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me, as i am, right now. (poem .. thing)

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posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 07:24 AM
The humor hides
the sadness that resides
in the body that is mine.
cure over time?
one can only hope.
i know that i can cope
though now i am alone
no one to call my own
no friend to save the day
no one to show the way
lonliest i have been
if only i had seen
where this would lead me
maybe then i wouldnt be
so alone as i write this
wishing upon wish
i had kept my ties
forgiven all the lies
this bite really does sting
in my world i am no longer king
in my drunken state i speak the truth
it will be read by so few
but letting it out really will help
with this hand i have been dealt
i will be fine
i will get by
but for now
i need to sit
and work out how.

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