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Personal Youtube message Tells stroy of Usa and Serb war

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 10:58 PM
I got this personal youtube message and wasnt sure why he told me these things but I thought it would be best to share.

hi, my spelling is realy bad hope u ll understand what i m saying
im from slovenia, ex yugoslavija,...
my father is serbian and mother slovenian.
i personally knew karadzic, so called war criminal.
he s real gentelman, and he would never etnic cleaned no body. the cnn and others have clamed that serbs have been etnicly cleaning and so on, but in the war of yugoslavia, only serbs were cleaned out of croatia ca. 300.000peple and kosovo ca. 500.000 serbs. there are no serbs today! war that damaged our country was planed by outsiders usa i think.

my friend was protecting his city doboj, and the line of defence fall with a help of nato!!! in bosnia there were mudzahedins fighting, the same people, that runs afganistan now a days and sells about 95% of world heroin!!!

Albanians that are suported by usa govermant are the ones that runs drug, weapon and other criminal buisseneses in yugoslavia.

but i could understand usa govermant for fighting serbs, (milosevic never wanted to cooperate with them) in kosovo usa managing one of the europes reaches mine,..


u have all of suport from this side of earth, i really hope america will stand up and fight.

Serbs managed to take milosevic dawn, couse he was cheating on votes,.. not couse NATO striked. i hope one day america will be able to do the same.

Best of luck,...

I didnt know where to post this but I felt it was a story that some of you needed to hear.


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