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Where we are going to????

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posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 08:55 AM
Hi Folks!!
I wanted to start a discussion about that simple question. Feel free tu argue me, but what im wanting to say is pure speculation and I have no reliable proof about it.
Im an "average Joe", and one day i was watching news about some crap that is going in the world, and I start to think where are we going? Are we really reached our highest level of envolving? Or are we standing in a ''end of the day"' scenario?
The first that that I must notice is that humans are really degracing in this time. I mean as a society. We have seen all posible relationships-men&women ,men&men,women&women,2men&women, 2women&men. After that strated an era of anomalys-pedoflia,zoofilia and so on. All possible pornos is already filmed back in 80. In our society isnt much left of something that would be called saint. Familys are crashing, mothers abandon childrens, brothers kill brothers and so on. In literature nothings happening ever. Our best achievments is Code of da Vinci and Harry Poter.
The rulling campaing has also failed across earth-no matter is that democracy, diktatorship or something else-every one thinks that real rullers of world is always behind the curtains.
Second-our technology. After Einstein there is no fundamental discoveries. I mean discoveries that change the basics or create a new section of sience. We have better telefons cell phones, LCD TV, better cars(maybe).
In military i see a litle bit bigger progress, but i dont think thats the best way for sience. Someone will say that it takes time-yes it takes, but when you see how many resources is given to developing of something new and nothing happening is starts to look stupid. For example, U.S. build a supercomputer (i dont remeber the year)-and? What it have done? I dont know.
Third-the greed. It is consuming every one is every corner of the earth and no matter are you chief of oil company or a simple worker you always need more. More money,stuff,better way of living. We have no barrier to stop it, its already running in our blood.
Fourth-fatality. Every one, religios or no religios, is creaming about comming end. Every prophecy is willing to proff it self about next 8 Years.
Ok, those fanatics scream always,but whit such intensity it feels like they want it to happen.
Five-ignoring the facts. No one is willing to akcept real facts. For example whether.Last 3 years it is acting realy strange ( dont know the reasons), but everyone ignore it. It like an " dogs are barking, but the caravan keeps moving"
This is my five observation and I think that we are declining and Im affraid where it will lead us.
Sorry my english-is not my basic!!

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