blood type, anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their savior is saved and will gain eternal life through Jesus. The rests are at His discretion. I only believe, Rh-negative could help humanity find new vaccinations and other possible benefits besides blood transfusion and need of blood. Wrap up for now. The rests are vanity or meaningless.

Rh-negative (JOSHUA DAVID)......Beverly Hills-CA-USA

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by Witness2008

i am ab-rhf and have blue eyes....... ur saying i am an alien?

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 12:23 AM
Hey there people. I am just going to throw some facts out there about myself and you can draw your own conclusions.

I am O negative and I have always known I was different but now just discovering why. My sister who is one year older than me is also O negative. My sister and I have experienced heavy sleep paralysis and floating as children and lesser into adulthood. I had blood work done recently to see what my risks are and what vitamins to take. My doctor looked at me strangely and announced that I have a rare mediterranean gene that can actually reverse cholesterol in some manner. I was really confused by this but this is a recent discovery as of fall last year at which he attended a conference on. He said that I am one of the oldest genes in the pool and that is exclusive to less than one percent of the world. To make things stranger, I have a perfect creavis on the top of my head... so does my sister, mother, and her sister. I remember being in the kitchen as a kid and my mom and her sister used to joke and feel each others and say they were aliens... they were joking but I have not found anyone else with this. I am very serious and seriously would be a hybrid if there ever was one. I also have dreams that portend to the future. Usually they are of what could be, or what needs to be changed usually. I don't care if no one believes me but the truth is in my blood, genes, and skull. We are also related to distant royalty if that helps anyone and of slight stature and strangely long arms. My boyfriend and I live in Los Angeles and are witnessing a bunch of UFO activity lately, we also posted one of our sightings on disclose TV, I am Lolala. I am not afraid to be known. I am just pissed that our history is so lost. By the way I have deep dark eyes with brown hair and my sister has grey with blonde. We both have grand fire trines in our signs if that helps anyone. I am the last of five and we are the only ones like this. I know my sister's IQ is embarrassingly high I don't even want to say and my mothers is pretty high as well(hers is 145). I personally do not know my IQ, never interested, but it cannot be that far off. Well, this is all I can think of off the top of my head so I hope this helps somebody and if there is any feedback I would not mind.

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Ekstasis

i hope my submission did not get erased because I posted last night and I take this very seriously that I am O negative with interesting characteristics. Please post it. I talked about my sister and I being O negative and that we have certain characteristics that I have never heard of.

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Ekstasis

i hope my submission did not get erased because I posted last night and I take this very seriously that I am O negative with interesting characteristics. Please post it. I talked about my sister and I being O negative and that we have certain characteristics that I have never heard of.

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 05:46 PM
just wanted to say thank you for the correct information posted ,I research many sites and find so many people confused about RH negative facts.Nice to read a post by someone so well informed and helpful to people trying to learn. I am O- mother of two and daughter of O+ and B+ it took a little research to understand the process.I do believe the true RH- are answering a call to find our origins. I believe quite a story will unfold but we need to be careful and weed through the BS, it is easy to get sidetracked. Thanks Again

posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by Ekstasis

I remember personally and painfully putting those "Celebrity Rh-Negs" lists together for review by Rh-Negs everywhere, and I am glad to see that some of this info is being utilized outside of my Yahoo Group/MySpace Group! MORE CELEBRITY NAMES coming!

Rh-Negs have unusual "life-saving" abilities, and it pays to know about our special nature and needs.

Did you know that O-Neg blood is used in drug serum formulas that treat patients with HIV and AIDS? O-Neg blood stops the progression of the virus. That's why O-Negs cannot contract or carry/transmit HIV or AIDS. And I mean AT ALL. In fact, HIV rarely "takes" with A-Neg, B-Neg and AB-Neg types as well. Go check out how many US/Canadian/International medical patents utilize Rh-Neg blood in their products to help patients with HIV, AIDS, cancer, liver problems and more. (I still don't have my proof in writing about HUMAN CLONING, but you can bet it's out there!)

We are NO mutation. We are a separate and unique human species that only "looks" like the Rh+Possies.

PS- We need to ONLY mate with our own kind to maintain our species, and to avoid RhoGAM problems (that's another story.....).


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