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Satan versus the Saucers

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 08:22 PM

Lou Zinsstag goes on to say, “Indeed the lunatic fringe gave George Adamski a lot to do for the rest of his life. More than anything else, the messages propagated by mediums in those later fifties put brakes, again and again, to his work’s expansion.” Lou goes on to say. “Already in 1959, he had often hinted at a dangerous anonymous silencing agency at work, sustaining the mediumistic theories and propagating them through secret channels without being themselves related to such groups. The duty of this agency was, so he said, to dispel the growing apprehension of people of some consequence in science and industry and to kill their interest in UFO reports. It was their business to blur a dawning image of a new form of energy coming our way, displayed by space craft in our own atmosphere, apparently without using our kind of fuel, nor our newly developed expensive flight technics. “Their apprehension is well founded”, he added, “They have good reasons to propagate the spiritistic explanation.”

Source:Counterfeit Contactees

The original widely and well documented Adamski and similar contacts in the 1950s were told explicitly that the physical, mortal aliens would never use channelling type communication with earth people because we were not ready.

Right there at the beginning of the alleged alien contact sequences we have the warnings given not to believe any sort of channelled information.

Lucy McGinnis said Adamski told her this in December of 1955; “Mr. Adamski is constantly endeavouring to keep the reality of the visitors on a physical basis. People must be made to understand hat these people are human beings, of flesh and blood, not disembodied entities. It is too bad that so many of the spiritualists have discarded their “Indian Guides” and replaced them with space people. This is so confusing in the minds of many people.”

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