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Video - UFO encounter with airline pilot

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posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 09:41 AM
This clip is from Unexplained Mysteries, an American tv show from the early 90's (I believe)

Anyway, I'm watching the entire series on Goggle, as I've been really bored these last few days and seen some fascinating things, regarding ghosts, rituals etc etc. So I stumbled to episode 15 today and it's all about UFO's.

The video is below:

Fast forward to roughly 2 minutes, when the show will start. Before that, is just showing you what the episode will be all about. At 2 minutes to 6:30 minutes they discuss a sighting that interests me. It took place in the sky at roughly 30,000 feet and the pilot calls air traffic control. You hear the actual voice recordings that were released with the data protection act a while ago.

So, air traffic control doesn't pick up anything so forwards the question to NORAD - Americas air safety department of defence. They also don't pick up anything, but later return to call to update that they have recently picked it up and have been tracking it for 3-4 minutes. They also confirm that it isn't giving off any signal - all planes that enter an airspace give off a unique signal so they can be identified and picked up. This UFO hasn't got any details and isn't hardly appearing on radar.

I wondered if this case has a unique name and has it been discussed here before as something else? What was the outcome? Do you think it was a UFO?

If you'd like to watch the corresponding parts to view the entire episode, go ahead and search them on Youtube. It's pretty interesting. The entire episode covers an apparent collision mid air with a plane by a UFO. eyewitnesses see a UFO flying past the windows of a plane that causes panic, Iran's account of trying to shoot down a UFO in the sky but it's missiles on board the plane failed and numerous other stories.

Thanks for your time. Lock, delete or move to another thread as appropriate moderators.

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posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 10:36 AM
lies, he collided with a pocket of swamp gas, or one of those finicky new fangled chinese lantirns from a nearby party at a local airbase, it seems so obvious to me

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