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Religion today, tHuckabeers, and America

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 07:32 PM

This is old news, but still imporatnt nevertheless.

Apparently Huckabee disapproves of evolution, he wants kids to """"REALIZE"""" that there are other alternatives to how humans existed.
Seriously, he's a politician, politicians nowadays are supposed to be realpolitiks. The majority of adult Americans I suppose pretty much believes in evolution, but won't admit it due to their religion. Everyone has reason, and apparently Huckabee is a deadweight dragging society.
I read a "study" claming that 20% of Americans still believes in geocentrism. That we all know cannot be true, a meaningless study like that is very unlikely to get enough money and evidence to apply their study to the whole population. If this is America, then something is wrong, are schools not trying hard enough? Or are there too many people like Huckabee. Does anyone remember Disraeli, The jewish man who disbanded his religion to be part of politics and became successful?

I read this thread too:

I hate people who makes random assumptions by exploiting statistics.

Don't flame me for my beliefs please, I personally am not god and I cannot prove evolution nor the genesis.

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